Monday, April 23, 2018

First League Match

League match v Porthpean

Today dawned cloudy and rather grey and at the start of our match is was even chilly.

The Porthpean course was looking very green... lush even! The ladies made us welcome and apologised about their rough but it was nothing compared to Cape's! (We're hoping the rough cutter arrived for Mark today?)

The greens were quite fluffy and slow compared to ours but it was all in good condition and had the feel of being well cared for.

We had a very close match... so close in fact that we ended with a draw!
Exactly what happened last year at our first match (away against Trevose); it's a good beginning.

The dining area was laid up very nicely for us and we enjoyed a good meal together.

Well played Cape! The match was played in a very good spirit.

The team were... Fiona, Fran, Hilary, Jane, Ros, Sue D and me.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Beautiful Arrangements

I thought these deserved a post of their own - many thanks to Pam for these beautiful Open Day arrangements!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dee and Ray's Trophy

Dee and Ray's Trophy

What a difference a day makes! 
Yesterday evening we had Sue's Charity evening (more of which later) and though the sun shone the wind was cutting and everyone ended up feeling cold!

Not ours I'm afraid!
Today... blue sky, gentle breeze and a glorious sunshine! 


18 lovely ladies played a Texas Scramble in teams of three. 

Conditions were fabulous and the course - other than the rough  - is fabulous!
What an amazing job Mark has done... I found a photo the other day of the what the 14th green used to look like... he's worked wonders. I believe Gary has said that a rough cutter is coming on Monday so lets keep fingers crossed.

Texas Scramble is a great format for having a go at things because all of the team are taking the same shot. I know Sue's team chipped in three times (we chipped in too but only once!)

Moving inside ready for the presentation

There was some ball hunting in the rough or among the daisies but it was lovely to be out there.

In second place were Pam, Judy and myself with 70.325! 

In first place with 69.325 were the 3S's...
Sue D, Sue S and Sarah!
Well played!

Dee and Ray Trophy Winners with Poppy
It was lovely to see Poppy and her sister. Many thanks for our drinks Poppy, and the beautiful polished amethyst pebbles for each of us.

I'm hoping Sue has arranged weather like this for the rest of the year!

Well played everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Three Things

Three Things

Firstly, Sue has received an apology from Gary about the food on Open Day.

Secondly,  look at this wonderful team who won at Point at the weekend!
(Don't they look happy?)

Thirdly, today's forecast sunshine didn't materialize but eight ladies played the back 9 and, of course, we had to use Countback to decide the winner!
In second place with 15 points was Jane, just pipped by Lyn!
Well played both!

Sue's fundraiser is tomorrow evening and Dee and Ray's trophy on Saturday! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Open Day

Open Day

Twelve team of 3 ladies competed in our Open Day. Five of those teams contained visitors and it was lovely to welcome them to Cape.

Prize table with Pam's lovely flowers.
Sue's chosen format was teams of three with two scores to count off full handicap. We were glad of the extra shots because conditions were not the easiest.

Competitors were given a heads up about the state of the rough... with a warning to avoid it if at all possible... I for one chose to ignore the advice (not intentionally!)... and reaped the challenging reward!

However, the rest of the course was looking fantastic... and the greens were superb.
As always many thanks to Mark and Chris for their work on the course and their continuing battle for equipment.

Thanks to Jean and Lynne for doing the Raffle and Chris L for signing us in.
We signed in and bought our raffle tickets then headed out on the course. 
We had awoken to fog... thick in some places... not too bad in St Just, but fortunately it lifted and stayed away for the duration of our rounds.

There was a stronger wind than we anticipated and Kenny, Brian and Chris had to find ways of staying warm. Kenny started us off and Brian and Chris spotted balls for us on 4 and 12 - much appreciated thank you!!

Sue had arranged for a Nearest the Pin in two competition on the 9th, and a longest drive on the 11th.

Lyn won the nearest the pin; and our visitor from Looe, Sandy won the longest drive ... it was straight into the wind today so it was a real challenge!
Well done both!

The Best Back Nine was won by Lindsay, Ros and Jayne with a score of 36! Fantastic play, (Lindsay and Jayne both birdied the 12th)!  Well done team!

 The Best Front Nine was won by Frieda, Liz and Bronwen with 31 points! Fantastic job!

The Best Visiting Team were from Truro/Killiow with a score of 65.
Well played!
Pwint, Geraldine and Lynn

The Best Cape Team needed countback to decide of course, both teams scoring 65 points!  It was between Lyn, Sue  S and Di or Frieda, Liz and Bronwen! 

The back nine decided it and Lyn, Sue and Di came out on top!
Best Cape Team

And so to our Open Champions... with a score of 70 with some amazing scoring on the back 9 (42 points!)...

Fran, Jane and Sue!
Well played indeed!
Open Champions.
Many thanks to Sue for organising the day and for her team of helpers. 

A personal PS - I have always refrained from commenting on this blog about the food we are served at Cape but today I simply have to...

I do this with a heavy heart and you will all know that I mean absolutely no criticism of Sue and her team.... 

It was great to see our visitors, they enjoyed the course (other than the rough), but very worryingly, they were shocked with the food that was presented to them. 

The soup was lukewarm, in cold bowls and initially served without bread;  the lasagne was burnt, dry and unpalatable. 
Some ate their food because they said they 'didn't want to make a fuss...' others returned it. 

It was shameful.

We apologised to our visitors... but it is an awful state of affairs when this is what we are faced with.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday 12th

Thursday Front 9

Sixteen Super ladies came and played the front nine today. It was very grey with a strong wind; in fact it looked so dark that we wondered if it was going to pour down, but we stayed dry.

Our winner of the B group was Marion 😊

In the A group we had to use countback of course! 

 In third place with 14 points  was Chris J; in second (also with 14 points) was Frieda (who had a par on the 3rd earning 4 points!); 
and in first place with a super seventeen was Lyn!
Well played.

There was one other four-pointer and that was Di who parred the 7th... her third shot was on the green... and she almost got a birdie!

Well played all... hoping for less wind on Saturday's Open!

Monday, April 9, 2018


Saturday 7th April

Well done everyone who played in the Medal today, fourteen ladies took part and the results are below.

Well played Fran!

I was out on the course this morning (Monday) in the sunshine and how fabulous the course is looking. The greens were amazing and the fairways too... I spoke to Mark briefly afterwards and he explained that unfortunately he has been unable to cut the rough as they have no machine. His advice? Stay on the fairway!  We may have to bear that in mind for Saturday...