Monday, May 21, 2018

Cape v West Cornwall

Cape v West Cornwall

We had beautiful weather for the fourth of our league matches - blue sky and sunshine; the wind picked up towards the end.

Our matches were close, but weren't good enough for a win... Cape lost 4 matches to three.

Well done all who played, especially to Fran and Jane who had to go out again and play their knockout afterwards!

Cape was represented by Di, Fran, Hilary, Jane, Lyn, Sue D and me.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wheeler Bowl

Wheeler Bowl Trophy

May is such a beautiful month for wildflowers. The bluebells are prolific and the foxgloves are shooting up and beginning to show their colour.

Fourteen women were available to play in the Wheeler Bowl today. 
The format is a Foursomes Medal and we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather.

The course was looking great but we all still found the rough difficult! Finding the ball in it was often time consuming and playing out of it not always guaranteed!

But despite these challenges our winners brought in a score of 77.

Well played Jane and Lyn!

In second place with a score of 80 were the two Sues... Sue D and Sue S!

Well persevered everyone; particularly Di who stood in at the last moment... 

...for the full scores click here.

Thursday 17th May

Thursday 17th May

Nine lovely ladies played the back nine on Thursday.
The weather was perfect and there was some good scoring. Sue S pipped Lyn to third place on countback with 15 points.
In second place with 16 points was Jenny and in first place was Jane with 17 points .
Well played all.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The ironing!


Bev and I went to the Spring County Meeting at Perranporth yesterday on a glorious day.
The weather was perfect, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze... nigh on perfect  conditions for Perran or anywhere for that matter.

The groundstaff had been out early putting special St Piran flags on the flagsticks.. and they had ironed the greens!

Ironing the greens!
For those who've played on ironed greens before you will know what we faced... for those that haven't... imagine putting on glass!

It proved to be almost impossible to play a ball onto a green and keep it there...and then the putting itself was quite an experience.

The slightest of touches and the ball ran and ran.
Needless to say we three putted frequently...and sometimes 4 putted!

The course itself was looking fabulous, the wispy rough was covered with buttercups, cowslips and birdsfoot trefoil... so playing with a yellow ball to make it easy to find was a ludicrous idea! 
 (I ended up playing with one of those bright pink ones from The Brison Babes/Tregeseal Tramps competition!) 
The dunes also smelt beautiful with wild thyme and all the flowers... you can tell we visited the rough quite often... and often stayed in it for some time!

We both felt we would like to have started again after we'd played the first few holes because we would have adapted our club choice...but it was good experience, especially the putting! Makes you realise how good the pros are with the putting in particular!

We thought that it would have to be the Perran players who would win because of the challenge of getting it on to the green as much as the putting and so it proved. 
Well done to them.

Bev birdied the Par 5 17th... and between us we had some pars... but we both took over 100 shots on the round (along with a few other ladies) and ended up with Nett scores in the 90s.
Would I do it again? 
Most definitely... but spend even longer on the putting green than I did...

ps We also had a great catch up with the ladies from Looe!

Monday, May 14, 2018

League match v Polzeath

Cape v Point at Polzeath

Overnight my kitchen (and probably everyone else's who played yesterday) was festooned with all the contents of my golf bag; clubs, tees, balls, card holder, gloves... you name it, all spread out to dry because it was wet right through!

The fan heater did the trick and early Sunday morning it could all be reloaded into the bag... and we set off for the third or our League Matches - this one away at the Point at Polzeath.

Last year's match we lost 4.5 to 2.5 so we knew it would be tough contest.

There were only a few shots given or received and it turned out to be a very close match.

Glorious conditions at the Point

Many matches were decided on the 18th... and we ended losing 4 matches to 3! Two of the matches were halved!
It was really closely fought and Cape Ladies did us proud.

The weather was absolutely glorious and the Polzeath team made us very welcome.

We enjoyed a lovely meal afterwards.

 Both Point and Cape joined the league last year and we both seem to be holding our own in this environment!  

We're 'doing great', let's keep it up!

The team at Point were Di, Fran, Hilary, Jayne, Lyn, Sue D and myself.

Oh yes! 

As we teed off on the 10th a veritable rabble of ladies wandered up the edge of the fairway toward us!

 A bunch of more disreputable looking individuals I never did see!

Libby (my playing partner who runs all the golf at the Point) sighed... "Oh... they shouldn't be walking here...  it's so dangerous..."

And who were "they" ?

A wonderful group of girls; among them were Chris L, Judy and Angie on their walking trip! 

Libby explained to me that it was often happening;  the walkers had followed a Public Footpath sign which Point are not allowed to alter even though they want to - it's a County Council sign! 

Anyway - it was wonderful to see the girls... and they had a lovely meal at the Point!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Polglase 3 Par

Polglase 3 Par

Saturday 12th May ... the Polglase Trophy Par competition was on! 

Par is the competition when we play individual matchplay against the course, either winning, losing or halving holes against the par for the hole plus any handicap shots we received - it feels a tough format.

  Fourteen lovely ladies came to play.

The weather looked good... 
...beautiful blue sky, a bit of a breeze and a few fluffy clouds.

Mmmmm...   but what is this?

After 9 holes this cloud loomed, moving slowly towards us. 
We tried the usual mantra of "It's going up the channel" 
but it wasn't.
It was moving at snail's pace toward us... and when it arrived it slowed to a stop. The temperature dropped a few degrees, the wind whipped up and it poured!

And it kept raining, most unpleasantly, until we finished the 18 holes.

We were all soaked!

Some of us (me!) lost the will to search for balls that went off line other than give a cursory really was horrid out there. It made the second 9 very challenging.

But most soldiered on and our winner was Hilary who was 4 down to the course - pretty impressive in the conditions!

Sue D was also 4 down so countback had to be used to separate them!

In third place was Jayne who was 5 down.

For the full result click here.

Well done all ...time to go home and dry out EVERYTHING ready for tomorrow! 

A Cup!

A Cup Indeed!

Why was this cup sitting on our coffee table at Cape on Saturday you may ask?

Well, it is the wonderful Cup that Jane won at Newquay on Thursday in the Bronze Spring Meeting!

Well done Jane!