Saturday, December 9, 2017

11 Holes and Christmas Lunch

Saturday 9th December

Well what can I say... all week the winds have been strong; are due to be even stronger tomorrow... and somehow in the midst of it all we had a quiet day today!

Many thanks to Mother Nature!

Sixteen wonderful ladies came to play the 11 hole Stableford, the weather was amazingly still although there was some rather nasty rain from time to time!

Angie, Jayne and Jenny.

The course was in great condition - many thanks to Mark and his team for all their work.

Jayne showing off her... red nose!

Fran putting on the second... 

Hil's and her amazing hat!
Lynne and Pam getting ready to play.
A shy reindeer?
Jeannie and Cool Chris ready for the fray!
Two more cheerful souls.
Chris's fab putt... and I believe Frieda sank hers!

When everyone had finished we dashed off to change and met up at The Field House in Trewellard.

Prize Table

Viv had done us proud and the place was looking wonderful with a gorgeous fire to warm us up in the sitting room and a Bucks Fizz to help us start the celebrations.

What a gorgeous bunch!
The Naughty Table!
The colour coded table?
Having fun!

I wonder what Judy is saying!
The sensible table?

Pam had made us two beautiful table decorations.

She very kindly agreed to give one of them to be auctioned off for the CCAA Charity!
Sue took to the floor and officiated with the bidding... it started low...

but soon Sue D, Judy and Hilary were vying with each other to own the beautiful display!

Hilary came out the winner with a bid of £55!


Thanks to Pam for offering the arrangement for auction; thanks to Sue D for carrying it out... and huge thanks to Hils for the generous winning bid!

It was lovely to all be together, and to have Pat with us (there were 31 of us altogether) - but we missed those who couldn't make it this year; Fi (in Australia), Sarah, Bev and Jane; plus Ruth, Olga and Rosemary and Jan now living in Somerset. 
We missed you.

Chris J entertained us royally as usual and shared some lovely jokes - with an added extra of one from Sue S!

Thank you all for making today so enjoyable.

Viv provided us with a fabulous meal ...I'll leave you with this to make your mouth water again!

Oh yes... the Stableford scores... Fran, Lyn and Jenny all scored 19 points; Hilary, Frieda and Jayne all scored 18!  Sue D and Chris L were just behind with 17 points but there were prizes for everyone!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

December Medal

Saturday 2nd December

The final medal of the year!

 It was cloudy, breezy and chilly (though warmer than yesterday) and the sun even came out for a while on the back nine!
There were some beautiful rainbows on show and fortunately we had no rain!

There were only six lovely ladies who played today. Numbers are down with the wonderful Pantomime on at the moment and a really nasty cold and cough taking its toll.
However for those who played the general feeling was that it was better than we expected and it was good to be out.

Our winner was Sue D who beat Di on countback with both of them scoring a nett 79, for the full result click here.

Well done each who played today!

I'm hoping there will be a lot more playing in the 11 hole stableford competition next Saturday before the lunch... 

See you then if not before!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ladies v Seniors

Thursday Morning

7C feeling like 2C ... strong, strong winds and the possibility of heavy showers put paid to the Ladies v Seniors contest today.

Geoff, the Seniors Captain, emailed me at 4.44 am (!) saying that it wasn't too late to call the competition off! (It was the Seniors turn to host so it was their call.)

I didn't see the message till later but we spoke at 8 am and decided that it would be best to call it off. 

Despite that, 3 crazy ladies turned up to play a few holes, and two of the seniors were also there... Steve and George... so we played together for 5 holes.

They were amazing in the strong wind... and if we'd been playing matchplay we'd have been 5 down in 5 holes!

Still, it was good to get some fresh air. 
Five holes was enough!
Thanks Lindsay and Frieda for playing with me... and thanks to Steve and George for their lovely company.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jack Arnold

Jack Arnold

Today was the Jack Arnold Scramble. The weather was better than yesterday in that the wind was not so strong but it was still very cold. We did have one very heavy shower but generally we kept dry.
We played a Texas Scramble in teams of three, having to get 5 drives in each.

There was only one two (on the 5th!) which was when Brian chipped in! Where's that pink headcover? He needs to have it back!

Winning team!

Brian's two contributed to the team's winning score... and by a clear margin.  Lindsay was the demon putter; John was the demon driver...  and Brian? Oh yes ...he chipped in!

Well played everyone! 

All the ladies who played enjoyed the day, some lovely golf and great company.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Golden Ball

Saturday 25th November

Golden Ball!

The weather today was very similar to Thursday. The forecast said there would be a downpour at 11 oclock, so with the the strong winds and cold air we shortened the contest.
We would play 15 holes if the weather remained ok...if not we'd stop after 11, the first group out would make the call.

As the morning went on we played with scudding clouds and some sunshine... then north of us a huge cloud formation appeared...there were rainbows and we could see the showers but fortunately it missed us!

The storm the missed us!

Fifteen Ladies played today in teams of three. We rotated the golden ball among us, we had to count two scores, one of which was to be the golden one.
The golden ball has the advantage of doubling its points so we were keen to hold on to it if we could.

This proved difficult for the first team out... a huge bird of the crow family picked it up and flew off to the 17th!
It was not found but it was replaced!
One way stormy clouds the other blue skies!
It was tough out there but also great to be out in the fresh air, even though we were battling the elements.

Three teams came in  with scores in the mid 50s... but there were two teams who were a cut above the rest of us!

Antoinette, Lindsay and Jenny were second with 70 points
but the winners scored 73 points and they were the team of Jean, Fran and Lyn!
Well played indeed!

Tomorrow some of us will be out there again for the Jack Arnold Scramble.

Next Thursday is the Ladies v Seniors (I'm still short of a couple of players if you can make it)
and next Saturday is a Medal.

Thanks as always to Mark and his team for the condition of the course.


Thursday Morning Front 9

Well, what a morning! There was a strong wind blowing and a threat of showers but eleven intrepid ladies went out and tackled the front 9.

Most folk struggled to score but Lynne was the winner of the B group and Sue D was winner of the A group, with 14 points. 
Well played!
Lyn was second with 12 points... it was definitely a challenge to get into double figures!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A CCAA Thank you

A thank you from the CCAA

I am not a Facebook user but I was sent this thank you from the CCAA which they have posted on their Facebook Page.

It is a thank you to us all 😊