Monday, January 30, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages


...the advantage of getting thoroughly soaked is that you have to spring clean the pockets of your bag to get it dry... who knew there were so many tees in one pocket?!  
The disadvantage is that 24 hours after the wetting... the bag is still dripping... so it's come in to warm up above the stove!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


New Captain's Trophy

Sunday morning 9 am. Almost  50 Cape players mustered to play in the New Captain's Trophy.

Geoff had arranged a 3 ball Scramble, a couple of players  had cried off for different reasons but the majority took on the drizzle. 

It was not too bad at first, but after a momentary less wet respite, the wind got stronger and was soon whipping rain across the course in great swathes.

We became soaked to the skin - literally. Despite layers of so called waterproof clothing, everyone was wet through and the call in after 9 holes was very welcome.

Geoff had provided some very welcome savoury nibbles and I added in some chocolate cheerfulness!

Huge thanks to all who were able to take part and support the Captain. The conditions were grim and respect to everyone for soldiering on through 9 holes.

Our New Captain's Trophy Winners 2017

...and the Bliss? 
That was warming up after a hot shower, putting on dry clothes and cosying up in front of the fire!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Some Green

Saturday Greensome

Only 10 ladies were able to play in today's Greensome... it was cold, sometimes bitterly so, but bright with amazing skies and beautiful hues of blue in the sea.

Threatening cloud on the 9th

There were many rainbows and clouds with enormous anvils threatening to dump their rain on us... but we escaped lightly!

We did catch the edge of this huge cloud and it was bitter while it lasted, but by the time we were on the 11th the shower was passed and we had sunshine for the rest of the round.

There was a lot of fun going on in one particular group... their chuckles could be heard drifting on the wind and we wanted to join their party! 

'Somegreen' was awarded to the winners of the Greensome...and they were Sue D and Jayne. Well played!

The some-green duck!

They won on countback with 32 points, just pipping Lyn and Chris who were second.
In third were the party-group!

It was lovely to see Val, Annie, Di, Ros and Fran afterwards. Ros is mobile again now ... I dread to think how long it is since you were driving, Ros!

Thanks to Ros and Di (and Lyn) for the cardmarking... the result is on Mastercoreboard and the link is here.

Ben provided soup and a sandwich for our lunch - many thanks to him and Summer for looking after us today.

Get better soon those who are struggling with the Queen's cold.

See some of you tomorrow at the New Captain's Trophy Scramble. 

Next Saturday is a medal and the presentation of the cheque to Lyn's charity - the Children's Hospice. It would be lovely if there is a good turnout for this.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Thursday back 9

The gale put paid to our golfing on Thursday but several of us enjoyed a coffee together. 

It was bitterly cold out!

Mark has moved the chipping flag into the middle of the putting green... well, not quite! He's put it in the middle of the far part of the putting green the area which is little used. It means there is now a good surface for chipping and putting out practice.

He has also strimmed the area on the 12th that Jenny asked about - we'll see how it is on Saturday. 
Huge thanks to him and his team for their hard work.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well done

Will's match

Congratulations to the Men's team for their win over Killiow in the Will's match at West Cornwall today.
The weather was benign; generally overcast, occasional light drizzle, almost no wind and some sunshine.
Of the five matches, two were lost (on 16 and 17) and the other three went to the 18th!
It was very exciting to watch - one particular iron shot from a Killiow player was amazing - about 180 yards up hill... the ball ended up about 1 foot from the hole. It was inspiring!
Made me want to be playing... anyone fancying a little practice this week give me a ring!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Flag Day

Flag Day


Today was the Flag competition. It was lovely to have 18 ladies playing - each having their handicap plus 72 shots to use. When the shots ran out it was marked on the card and when we got in a little marker flag was put on the map in the right place to mark how far we'd got.

It was very cold again... overcast and seemed to get colder as the round progressed.

 The flag was carried out by the first pair. They got as far as the 17th and planted the flag by the green.

Some of the following players still had shots to play and picked the flag up and carried it forward... to the 18th... and even as far as the green!

Hilary''s Red Flag on the fringe of the 18th green!

No-one could match this and our Winner of the Flag competition was Hilary- well played!

Fran was second, running out of shots on the 18th fairway near the first wall...

and in third was Chris J who was also on the 18th fairway.

Clustered on the 17th green were the flags of Ruth, Lyn and Jane L. Sarah, Sue D and Lindsay were clustered on the 16th green then came Claire and Jenny.
There were 5 birdies, Hilary with two (2nd and 4th); Chris J, myself and Jane (12th) and Sarah on the 5th. 

Well done everyone - we had good conditions today although many were suffering from very cold hands!

A special well done to Sarah for her two on the 5th! Fantastic!

Tomorrow the men play their quarter final of the Wills competition at West Cornwall.
Next Saturday is a drawn Greensome - the draw will be made after golf on Thursday.
Next Sunday is the New Captain's Trophy - a mixed Scramble.

It was lovely to see Pat who joined us after golf and brought some sweaters with the original Cape logo on to raise money for the Captain's Charity.

Thanks also to the card markers... Flag is definitely card marking with a difference!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fabulous Front Nine

Thursday morning

What a glorious day... bitterly cold at the start but deep blue sea, clear blue skies and when sheltered from the wind... warm sunshine!

Some clearly thought it was skiing we were out for!

I was giggling so much that I couldn't hold the camera still!! 

It was brilliant to have Judy playing today... lovely to hear her chuckle.

It was also lovely to see Anne and Viv for coffee.

Other than the cold, conditions were just glorious!
We played a Front 9 Stableford with the added incentive of counting drives on the fairway.

Jean and Lyn were equal second in that competition with 7 each and Sue S won with a fantastic 8 drives on the fairway! Well done each!

In the Stableford competition Lynne won the "B" group and Chris J won the "A" group with 17 points. Second and third were myself (15) and Sarah (14). 
Lyn had a two... on the 5th hole!

Well played everyone!

Saturday is the Flag competition (18 ladies down to play at the moment) and Sunday the men play their Wills quarter final match at West Cornwall against Killiow - good luck!

The following weekend is a drawn Greensome.
 The New Captain's Trophy is on the next day which is a Mixed Texas Scramble - it's great to see 10 ladies signed up already.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Presentation Evening

Presentation Evening

It was the celebration of the "Golf of 2016" on Friday evening and it was lovely to see such a great turnout.
Ready for the off!
Note the shiny trophies! 

Below are some pictures from the evening... many thanks to Amanda for being the camerawoman.

Sonia was not able to be with us but was remembered fondly and we began the evening with the Trophy of which she was most proud - the Bronze Shield! What an achievement that was! Well played team!

Chris, Jayne, Michelle and Bev
       A little reminder of the details...

 This was an 18 hole medal round...   the  Cape team beat 20 clubs from all over  Cornwall, pushing the home club Looe into second place by 4 points!                                                           Jayne was overall 3rd and Michelle 1st in the field of almost 80 players - Michelle carded a Nett 65 when the CSS on the day was 75!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It was a fantastic day!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

We then moved on to the Mixed competitions with Anne picking up the Trevervan Trophy on behalf of her Californian Scramble team of herself, Lynn Exley and William Hocking.

This was followed by the Bosullow Bowl - a mixed Greensome - which was won by Fran and Brian.

Fran come back!
That's better!

The scrambles and foursome trophies came next... Dee and Ray's Trophy was won by Fran, Chris J and Michelle.

                                  The Wheeler Bowl (foursomes) was won by Lyn and Lindsay... 

....and the Bob Lynne Trophy (a betterball)  by Hilary and Sue S .

We then moved on to individual competitions...

the Botrea Bowl and Lady Captain's Charity Cup were won by Jayne...

...the Carmen Payne and Sydney Grose  by Lindsay...

....the Meadery Masters and Vets Vase were won by Lyn...

... the WRVS was won by Hilary... 

...and the Godolphin Goblet was won by Fran.

The Knockouts were next, the winner of the Carrallack trophy (Individual Knockout) was Hilary...  

this photo should be a  
Caption Competition...  


 "That'll be mine this year!"

   "In your dreams!"

The Newlyn Trophy was won by Jayne ..  


the Cape Shield was won by Lyn and Sue..

and the Carrallack Plate by Claire.

The Collier Cups eclectic trophies were  won by Ruth in the A group  and Frieda in the B group.

The most improved player was won my Michelle in a closely fought contest with Jayne and Lindsay who all had fantastic years. We hope that Michelle you'll soon be back playing with us.

Three trophies remain,  the Polglase trophy was won by Sue...

the Club Championship best Nett winner was Lyn 

and the Club Champion for 2016 was Sue - well played!

Later in the evening the Seniors presented the Ladies with the Seniors/Ladies trophy...  well played Ladies!

On Saturday after the AGM we were able to award The Admiration Cup to Lynne... well played Lynne. 

Taken at the AGM with Pam's beautiful flowers.

 Some of the ladies also won in the men's mixed competitions.  

Altogether it was a lovely evening - a fitting celebration of an excellent year - Sonia would have been proud!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


AGM and 11 holes

 Today was the Ladies AGM and 11 hole competition. 
The meeting marked the beginning of the New Committee. Hilary is Vice Captain;  Ros and Fran are continuing in their posts of Secretary and Treasurer. Hilary resigned the Handicap secretary post after approx 6 years - many thanks Hils and thank you to Di for picking up the baton -  the remaining members are the same - Lindsay, Jean and Judy and it is lovely to welcome Jane L on to the committee. Lyn will continue joining us on the committee by invitation as an adviser (in her Vice President's role) which is highly appreciated.

Gary talked about the business, the course and their plans - the work on the swimming pool is beginning on Monday with an intended completion date in April. This is exciting news!

Ten ladies then ventured out on the course despite the cold weather!

 There were some good scores... and some great shots... how about this one from Lynne...

What a shot Lynne!
Ball in the rough - tough - it can't be cleaned!
 What a shot into the green on the 9th!  

Looking at the cards there were lovely pars for Hilary, Lindsay and Claire on the fourth;  Lyn a par on the 6th and Hilary pars on the 2nd and 9th as well.

Our winner was Hilary with a lovely 19 points; Chris J was second with 18 (it's great to have you back) and in third was Lyn with 17 points.

Well played everyone. 

On a personal note I would like to thank everyone for the support they have offered as I take on this year. I am looking forward to it no end and will work hard to achieve the joint aims of playing the best golf we can while having lots fun! 

I will email everyone with a brief summary of the AGM and the changes that were discussed. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Were you tempted?

Thursday Back 9

Were you tempted to play on Thursday? 
What weather! 
The temperature was 4C in the car as I drove down to Cape through the rain and wind... I for one was not going to be out on the course!

Lindsay and Pam arrived at the same time, Pam brought her beautiful arrangement of flowers for Presentation Night/AGM and we had a nice coffee together before she had to leave.
Lindsay and I then tackled the trophy cabinet with silvo and old rags! 
The trophies are sparkling - ready for presentation to their worthy winners on Friday!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Well Done!

January Medal

Cloud, mizzle, drizzle, rain, drizzle, dry, mizzle, dry, rain, drizzle...
what a day! 

Umbrella, up then down then back up again!

 It was not easy out there today!

In fact all of us struggled (14 ladies played) with only two ladies breaking 100! Well played to Sue D who won with a nett 75, and to Fran for a nett 78.

In third was Jane and Lindsay was fourth.

It was great to see Chris J out playing her first 18 holes for 6 months - you didn't choose an easy day!

It was also lovely to see Chris L and Anne who came in for coffee afterwards, and super to see Di looking so well!

Many thanks to all who played today... several said it was not the most enjoyable round of golf... apart from the company! Cape Ladies are Special!

For the full result click here.

Next Friday is Presentation Evening... please let the Bar staff know if you're able to come so that they can cater for the correct numbers.
Next Saturday is the AGM starting at 9.15 with an informal 11 hole Roll Up afterwards.

PS   On Thursday morning and today, we were talking about mending pitchmarks...  below is the diagram of the best way to do it for the health of the green...