Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lady Captain's Day

Lady Captain's Day

Pam's beautiful arrangement

 What a lovely day we have had  -  in every way.

The weather was, at last, what Sonia has longed for - good golfing weather - bright, sunny, still and simply gorgeous!

Sixteen Ladies were able to play the Greensome today and what a treat was in store. We had a shotgun start at 9.30 and we were well spread out over the course. 

There was a delightful 'wine and nibbles' stop which in some cases made all the difference to the scoring. Maybe this should become a permanent addition to the round... hic... 

The winning team with 37 points were Sue S and Liz. They had 18 points on the front 9 (and that included four one-pointers!) followed by 19 points on the back 9 (which included two one-pointers and a blob!) Well played you two!

Sonia with Liz and Sue S

In second place with 36 points (including 3 blobs!) were Lyn and Frieda! 

Frieda and Lyn with Sonia

Third place was taken by Viv and Ruth who scored 12 on the front nine, but came in with 22 on the back nine!  (After the wine stop!) Outrageous really!

More of Pam's beautiful flowers

The golf was followed by the presentations and a lovely meal.

Lovely buffet...

...more of our delicious buffet.

Coffee and warm brownie... 

Sonia also had a raffle and raised £60 for her charity - St Petroc's.

It was lovely that Pat, Judy, Fiona Mc, Ros and new member Bronwyn were able to join us for the meal. 

Thanks to Rosemary for collecting the entry money at the start, and to Sandra for organising the raffle.  Thanks also to the 'kitchen' for a lovely meal.

Ruth also showed a short video for Sonia - we may be able to upload it without sound at some point... watch this space.

Thank you Sonia for a really lovely day.

PS... Platforms are back! 

 Here's  Ros is sporting the latest fashion in heeled shoes!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Saturday Fun

What a lovely morning! The air is definitely cooler - a touch of Autumn - but it was lovely out there!

12 Cape Ladies (plus Sonia's sister Sandra), came to play the Old front Nine. We played a Stableford and despite there being a number of balls lost, the scoring was pretty good.
In third place, on Countback was Jayne with 15 points. She just pipped Val who parred the 7th!! Great play Val!
In second with 16 points was Sonia and in first was Ruth with 18 points... birdieing the 6th... if only it had been an eclectic!  

Afterwards we met up at Ruth's for coffee and cake... it was lovely to have Rosemary join us, and we were able to wish Anne a Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

Thanks to Lindsay for the delicious Carrot Cake; to Sonia for the millionaires shortbread and chocolate crispies and to everyone for coming. 

The Bosullow bowl is scheduled for October 22nd.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Back 9

What a lovely morning for golf... the weather was gorgeous...

...really perfect. The course had enjoyed Tuesday's rain and was looking fantastic.


 It was lovely to see Dorothy, who Marion brought along for coffee afterwards. 

The winner today was Chris L with a fabulous 20 points.

 Countback was needed to separate second and third place... and it all came down to the final hole!
Sonia just beating Ruth!

It was lovely to see everyone who could make it.

Saturday morning we are having an informal roll up, playing holes 3 to 11 and then going back to Ruth's for a cosy coffee... some are bringing cake so be hungry!

Next Thursday is Lady Captain's Day, Sonia is holding a raffle as this will be her  last opportunity to raise money for her charity... St Petroc's. 

Monday, September 12, 2016


Friendly v Praa Sands

Thank you to Sonia, Anne, Lyn, Liz, Lindsay and Janet who played in the Friendly today.
The overcast and somewhat damp start quickly turned into a dry and very windy day! The met office said winds of 21 and gusts of 33... it felt like more than that!

We played a very Friendly Greensome stableford, adding all the scores up at the end. Our ladies came out winners with 87 points between them (31, 28 and 28); Praa Sands had 68 but we had such a good time that though Cape were technical winners, we decided that it was an honourable draw!

There was a lovely atmosphere among the ladies and the food was very enjoyable. Thank you all for taking part and to the Praa Sands ladies who entered into the spirit of the day.

Next Saturday
Considering the postponement of the Bosullow Bowl - if anyone would like to play 9 holes in the morning... then some of us are going to play. We intend to play the old front 9,(so starting at 3 and finishing with 11) We'll then adjourn to Ruth's for coffee.   
It'll be a roll up starting at 9.00 am - if the weather is awful... we hope to have coffee at Lindsay's intead at 10.30/11.00. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Meadery Masters

Meadery Masters

Today started cloudy but the sun came out and it was glorious.

There is a tale to be told about Fran... think of the 4th hole...she had a lovely drive and then took a seven iron onto the green. 
Jayne and Sarah were watching from the 5th and saw Fran's ball fly through the air land on the green, heading towards the hole. It ran down to it, went round it and  then rested against the flag-stick. It didn't drop then, but a little breath of wind a moment later shifted the flag-stick and the ball dropped in the hole! An amazing two on the 4th hole!!
Fantastic play Fran!

Fran was one of thirteen Ladies who  played the Meadery Masters today and when we were finished it was lovely  to see Sue S and Chris who brought and presented the Meadery prizes, and also to have Judy and Chris J with us.

It was lovely to see you all.

The winner of the competition itself was Lyn with a fabulous 69, this included 5 pars and a bidrie on the 11th. Well played Lyn.

Lindsay was in second with a super 71 - this also included 5 pars on the back nine! and Ruth was third with 72, playing well until taking 9 on the 18th!
 There were some other good scores out there today too particularly Jayne with 73 and Pam with 74. 
Well played!

There is some doubt about the Bosullow bowl next Saturday because there is a big wedding at the Club... watch this space - POSTPONED

On Monday we have a friendly against Praa Sands tee off 10.30.

Best wishes to Ros to mend quickly with her broken foot and to Chris J with her eye...

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Normal service?

The past few golfing opportunities have been warm, still and sunny... normal service has been resumed with rain fog and wind!

That's not quite fair on Mother Nature, the morning started ok but...

Wipe the glasses!

.. the threatened storm came in and this afternoon it was like this... 

18th Green

 Apparently sunshine is forecast for tomorrow!

Hopefully we'll be able to re-schedule on a lovely Autumn day!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sunny Thursday

Back 9 Stableford

Thirteen Cape ladies turned out for golf on a really lovely morning.  It was still and warm. 

There were three ladies in the "B" group and the winner was Liz with a fabulous 19.

 She began with a par on the 10th.
On the 12th her tee shot was a little wayward and Sue S whispered "I think that might be in Porthleddon"
Liz mis-heard and thought she meant Porthleven!
 "I've hit it the wrong way!" 
But par was restored on the 14th with another four-pointer. Well played Liz!

Jean apparently visited every rabbit hole on the course... Di wondered if she'd found any of her balls but she said she couldn't even find her own!

Di and Lyn on the 15th

In the "A" group Lindsay was third on countback from Lyn. Pam was second with a lovely 18 points which included four 3 -pointers! 
In first was Ruth with 21 points. 
Our birdie girls today were Jenny who birdied the 10th and Sue S and Ruth who birdied the 12th.

We missed those of you that couldn't make it today - for those who are away on holiday we hope you're having fun... and for those absent for other reasons we are thinking of you.

Saturday is Invitation day, all are welcome even if you have no guest. 

We are starting at 10am and having a raffle with a meal afterwards. The weather forecast is not a happy one at the moment so please send up some prayers! We need Mother Nature on our side.