Monday, July 16, 2018

A Friendly Friendly

Friendly v Budock Vean

Today we welcomed 7 ladies from Budock Vean  to enjoy our wonderful course.

The day hadn't started well with fog...and very heavy rain, but Lindsay checked the met office weather forecast which said it would be fine from 11am onwards... and it was!

In fact, conditions were nigh on perfect. There was a light breeze and the heavy rain from earlier had done the course some good.

Friendlies are such fun when the chosen format is a friendly one!  Lindsay had chosen a Greensome and everyone had a good time.

We had a very enjoyable meal - many thanks to George and the team - and the Cape Ladies turned out to be the winners.

Many thanks to Lindsay for organising today - great fun!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hilary and Norman's Powerplay

Powerplay Trophy

What a wonderful day!

And look what we found on our 9 hardest holes!

Two flags!

Today it was Hilary and Norman's Powerplay Trophy and conditions were perfect.
This time last year Cape had torrential rain and the contest was reduced to play over 9 holes... what a different story today!

The course is running fast and it puts questions in our minds as to which club to select!

We were able to choose 3 of the Powerplay holes to boost our scores... doubling the score if we had a 3-pointer or better!
It is amazing what the mind does to us... when the pressure was on we missed putts and drives... with no pressure we parred holes!

This is a great competition to test our mental strength!

Mine was so good(!) that on the 16th... which I had nominated as a Powerplay hole... I did an air-drive!

I hit the ground about a foot behind the ball...the club jumped up in the air and completely missed the ball...leaving it sat happily on the tee! There were witnesses too... Fi and Jayne can vouch for it! That put paid to extra Powerplay points for me on there!

However... some didn't have this problem... Ros came in with 44 points and was in third place! Well played!
Countback was needed to decide the winner... both Fran and Di had 45 points... and Di was our winner!
Well played everyone, and many thanks to Hils and Norman for sponsoring this competition.

Many thanks too for the very welcome refreshments before the 12th... your sausage rolls remain delicious!

Well played everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Aussie Spoons and Ladies v Seniors

Ladies v Seniors

Congratulations to the Seniors on their win over the Ladies on Thursday... looking at the results there were some amazing score!
How is it possible to score 81 points? Well played Kenny and Geoff! (Where are the scissors?)

I await hearing details!

Aussie Spoons
Frieda and I had a lovely time up at Bradford on Avon for the Regional round of this Competition.
There were 40 pairs of ladies competing and we were out last with a pair from Falmouth!

It actually felt like a local competition as there was no real representation from England Golf. The one lady who was there was from a club in Swindon and she was basically left holding the baby, having to register everyone and point them in the direction of the first tee and sort out problems when folk didn't turn up! There was no starter and nothing to indicate that we were playing in a regional final.

The course itself was very interesting with an abundance of large bunkers! I seemed to put Frieda in an awful lot of them!

It was a parkland course with some water features too, (there were three holes where we had to carry over water). 

Our playing partners played very well and were just two points ahead of us at the turn, (19 v 21)
We matched them over most of the back nine, even almost catching them at one point, but they were very steady and came in with a score of 43 points. They came second altogether. The winning team (the local team as is so often the case) had 45 points.
We were very content with 5th! 

Frieda is now very good at getting out of beautiful, deep, white-sand bunkers!

She is also hitting absolutely breathtaking drives... one was over 250 yards...and on the final hole she hit a drive about 200 yards UPHILL! She had spotted John and Di standing on the skyline and thought she'd better hit a good one!

It was lovely to have Di there at the start and at the end... and John who organised the B&B and chauffeured. Thanks to them for their support, and all the encouraging WhatsApp messages we received - that was lovely.

Altogether a very enjoyable time just disappointing that England Golf seemed not to care.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Club Championship

Club Championship
and Saturday Stableford

Seven intrepid ladies took on the Club Championship today...36 holes in one day!
Well done all who took part - especially with the warm weather!
Our umbrellas were vital today!

Several groups of men had gone out in front of us... we eventually caught them up and had a log jam on the 12th...

That said... the weather was amazing (remember last year's fog?) and the course was fabulous. The ball was running miles... even miss-hit ones... and the greens were running true.
Many thanks to Mark and his team and particularly to John who prepared the greens today.

Our Club Champion 2018 had rounds with gross scores of 89 and 90!
Congratulations Captain Sue for your gross 179!
A great score - well deserved winner!
Captain Sue - Club Champion 2018
Our Best Nett Champion had Nett scores of 72 and 76. Great consistent play!
Congratulations Fran for your Nett 148!
Nett Champion - Fran

Well done everyone who played today!

There were Six more ladies who played today in the 18 hole Stableford competition. Well played Di for your win with 38 points... including a 2 on the fifth!
Jane was in second place with 31 points.
Well played ladies.

Many thanks to Di for doing the cards...the eclectics...waiting for us to complete the second round etc etc! Thank you!

Next Saturday is Hilary and Norman's Powerplay Competition. This is a fun competition and, maybe best of all, Hilary is making her delicious sausage rolls! Can't wait!
Please sign up or contact Hilary if you want to play, there are still some spaces to fill!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Back 9

Thursday Back Nine

and the Case of the Missing Money!

Ten terrific tee-ladies turned up to play today. Numbers were low with folk away or playing knockouts matches, but it was lovely to see everyone.

We had swirling mist rolling in from the sea but only enough to make it difficult to keep the ball in sight ...never so thick that we had to consider coming in. 

By the time we finished of course we were in glorious sunshine!

The course is looking amazing, the greens have been watered and were considerably slower than they have been, but we had great conditions.

The winner of the B group was Lynne - well played!

 In the A group Pam was in second place with a super 21 points (including a 4 for 4 on the 10th!) 
but our winner was Chris J with 22 points - which included 4 pars!

Fabulous scoring!

Many thanks to Di for doing the cards - and making last minute adjustments because of the missing money.

For an unknown reason we were £6 short today. It's an odd amount to be missing...we all checked each other, the box and checked our purses but none of us could find an explanation for how the money (some of it loose change), had disappeared.

So a request please... if you are last out on a Thursday or Saturday please take the money envelope with you and lock it in your car, or carry it with you in your bag. 
We can't quite understand what has happened.

Saturday is The Club Championship... or a Stableford... weather is forecast to be hot... 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Stableford 30th June

Saturday Stableford and County Prize

Thirteen lovely ladies came today and played a Stableford , the winner also winning the County Prize which is a voucher for spending in a Cornish pro-shop.

Conditions were lovely at the start as there was a bit of a breeze and we were playing in the shadow of a bank of cloud.  As we began the back nine the wind dropped and the cloud bank shifted away a bit and it became stiflingly hot,

The course is running fast, the ground could really do with a lovely gentle soaking of rain... that's not likely over the next few days it seems.

Being Cape... we had to have Countback of course to decide the winning places!

Four ladies scored 33 points, with Sue S just missing out on the prizes. Sue D was third with myself in second. 
The winner of today's Stableford was Lyn - well played! Her back 9 was really steady and included a par on the 15th!

For the full results click here 

How dry the ground is.
Thanks to the card markers and well done all.

Next Saturday is the Club Championship!

Thursday front nine

Front Nine

Twelve gorgeous girls competed and there was some excellent scoring!

Three ladies scored 18 points each... Frieda, Chris L and Liz! It's great to see Chris back out playing 😃.
Close behind them were Fiona, Antoinette and Sue S.

But the winner scored 20 points... and that was Chris J - well played Chris!

Well done all!