Saturday, July 30, 2016

Admiration and Godolphin


Today was the day for two trophies to be played for. The Admiration Cup and the Godolphin Goblet... I think they sound as though they should be in a Harry Potter book!

The conditions were perfect - warm sun and a gentle breeze, and some players made the most of it!

The winner of the Admiration Cup was Lynne who beat Pam by just one shot!
By the look of this picture there were no hard feelings!
Sharing fun!

Our Admiration cup winner, Lynne.

The Godolphin Goblet had 16 competitors... and a fox!

There was some really good scoring here, 44 pars and 5 birdies all told. Our winner was Fran with a fabulous score of 39 points!

Fran beat Judy by just one point! A fantastic 38 for Judy!
Next came 3 players on 35, with Hilary beating Chris L and Lyn on countback! 
For the results click here.

Well played!

For any like me that were rubbish here is a picture to cheer you.. the Brisons yesterday morning...

Friday, July 29, 2016


Thursday morning

Thursday morning dawned dull and drizzly and at Cape there was fog - so no golf for the ladies. A cup of tea/coffee was enjoyed  instead - it was lovely to see Pam and catch up with her.

Hopefully Saturday will be fine and clear!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A step too far

A personal note... 

SW Champs

Yesterday I was up at Launceston supporting the County in the SW Championships.

 They were short of numbers so I had agreed to play but knew I would be out of my depth - I love the Launceston course so I hoped I would be able 'swim' a little! Continuing the swimming analogy...  I managed about a length and a bit!

This is for Ladies and Girls... not old ladies!

We were last out, at 10am; a heavy shower turned into constant drizzle - the sun came out at 7.30 as we finished! A very nervous start saw me take fifty on the front 9 but come back in 40 which is only 3 over par for the back nine - I was very happy with that. All together I had played to handicap. 
Pleased far. 

It had been very slow... we got in about 2.40... there was only time for a wee stop, sock change and collection of sandwiches before we were on the tee again at 3pm - not even time for a cup of tea and definitely no sit down!

I have discovered that five and a half hours of golf is the maximum my body will allow before saying it's past my bedtime... 

...on the third hole (of the second round) my back started to seize up...I took 11 on there... and so it went on. I managed the par threes ok... but averaged about 8 on everything else! 90 on the first round became 120 on the second! I felt sorry for my playing partners... but managed to finish the course!

Such is life... 

The delight of the day was playing with two young girls, 13 and 11! 
I could hit my drives as far as theirs...just...  but the rest of their play was astonishing - especially the 11 year old who had just come back from America on a Junior World Golf Trip! A real star of the future!

Thank you those who sent me good luck...  I'll happily caddie for anyone next year... but 9 and a half hours of golf is not for me to repeat...unless I start growing younger by the day! 


Fun Day continued...

Starting with Spot Prizes

On the second hole we had two longest drive competitions. One for Silver handicaps (up to 26 today) and one for Bronze (27-36)

The Silver winner was Lyn who out-drove Sonia... no other silvers could match Lyn.

However, the Bronze winner out-drove Lyn by at least 20 yds - this was Liz - what a drive Liz, fantastic!

On the 5th hole we had a Nearest the Pin competition...

'Mrs Norman Manley' magically appeared on the sheet... even before any of the ladies were on the course!
Magic Hils! 
 It added much entertainment and Fun - thank you Norman!

Sarah was our winner...  fantastic to get on the green with your drive - well done!

On the 12th hole we had two Nearest the Pin in two competitions - (one for silver and one for bronze)
The Silver competition was won by Lyn, 31 inches from the hole!
The Bronze competition was won by Ros who was 16 inches from the hole! 

The last of the golf spot prizes was Nearest the Pin in two on the 17th - as before, two prizes on offer; the Silver division was won by Jane L  28 inches away! 
The Bronze was won by Lindsay who was 82 inches away!

We also had a Most Drives on the Fairway competition; each team had a "ticker" - a person who ticked off each player's drives which were on the correct fairway. 
There were 17 fairways up for grabs (we had discounted Hole 13) and the results are interesting!
There was considerable frustration when those that usually are as straight as a die found their ball rolling off into the rough! 
But there was a definite winner - Lindsay hit 14 fairways only missing 3,4 and 8. That is some going!
Lyn was second with 13, and Sue S, Jayne and Fi all hit 12! 
 Di and Sue D were close behind with 11.

It turned out in fact that their was a best driver within in each group... Lindsay, Lyn, Jayne and Fi you already know about; in the remaining teams, Jan, Lynne, Fran and Judy were the most consistent drivers!

We also had rewards for the most colourful players - this was won by Liz who was simply outstanding! Ros was second for her coordination even to her laces!

It must be said that I wanted to give loads more prizes for this... I relied on Jean to help me out as I could justify giving prizes to everyone!

I loved the hats... Hil's one, Lynne's elegant little number which should be used every week really! I loved Sue's nails, Lindsay's earrings... etc etc. Some had bought something specially bright for the occasion, or dug out something that had been in the back of the wardrobe for a while! 

Thank you everyone - it was such fun to see such a bright and cheery bunch - and so many happy faces!

The results of the actual Golf Competition - the Waltz.

1st with 83 points, Lyn, Sue S and Sue D
2nd with 78 points Hilary, Fran and Jane
3rd with 77 points Sarah, Jayne and Annie

And finally... today we said a farewell to Jane who has moved house and is moving golf clubs. We will miss you, Jane, hope that you will settle happily in your new home  and hope you will come and visit us often!

Thank you everyone for joining in so heartily with the spirit of the day - and to Ashley and George for our surprise cakes - much appreciated!

Thank you!

These boots are made for walking... 

ps    I have just been looking at the cards and have to mention some individuals... 

Liz parred 2,6,9 and 10 all for four points each;
Chris L parred  both 14 and 16 for four points apiece;
other four point pars were 
Sue S on the 3rd
Jayne on the 4th
Sonia on the 14th 
Chris J on the 18th

...there were other pars; 52 altogether - Bev, Chris J and Fi scoring 12 of them but the ones above were the four pointers!

There were also 7 birdies... 

Fran and Sue D on the 9th 
Hils, Lyn and Ros on the 12th


Di birdied the 6th and 9th!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Vice Captain's Fun Day

Saturday dawned bright and clear much to Ruth's huge relief... the thick mist of the evening before had thankfully gone.

The day began with Rosemary collecting the money; then there was the giving out of Cards and a special ball ... and possibly a few sweeties!

What a delight it was to see everyone wearing such bright gear...  some went as far a nails!


Nailed it in fact! (sorry)

There were some spectacular outfits... every one worthy of a mention if truth be told. 

It was lovely to have such a great response to the request... thank you.

The format itself was a Waltz, 123,123 and so on round the course. It is supposed to be fun... and stress free... although some found the trio score challenging!

Prize table

The prize table was heavy with bottles... well done to everyone who won... I actually think everyone deserved to win for joining in with such spirit!

First out were Lindsay Sonia and Di... 

Lindsay's earring... 

Lindsay had removed her earrings for fear of not noticing if one fell out...... 

This delightful crew followed... they look a bit happy and it's not just the Bucks Fizz!

Val, Judy and Chris followed close behind... 

being plied with refreshments by this very sober pair...

Annie thought Jayne needed topping up.... 

...there... that's better.

It was difficult to gauge how everyone was playing... not a lot of beans were spilled about how they were doing... we had to possess our souls in patience!

Another wonderfully colourful team... did they get a drink - or was it just a strawberry?

Well... these got a drink!

Words simply not needed  for the above...

At this point I was about to talk about the fabulous hats that turned out... and to post a picture of Lynne's classy little number... when  I had a dreadful realisation... 

Oh dear... what have I done??? Where are the last group? 

In her self appointed role as spotter for the drives on the twelfth... she missed  taking a photo of the final group!!! Ahhhhh!!!  

 (She almost missed Fran, Jane and Hils if truth be told!)

Sack the photographer!

I am so sorry Lynne, Marion and Frieda... how could I do that to you! 

You were stars, and you were my 'picking up all the labels and measures etc' people...  I owe you!  

Mistakes like this could drive a woman to drink!


That's all for now... I'll complete this on Monday when I'm back home.

Thanks again to Rosemary and Jean for being such great assistants... and Lindsay for doing the cards...  and Ashley for providing us with Cakes!

 It was also lovely to see Viv, I think she may have some great pictures to share.

 Thank you everyone for making it such a fun day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


A moment

A little while back, the 30th of June in fact, we witnessed this...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ...  it was Jean getting a two on the 5th from a long way out... 

You can look back at the blog for details in case you missed it... but Jean was amazed and asked had she won a car for such a feat.

Well, Cape ladies like to spare no expense ... so today Jean was awarded her prize...

Jean's performance car.

Performance car eh?

Back 9 Stableford

The day had begun with fairly constant rain - a godsend for the greens and actually alright for us too as we were able to delay the start until the rain stopped. As it turned out we were on the tee at 9.15.

Some ladies found the course tricky today... others... cruised!

Sue's unlucky 13th

Sue S did not have a lot of luck on the 13th... her second shot hit the the right hand wall up near the path and bounced a little way across the grass to be stopped by a rabbit! After a moments hesitation the rabbit wobbled away and the ball wobbled too... then rolled gently, gradually picking up speed till it ended up further back 
than when she started!

Ruth had rather more luck on the 14th, her drive tripped off the fairway on to the steep slope... and her second shot ended within two inches of the pin! Lucky or what!

Sometimes golfers are very helpful with watching the ball and helping you find it... 

"It's in the red stuff" however was not the most helpful when Ruth pulled her drive into the wall on the 16th!
It's in the red stuff!

However, others on the course were more accurate with their golf and ball spotters weren't so necessary. 
The winner of the "B" group was Frieda with a fantastic round and a score of 20 (and that included two blobs)!


The "A" group saw Countback in operation to decide the better 18 pointer, with Lindsay just pipping Lyn to second place.

The winner however was on a different course to the rest of us! 

Judy scored 25 points! 

Absolutely fabulous!

There were 11 of us playing today and Jean joined us for coffee - lovely to see you 'Mary' :-)

Added Extras : Lyn and Sue D joined us this morning after representing Cape at the Australian Spoons Regional Final in Gloucestershire.   They came sixth in a field of 88! The course was good and running fast - they were only 3 points away from the winning score - so close - well played!

Sonia and Anne represented us at the Isle of Purbeck Course in Dorset in the Coronation Foursomes. They were in 10th with a score of 25 (among 80 teams); the winners had 32 points. 

Well played again Cape Ladies you have done us proud.

In this week's Cornishman is the lovely picture of the Cape Ladies with the Bronze Shield.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tuesday evening Fun

Evening Fun

It was a beautiful evening, the weather sunny with a decent breeze. The course is fast and furious and the ball was travelling miles... including on the greens.

 Lyn was away up in Gloucester competing in the Australian Spoons Regional Final so she asked Ruth to step in....

Such gentle, receptive, benign course conditions lead Ruth to decide that an individual Stableford combined with a putting competition was a good idea!!! 

 She forgot to explain the finer details of the putting so it was completed with some improvisation on the way, but it lent a different focus to the golf!

Sarah won the putting with only 14 putts (that was all strokes taken with the putter even if off the green). Lindsay was close behind with 15 and Di was third with 16! Great putting ladies!

The Stableford was won on countback with 18 points by Ruth who just pipped Bob to the win. Paul was in third with 17, Jayne was 4th with 16 points (another good score with the new handicap).

There were 17 of us playing - a lovely turn out.

Lyn and Sue came 6th in the Regional Final with a score of 32... 35 was the winning score. So close!

Well played Cape!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Winning ways!

On Friday 15th July Claire won the West Cornwall Invitation Day with Antoinette. They scored 40 points, just beating Sue D and her partner who had 39! 
Well played each!
Winners at West Cornwall
Also, Fi, Bev and Antoinette won the Mullion Open Recently!!

Well Done Cape Ladies!

Monday, July 18, 2016


Friendly v West Cornwall

Not my picture but it was a day like this!

Many thanks to the ladies who played at West Cornwall today. The weather was hot and windy! (Too hot for Ruth but everyone else seemed to manage ok!)

The choice of format belongs to the home club and they chose a Betterball Matchplay off 90%. A bit of a shock to Lindsay and Michelle who having been cut by several shots last week were playing off three fewer today!
Our team was... 

Ruth and Lindsay

Hils and Liz 

Sonia and Michelle

Our match result was a very friendly half -  after the three close matches...well played team!

 Many thanks to the Gill and the ladies at West Cornwall - the course was playing fast with the ball running a country mile, and we enjoyed a lovely meal afterwards.

Finally - good luck to Lyn and Sue tomorrow at Thornbury, Gloucester where they play in the Australian Spoons Regional Final; 

and on Wednesday our Lady Captain Sonia and Anne are competing in the Area finals of the Peugeot Coronation Foursomes at Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. 

Good luck both pairs!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Our beautiful Course

Sunday evening beauty

We're so lucky!



What fabulous weather! Saturday saw 14 ladies play in the Stableford competition. Sue S was 4th with 32, Jayne came third with 34 points - a great round off her new handicap. Jenny was second with a fine 35 which included 2 birdies (2 and 12) a par and three blobs - what might have been! 

First was Lindsay, with a fabulous 43! This included a birdie and a par (the 18th!), and 9 other holes just one over... fantastic and and a well deserved handicap cut of 3.5 to 27! Well played!

It is interesting to see that the hardest hole was the first, followed by the 8th then the 16th! The 15th, which is usually our most difficult hole was playing only the 7th hardest!

Well played everyone - next Saturday is Vice Cap's Fun Day - pray for fabulous weather and dress as colourfully as you can - please!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

'Specially for Sue

  Your blogger played at Perranporth today...

Better ball...

 46 points!

And a win!

(and... the bit that made me smile all the way home was an eagle on the par 5 14th!)

Good Luck

Good luck to our Ladies who are going away to play in Regional competitions this week; Anne and Sonia, and Lin and Sue - Good Luck!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Goof Friends

Una's Visit

What it is to have good friends and have the chance to get together and share a meal.


How lovely to have Una back with us, giving us a chance to catch up. We had a lovely evening - we missed those of you who couldn't make it - thanks to Lin for organizing us. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bronze Shield

Bronze Shield


Where to start? 

Thursday saw Chris L, Michelle, Bev, Jayne and their caddies head for Looe to compete in the Bronze Shield. 

 Mullion, West Cornwall, Killiow, Tehidy, Falmouth, Trevose, Truro, Perranporth, Launceston, St Enodoc, Lanhydrock, Bude, St Austell, Carlyon Bay, Newquay, St Mellion, China Fleet, Porthpean, Whitsand Bay and Looe were all there.

82 Ladies!

The weather was glorious; the company excellent, and amazingly... this happened...

Bronze Shield winners!
Cape Ladies won the trophy!!!

This is a trophy indeed!

What an amazing team!

The individual nett results saw Jayne win third place with a nett 72, and Michelle come first with a nett 65!   Yes... sixty five! On a course that had a CSS of 75!

Three of the team's scores were added together for the total... and a fantastic win!

Well played Cape Ladies!

A brilliant achievement!

Sonia and the team!

Michelle, Best Nett Winner and Caddie Sue

Examining the shield.
Cape Ladies won it in 2002
What a fabulous day.

Well played team and thank you caddies!

ps... Both Michelle and Jayne have had their handicaps cut - Michelle by 5 shots and Jayne by 1.5. 
This is so well deserved - they both have been playing fabulous golf and it was great to see it in action today.