Sunday, October 15, 2017

League Play Offs

League Play Offs

Sunday morning saw Cape Ladies setting off at the crack of dawn for Merlin - it was the League Finals Day.

This is the first year this competition has been played and it was a learning curve for everyone.

We arrived early enough to have coffee before the matches began; Sue Roworth the County Captain started everyone off and emphasized a couple of the local rules for us and the fact that each match had to be played to a finish... and then the Ladies were off.

Cape were playing China Fleet and what a great match it turned out to be. 

If this had been an ordinary league match the result would have been a win for China Fleet 4 to 3.

Well played China Fleet - it was a contest played in the best of spirits.

Two matches were all square at the 18th, one of which proceeded to the first to get a result!
Three other matches were decided on the 18th!

This was a hard fought contest in tricky conditions... the wind was getting stronger by the minute and we didn't envy the teams who were going out to contest the final (Falmouth v China Fleet).

Our Fab team!

Well played the Cape Ladies for playing today - Di, Lindsay, Fran, Claire, Lyn, Fi and Sue D, we almost did it!

Many thanks also to the supporters who came - Viv, Chris L and Judy and Jayne plus Brian, William and Ellie who were there from the start! 

Extra thanks to Jayne for being willing to play in the afternoon if needed, at very short notice! 

Well done everyone. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

More no go!

No Go Saturday

Rain, wind and fog rather put paid to the planned golf today. It was not inviting out there!

So we have made a few plans - next Saturday will be a roll up (like we do on Thursdays) and you can play either 9 or 18 holes as you wish. This leaves those playing or supporting on the Sunday an easier option should they prefer it. 

On the Sunday (15th) we have the excitement of the League Finals Day! 

We should know who we are playing against soon.

If you want to come and support us we are playing at Merlin - tee times to be confirmed but the first semi final will be starting at 9.30am; the second semi final will follow.

If you need to know further details then Sue D will have the answers after tomorrow!

CCAA Charity Day is on Saturday 21st October - we'll go for a Waltz... please sign up on the board... and have a raffle. 

If the return journey goes as planned Phil and Tim will be with me that day... so I'm looking forward to some fun.
Please remember to wear a Penguin hat ...or face a fine of a fiver!

So far we have raised over £900 for the CCAA which is brilliant - every penny we give them goes to the work that they do because they are all volunteers.
Thanks for all your support so far.

 Don't forget it is World Arthritis Day  on Thursday 12th October - the day Phil finishes his ride! His total raised is about £18,000 so he's done brilliantly! Again - a big thank you to all of you who have supported him individually.
See you Saturday!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

No go!


Fog and rain made the prospect of golf unappetizing and understandably there were only three of us who turned up - none of us wanted to play - in fact the fog at first would have made it questionable anyway!

There is a medal scheduled for Saturday but the weather forecast is heavy rain and strong wind so you may want to check before you set out.

Phil finishes his bike ride next week - he has raised about £18,000 which is fantastic! 

He'll be back here soon and should be around for my Charity Day on the 21st October so hopefully you can chat with him and Tim then. Tim joined Phil at Basel and has been taking it in turns with Keith to either drive the van or ride with Phil! 

They all deserve medals!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Thank You

A Thank You

A big thank you to Steve for all his work at the golf club over the years.
He has now retired. 
We had intended to present him and Eve with our 'thank-yous' today at the Cricket Club Event at Cape. 

Unfortunately the Cricket Club event had to be called off because of the weather - but the presentation happened in any case.

A big thank you from us all!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bosullow Bowl

Bosullow Bowl

Forty Fabulous folk entered Anne's Bosullow Bowl Trophy competition. It is a mixed Greensome off half handicap and it was lovely to see such a good entry.

We were blessed with a dry start to the round... (it was a shotgun start with players spread throughout the course) but the forecast rain did arrive and when it came it soaked us. It was also very windy so the final 5 or 6 holes were tough for everyone. 

A special well done to Chris L for completing the round with an ankle sprained at the start. Well done for soldiering on - hope it isn't serious.

Many thanks to Di and Ros (who came up specially) for doing the cards.

In fifth place on countback with 41 points were Chris and Cyril! Well deserved after the twisted ankle - fantastic!
Also with 41 points were Hilary and Mark P in fourth place.

Countback was also needed to split second and third - both having 42 points!
In third were Bronwen and John F and in second place were Fran and Brian... beware the injured golfer I say!

In first place with a great 43 points were Sue and Steve D!
Well played indeed!

Well done to everyone for completing the course today - scores in the 40s were impressive indeed!

Hopefully everyone is now tucked up inside and dry!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday Back 9

Thursday Back 9

Thirteen lovely ladies came to play the Back 9 today... and to count their drives on the fairway!

The weather was pretty good with bright southerly breeze. 

I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't putt for toffee! Four putts on the first; at least 4 putts on the second... I'm sure I would have won a most putts prize!

There was a heavy dew but it really was a glorious morning. 

There are clearly some very steady drivers among us... two ladies had 7 drives each on the fairway... Liz and Fi!  Well played both!

Third place was claimed by Fi with 16 points, but we had to use Countback to  decide the winner... with Di pipping Antoinette to first place!

Well done all!

A head's up...

Here is Val modelling the super-duper penguin hat... a reminder that it is Lady Caps Charity Day on Saturday 21st October and I am hoping everyone will be sporting a penguin hat... all proceeds go to the CCAA! 

Anyone without may be fined or receive a forfeit! (You have time to get knitting!)

Thanks everyone for your support with this and with Phil's ride... he will be finishing two weeks today... I cannot believe it is almost done!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pavenham Park Visit

Pavenham Park

My guests from Pavenham Park in Bedfordshire arrived on Monday - earlier than expected which worked out well because the weather was glorious!

Linda and Anne played the front nine and the rest of the group arrived in time to join them for the back nine (and one couple then went on to complete the front nine too).

Bronwen came to join us for the back 9 which was great as it meant I could do a pasty run and bring sustenance to the golfers!

On Tuesday we played a Cape v Pavenham Park trophy competition!

The Trophy... the Wise Old Owl of Cape...
...only tiny but of great significance (like The Ashes!).

Six pairs played a Betterball Stableford - adding all the scores together for the final result.

Cape v Pavenham Park

First off for Cape were Jenny and Brian with Heather and Jill  (Jill joined us at China Fleet for the meal).

Then came Fran and Liz with Linda and Dave.
Finally Chris J and Bronwen played alongside Anne and Peter.

We had nearest the pin in two on the 12th and prizes for the best Pavenham Park pair and best Cape pair.

The scores were close!

Pavenham Park 116
Cape 117!

Well played Cape!  
Pavenham have won the Bedfordshire Handicap league 5 years in a row so they're keen contestants!

Anne and Peter won the best Pavenham Pair Prize.
Jenny and Brian won the best Cape Pair.

Linda won the Nearest the pin in two on 12th!

There was a lot of stopping to admire the views!

It was a lot of fun - thank you everyone for playing - and extra thanks to Brian for doing the pasty run as well as playing in my place for the first 11 holes.

The course was looking fabulous - thanks Mark and the team!

And of course - huge thanks to Pavenham for making it so far West!  

Well done everyone!

ps  We called off Wednesday's round because of the weather!