Saturday, November 26, 2016

Golden Ball


Overcast; 6C feeling like 3C; that is what the forecast said... and that is exactly what we got. 
There was a little bit of wind but it was deceptive as quite often we thought there was none... but it was there!

Twelve lovely ladies were able to play today, four teams of three. Each team was given a Golden Ball which doubled its own score. The format was the Golden Ball score plus one other. 

Fran Fi and Annie on the 8th

It was certainly a very entertaining round - for our team at least! 

For example, Jan chipped in on the second for a par, sadly not with the golden ball but very cheering!
Jan's 2nd shot on the 7th!
On the seventh tee the Curse of the Golden Ball struck, and Jan's tee shot went about 5 yards sideways... the picture is  of her taking her second shot.

 But this didn't faze her... on the 14th hole
Jan's drive ran off the fairway and slithered halfway down the slope in the rough. Her second shot almost got back up on the fairway but didn't and ran back down near the bottom of the steps... a third shot took her along the slope but no nearer the fairway! Despairing of ever getting the ball off the slope she struck her fourth shot with abandon... it flew up high in the air, landed just short of the green and disappeared from view.  
On reaching the green there was no sign of the ball! 
It was in the hole! 

Just in case we didn't see it again we took a picture of the golden Ball on the 12th... but magically it stayed with us... the only group to return with their ball.

To the results...
In first place were Annie, Fran and Fi with a score of 85!
Well played... 
In second, a long way behind with 74, were Jan, Lindsay and myself...  we think the coffee laced with drambuie might have helped!

Hunting for the ball

The orchard was the resting ground for three of the golden balls...

Many thanks to Di and Fran for doing the cards.  

Many of us enjoyed a lovely lunch of soup and sandwich... 

Tasty lunch!
Well done everyone for playing today - it was cold but Mother Nature was kind!

Next Week is a Medal (Stableford for the 36's) and the following week the Christmas 11 Holes and Lunch.   

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Beautiful Back Nine!


Thirteen lovely ladies played the back nine today... it was very windy and chilly but we all stayed the course.

It was great to welcome Chris J back - the first time she has played a competitive 9 since the beginning of August!

Frieda (3 for 5!) and Lynne... Team Fuschia?

There were some interesting happenings today...  

...especially on the 14th!

Frieda's drive reached the edge of the green!

Liz used the bridge to cross the orchard and I almost reached the 12th fairway with my tee shot on the 14th!  Oooooops!

The scores were very close... especially in the 'a' group!
Countback for second place!

The winner was Jenny with a lovely 16 - well played. In second was Jan with 14...  Lindsay, Ruth and Lyn were the also-rans!

In the 'B' group the winner with another super 16 was Frieda!
In second with 12 points was Liz who also had a 3 for 5 on the 12th!
Well played both!
Scissors are being sharpened as I write!

Thanks as always, to Rosemary for sorting out our signing in and to Di for doing the cards. 

Golden Ball is on Saturday - next week is the final medal of the year!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bisque Fun!

Biscuits anyone?

Today we played a par bisque. I for one faced this format with a fair degree of trepidation but what fun it turned out to be!

I can recommend this to everyone!

First things first, there were just 6 ladies (The Super Six!) playing today, Rosemary set us off and Di joined us at the end to help with the cards, thank you both. 

We were also joined by a very special guest on the third - one who stayed with us from there on!

Paddington was found, lost and wandering on the fairway. Lyn rescued him and has taken him home for a wash and brush up!

 If you know someone who is missing their bear...   
Lyn would love to return him to his owner. 

He is in lovely condition, so please contact her if you know of anyone who has lost their bear!

Paddington tucked himself away out of the wind but kept a beady eye on how we were playing.

This format makes you think... being able to choose the holes on which to take our handicap allowance got our brains going and proved very interesting!

The weather was really kind to us - especially after how it has been these last few days. The wind had dropped and although it was cold it was really quite pleasant.

Sometimes the decision about what to do was very easy... 

...both these balls were deemed unplayable by their owners on the 8th and penalty drops were taken!

The final scores were really close with three ladies beating the course, each by three shots!

 Sue D, Anne and Fran needed Countback  to separate them and it was Annie who ran out winner with Fran in second.

There was only one possible prize for a bisque...  

Well played Ladies!

The super six then enjoyed a delicious soup and sandwich from George... excellent!

Those that couldn't make it today - we missed you - hurry back!

Next week is the Golden Ball competition... please sign up if you can - it should be fun!

The following week is a Medal.

11 Holes and Xmas Lunch is the week after (10th December). The sign up sheet is up for the golf and the lunch.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blowing Away Cobwebs


"Go and get a mouthful of fresh air and blow those cobwebs away"...  is the sort of thing my Mum would say on a day like today.

Blustery Cape

Well three of us did... and there are definitely no cobwebs left. 

However, when the the rain started it was time to adjourn to the clubhouse for coffee! And so glad we were... the showers were torrential!

Well done to Sue D for parring the 2nd!!! And to Lindsay and I for having a go! We only played two holes in the end but it was invigorating (or crazy)!

Thank you to Rosemary who came to sort us out as usual. Chris J called in to say hello, it was lovely to see her and we hope she'll be back among us soon.

Saturday is the Par Bisque... we can chose which holes to use our handicap on so that will be interesting!

The following week is the Golden Ball... then a medal and then we are in to the start of the Christmas festivities!
In the garden! Cheering on a stormy day!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dusty Bin Goes Waltzing

Dusty Bin goes Waltzing

123123123 321321321

That was the format for today - a Waltz on the front nine and a Dusty bin on the back!

When I looked out of the window first thing this morning it wasn't looking hopeful... thick mist shrouded St Just, but Mother Nature was just teasing.
 By the time the first group teed off, the course was clear and other than two showers, one which particularly caught the final group, we did alright!

Jayne Sarah and Anne on the 7th

Lyn, Sue D and Sue S on the 10th
Eighteen ladies played and generally had good fun.

Fran teeing off on the 11th

About half way round the shower that had been out to sea moved in across us - it was more a drizzle than rain but it was enough to need waterproofs..

Mizzle moving in
However, it moved through quickly and the sun came out again!

We all had various amounts of luck or not... 

...this ball did not heed the instructions on the notice!

Di kindly joined us to help do the card-marking - thanks Di!

In third place, with a score of 67, were the three Js! Judy, Jenny and Jan! Steady scoring all through.

In second with 69 were Fran Claire and yours truly - again a steady round.

In first place, and winning the Dusty Bin competition were Sarah, Jayne and Anne with a score of 70. This included a 3 for 5 points on the fourth hole (from Jayne) and a 4 for 4 on the 14th (from Sarah).  For the full results click here.

Well played ladies, and hope you get your trolley sorted quickly Jayne.

Winners of the Dusty Bins!

After golf many of us enjoyed delicious sausage (or bacon) butties and wonderful chocolate nibbles... a perfect way to finish. Many thanks Ashleigh!

Next week is the par bisque... I know some of you are away - but make it if you can... it should be fun!

The following week is Golden ball which is definitely a ball so make sure you sign up!

ps... when it comes in to rain on the last hole...and you don't have your waterproof trousers on... this is what to do!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brave Back Nine

Thursday Stableford

Viv on the 12th
Today 9 brave ladies tackled the Back Nine at Cape. It was very windy but we had the blessing of it staying dry. 

We certainly needed to be dressed for the weather  as the wind whipped straight in our faces, particularly on 12, 14 and to an angled degree on 16.

Our winner, Jenny, parred the 16th! Epic golf in that wind!

Well played!

In second place was Lyn; the winner of the B group was Frieda.

Well done everyone for coming and playing. We were loathe to set out but were glad of the fresh air in the end.


It took a lot of shots to get on the green but we got there in the end!

Saturday is Dusty Bin goes Waltzing - we have 6 teams entered - 

Lyn, Sue D and Sue S  
Jan, Judy and Jenny
Sarah, Anne and Jayne
Fran, Ruth Claire
Jean,Marion Lynne
Viv, Lindsay Pam

see you on Saturday, 9am start. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016


November Medal

The picture above shows the best part of Saturday. We began in rain and strong wind... we then had lovely sunshine but still with the strong wind...and then more stinging rain and strong wind!

There were some spectacular rainbows...

Mother Nature seemed to throw everything at us... then relented for a while and the sun peeped through... then she threw more at us just to see what we were made of.
And it was cold - at times bitterly cold!

But we are made of stern stuff... what amazing ladies to keep on keeping on!

In first place, winning the November Medal was Hilary with a Nett 78. 
Second was Sue D with a Nett 80.
Third on countback (from Jayne), was Lindsay with a Nett 84.
Well done.

I think everyone who took part today deserved a medal!

I'd like to tell you about the 16th.

 All is quiet concentration...Hilary is holding the flag on the green, waiting for me to take a long downhill putt.  

Without a word, she suddenly threw down the flag and started running!

I followed her line of sight and saw she was looking back along the fairway towards the gap in the wall where we had parked our trolleys. 
What did I see? 
Only one! 

Hilary's trolley had taken off - all on it's own and was haring across the course! 

It sped down the fairway, through the rough by the old bunker, gathering more and more speed and eventually falling over in the long grass just short of the brambles!

We gave chase... trying to head it off as we had visions of it going into or over the wall! Hilary caught up with it and righted it and we plodded, rather astounded, back to the green. 

Others also had an eventful time... many lost balls... Chris L had an epic battle with her umbrella... inside out... right way round... and ultimately bent! It seems all of us were exhausted when we finished.

Hats off to everyone who braved the conditions today... it was a bit of a battle but we soldiered on! The results are here

Next week is Dusty Bin goes Waltzing...please sign up in teams of three -  hopefully will be fun! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Front Nine and Drives

Thursday Morning Golf

Firstly, what a lovely turnout today and how good it was to have Judy back playing and to see Chris J and Fiona.  
There were 16 ladies playing in the Front Nine Stableford, with an added incentive of a reward for most drives on the Fairway.

The weather which started cloudy, still and dry turned into a rainy morning. 

Sheltering under the umbrella it sounded really heavy but it didn't feel so heavy standing out in it... but it was as wetting as it sounded!

Lucky the early starters who escaped the worst.

In the B group, second place was taken by Liz with 15 points. The winner had 24 points which included a birdie on the fourth... a 3 for 5 points!!  
Well played Frieda! 
 No-one could match you!

In the A group, Di was third with 17 points; Judy was second on Countback with 18, and the winner was yours truly.  

Drives on the Fairway ranged from 3 to a 9! 

Di, Lynne and Jean each had 6 on the fairway.
In equal second were Lindsay and Lyn with 7 drives each. 
The winner with a Fairway drive on every hole, was Anne ..9! Well done!

It was lovely to see so many folk today... it is a Medal this Saturday. 
 Dusty Bin goes waltzing is the following week - choose your own partners to make teams of three... it should be fun!