Monday, July 25, 2016

A step too far

A personal note... 

SW Champs

Yesterday I was up at Launceston supporting the County in the SW Championships.

 They were short of numbers so I had agreed to play but knew I would be out of my depth - I love the Launceston course so I hoped I would be able 'swim' a little! Continuing the swimming analogy...  I managed about a length and a bit!

This is for Ladies and Girls... not old ladies!

We were last out, at 10am; a heavy shower turned into constant drizzle - the sun came out at 7.30 as we finished! A very nervous start saw me take fifty on the front 9 but come back in 40 which is only 3 over par for the back nine - I was very happy with that. All together I had played to handicap. 
Pleased far. 

It had been very slow... we got in about 2.40... there was only time for a wee stop, sock change and collection of sandwiches before we were on the tee again at 3pm - not even time for a cup of tea and definitely no sit down!

I have discovered that five and a half hours of golf is the maximum my body will allow before saying it's past my bedtime... 

...on the third hole (of the second round) my back started to seize up...I took 11 on there... and so it went on. I managed the par threes ok... but averaged about 8 on everything else! 90 on the first round became 120 on the second! I felt sorry for my playing partners... but managed to finish the course!

Such is life... 

The delight of the day was playing with two young girls, 13 and 11! 
I could hit my drives as far as theirs...just...  but the rest of their play was astonishing - especially the 11 year old who had just come back from America on a Junior World Golf Trip! A real star of the future!

Thank you those who sent me good luck...  I'll happily caddie for anyone next year... but 9 and a half hours of golf is not for me to repeat...unless I start growing younger by the day! 


  1. Am trying really hard to comment on this with no luck - unless you see this!!! Lindsay

  2. After about six attempts! What I was trying to say was - well done Ruth for actually playing in this competition. Just shows we need to be young, fit and fearless to do well in this game! ( will try smiley faces now!) ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿท๐Ÿท

    1. Yay!
      Well done Lindsay! The first to person to achieve comment status!
      I may open the unused Bucks Fizz this evening... if I have the energy!

    2. You deserve it - enjoy!!๐Ÿพ