Monday, June 18, 2018

League v Looe

League match v Looe 

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time three ladies from Cape were travelling to Looe to play a League match. Four of their fellow Capers and Captain Sue, were already on their way.

Just after Indian Queens... the car decided to play silly beggars... and an engine warning light flashed on the dashboard and the car slowed to a crawl!

Limp mode was a concept new to me (other than when I had poorly ankles) but not any longer.
We 'limped' into the Cornwall Services at Roche and ground to a halt.

While Di rang the breakdown people Fran and I went hunting a hire car... none was forthcoming.

Fran rang Brian who was enjoying a leisurely relax at home...he leapt into his car and headed for us... International Rescue was on its way!

In the mean time... Di had contacted the breakdown people who would be with us within 90 minutes... and we had talked to Sue to let her know.
She would ask if we could go out as late as possible.

Time passed....

...we had a takeaway coffee...

more time passed....

Fran went to wait for Brian by the services roundabout... and she spotted the Breakdown guy.

Have you fallen asleep yet? 

I did ask if you were sitting comfortably!!!

Breakdown man tested the cars computer (telemetry or somesuch!) and pronounced it fine! 

"It's an intermittent emissions fault" he said.
"Drive it with high revs and you'll be alright... if it stops again...just switch it off and it'll be ok again... you can get it sorted later.
If it were me... I'd drive on to Looe" said the man.

We weren't persuaded by this but thought we would drive on with Brian (who had by now arrived) following in case of another incident.

Sue and her fellow Capers had in the meantime got lost and were driving all over to try and find the golf course!

The day did not improve... Di drove up to the services roundabout...  the light flashed on and Limp Mode  was back in play!   
We headed back to the car park... transferred all the golf stuff to Brian's car and squeezed ourselves in... messaging Sue to tell her the latest!

Some time later... we arrived at Looe...the first four matches were already on the course... the ladies made us very welcome... offered us snacks to take out with us... and without further ado, Fran and Di were in action.

Because of the delay getting there Sue had taken my place in the was a good job she had her clubs.

Was that the end?
Not began to mizzle then drizzle and then fog came in... but not thickly enough for the course to be closed... 

Looking at the 18th Green
 It has to be said that our team did a sterling job getting out there and playing, particularly Fran and Di. 
The conditions did make things more difficult and the ladies from Looe were the deserved winners 5 matches to 2.

The matches were played in great spirit and we enjoyed a very welcome and tasty meal together. 

While the matches were being played, Brian and I put the world to rights with the aid of Looe's Lady Captain and cups of coffee and tea! We discovered Cape and Looe share many similarities! 
We're looking forward welcoming them back to Cape on Monday.

Well done everyone for soldiering on. The team today was Claire, Di, Fiona, Fran, Hilary, Ros and Sue,  (Brian and I were the support team!)

Huge thanks to Brian for rescuing us... we would not have made it otherwise... and well done Di for your equanimity. Staying calm and unruffled throughout was very impressive.

I do need to add one final thing... in the car on the way home Brian quietly pointed out... that if the three of us hadn't made it to Looe... the result of the match would have been exactly the same!

Thanks Brian!


Saturday, June 16, 2018

England Golf Stableford

England Golf Stableford

Today was the England Golf Stableford competition where the best score in the Bronze and best score in the Silver divisions can go through to play in a regional competition.

Conditions were grey and overcast with a brisk wind. Most of us needed jackets and hats!
The sun threatened briefly but it soon tucked itself behind clouds no point could we say that it was warm!

The course is looking lovely - the greens are running well and the cut grass in the rough is gradually improving. 
Having said that... I managed to lose two balls in it and several times was hunting for some time before actually finding it sunk below the surface of the rough! (I know... stay out of the rough!)

Sixteen wonderful women came and played today... and there was some great scoring.

There were two outstanding scorers... our winner Captain Sue with 40 points and Di with 39. Fantastic scoring both!
Sue had 7 pars and her highest number of shots on any hole was  6 on the 15th! How super steady is that?!
Di's round included a chip in birdie on the 4th!
In third place was Ros with 35 points.

Looking at everyone's scores these rounds had some great play; Fran and Hils both had 6 pars; Antoinette birdied the 10th and Lyn the third.

For the full results click here.

Well done to all the Ladies who represented Cape at the Baron Rosebowl at Mullion on Thursday.

The team competition was won by Falmouth and the best individual pair were from Carlyon Bay.

Fiona and Bev were third in the morning round... missing second place on countback...  and Hilary and Sue were second in the afternoon just losing out on first place on countback to a St Mellion pair! What are we like with Countback!

Well played all.

Monday sees us off to Looe for our next League Match...followed by the Bronze Shield at Bude on Thursday.
Good Luck Cape Ladies!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday morning

Here we go again....

With our six strong Baron Bowl team busy at Mullion, a select group of eight players turned up today. Despite the overnight rain, conditions were very pleasant with quite a breeze.

The winner with 17 points was Jenny. Anne, with her 'swan song' appearance of 14 points, came second on count back from Chris J

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Land's End Open

Land's End Open

Well done everyone who played today, especially to Fiona who had the best score for the Women (with 35), followed by Jayne and Sue D who both had 33 points.

For the full results click here.

Congratulations to Hilary for winning her round in the Millennium competition - Hils won two and one against a player she gave 12 shots to!  Role on the Semi-final!


Well played! 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Coronation Foursomes

Coronation Foursomes

A beautiful day awaited us at Cape for the Coronation Foursomes. Sixteen wonderful women entered the competition and it was closely fought as always.

Conditions were lovely, a beautiful blue sky, sunshine and a breeze to keep us cool.

Foursomes is always a challenge but we all seemed to have good periods during our rounds even if they weren't sustained throughout!
In other words... if we had a good front nine it was followed by a less good back nine... or vice versa!

So to our winners today... it had to be Countback!
Two teams scored 31 points each...
one team scored 14 on the back nine... the other team 19, and of course they were the winners!

Congratulations then go to Fran and Jane who won today - pushing Ros and Jayne into second place!

Well played!

For the full result click here.

Spot the ball competition!
Hide and seek!

Well  done Jane and Fran 😊

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Fickle Mistress!

The Fickleness of Golf

Golf is a decidedly fickle mistress. 

Last week Frieda hit a drive on the first that went through the gap in the wall, out-driving Claire, and with the ball ending up past the 150 marker!

It was nothing short of a beautiful shot!

Today... same place...same shot... and this happens!

How infuriating is that!

 It sums up golf - for us all!

ps... thanks Frieda for letting me share this!

Thursday Back Nine?

Thursday Front Nine!

Fourteen fabulous golfers came to play the Back Nine today...  to find that the fairways were being sprayed to get rid of the daisies. In use was a BIG tractor and the guys had just finished the front nine and were about to start on the back!
It was an easy decision to swap onto the front nine!

There was a brisk easterly wind blowing and though the rough is improving with each cut, conditions were still tricky and several balls are still out there on the course...nestling comfortably in the lush rough!

The wind was helpful in some instances... for example the 7th became a little easier because of the wind being behind. Chris J got a 5 for 4 on this hole (the sole 4-pointer of the day).

It also made 6 and 8 more difficult because it was straight back into it - well played Jane for parring the 6th!

The winner of the B group was Lynne with 12 points. In the A group yours truly was third with 16 points; Chris J in second with 17 and in first place with a lovely 18 points was Jane!
Talking of whom... I discovered this picture on the CLCGA website... our proud winner of the Div 2 Spring Meeting.

Well done everyone for today.

A reminder about an upcoming Charity FUNdraiser!
Wednesday 27th June is the date for your diary for the 'Swimming' Gala... I believe 'swimming' is a generous description and basically it is a time to have fun together regardless of our swimming prowess! 

There is a sign-up list on the board - any questions - Frieda and Liz are the ones to ask.