Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coronation Foursomes Surprise!

Coronation Foursomes

The day started rainy, foggy and windy... it really wasn't looking good for golf - there were a few texts flying backwards and forwards wondering if the competition was going to be on.

At 8.15 at the club, the wall was just visible... fingers were very much crossed and we were blessed with the fog lifting. Not completely but enough to get us started.

The mist hung around tenaciously and the wind was definitely chilly but everyone soldiered on and by the back 9 the mist had definitely lifted. However at no point were we warm! Such a contrast to yesterday!

In third place with 35 points were Lyn and Sue - our Daily Mail Foursome representatives who will soon be playing their next round at Treloy. They played very well today with some amazing putting!

Now for an apology and a surprise... there was an adding error on one of the cards which became apparent this evening... so the winners were Claire and Bev with 36 points. Well played both. Lindsay and I were second with 35 points, just beating Lyn and Sue on countback.  

We remembered Marilyn today and also send loving thoughts to Jean and Geoff.

Anniversary Scramble tomorrow!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Back 9

Thursday Back 9

It was a gloriously sunny but breezy day at Cape.

Today's beautiful colours.

Fourteen fabulous ladies came to play the back 9. Conditions proved to be challenging, but in the scheme of things golf seems unimportant. 

The events of last Monday in Manchester; Marilyn's funeral tomorrow and Jean's news of the passing of her son Ivan, on Monday night, puts everything into perspective. We hold them all close to our hearts.

Yesterday's peaceful seas.

The results from today feel irrelevant but for the record, Lynne was second in the B group with Liz winning with 15 points - this included a par on the first hole played! Well done Liz.

In the A group Sue D was third on countback with 17 points; Lyn just pipped her into second on said countback and yours truly won with 18 points. My claim to fame was on the 14th hole, with the drive reaching the green and the putt (from just off the green) just lipping out but getting a birdie!

Thanks for today everyone, 

sending love to all... 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


May Medal and WRVS

What lovely sunshine for our May medal!

There are several of our number still away so our numbers were reduced, only 11 of us played plus Marion and Jean who came and played 9 holes for their eclectic. Jane - hope your ankle mends quickly... football in the garden eh!

There was lovely sunshine, a beautiful deep blue sea and a fair breeze but we found it difficult!

Several of us had potentially good rounds... but things didn't go quite right. In my case I was playing to my handicap after 13 holes (with 4 of those coming on one hole!); at which point the wheels fell off! On the last 5 holes I added another 17 shots (over par!) It could have been an alright round! 

Hils had almost the opposite problem with her extra shots being taken on the first 5 holes - but she still registered 6 pars and a birdie! Well played Hils!

In third place was Lyn with a nett 75; in second was Hils with a nett 74 and in first place, winning the WRVS Trophy and the May Medal was Chris J with a nett 72!
Well played Chris!

For the full results click HERE

Shot of the day was awarded for the most awkward shot!

On the 16th, after a good drive I managed to put the ball on top of the wall!

At first I thought it had gone over and searched for it unsuccessfully. Di called me to see if I'd found it and as I looked over the wall to talk to her I saw it sitting happily in the grass on top of the wall!

I could get to the back of the ball with the club so fashioned a shot of sorts to get it off the wall and back on the fairway!

Not really deserving of the head-cover methinks but certainly different and entertaining!

Next Saturday it is the Coronation Foursomes; the mixed scrambles are also up, on the men's board.

Don't forget Tuesday Evening golf and Thursday morning roll up.

Hopefully we'll be back to usual numbers soon.

ps I was the only Cape player at the Silver Division County Spring Meeting at China Fleet. It was lovely to play the course again and it was in great condition. I played within my buffer zone so was very content with that :-)

pps  Jean and Marion felt the need to polish the table ready for the Lady Captain's lunch!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Front 9 Stableford

Despite the rainy weather earlier in the week, nine of us enjoyed very pleasant conditions today, while others were basking in Spanish sunshine or busy elsewhere. A few spots of rain were not a great problem. However scoring points was more troublesome, with balls stopping on the edge of holes and burying themselves too near the walls. 

The four way countback on ten points was not need as Jenny came in first again with a more respectable seventeen points. Val was second with thirteen.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Envy and disappointment!

First... Disappointment

The league match against St Austell we agreed to call off because of the near gale...

 and thick mist which rolled in...

17th Green and 18th Tee

And...  envy?

Clearly having a hard time in Spain!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wheeler Bowl

Wheeler Bowl

Today 16 ladies were able to compete for the Wheeler Bowl.
This is a Foursomes Medal, with drawn teams with a high and lower handicap playing together.

Several of our ladies are heading off for Spain today so couldn't make it... hopefully they will have better golf conditions than we had today - although I am grateful we played in the dry!

In fact blue sky and sunshine welcomed us at Cape but the wind was certainly fresh and not exactly warm!
The shadows of the clouds ran patterns across the course... 

Foursomes is a format that doesn't really give you a chance to get into a rhythm, which seems to have been the case for most of us. 

23 times we as a group took, 8,9 or 10 shots to complete the hole! And 27 times we took  7!
It was tough out there!

A huge thank you to Mark who came especially today to make sure the greens were in good condition - he'd been worried about rabbits damaging the greens after the heavy rain of yesterday. 
We appreciated it Mark - the course was looking fab... it was just our golf that was lacking!

In third place with a Nett 81 were Sue D and Val; 
in second with a creditable Nett 76.5 were Lyn and Jan;
in first place and winning the Wheeler Bowl Trophy, were Chris J and Sue S with a Nett 75!
Well played ladies - a deserved win!

Sue is is also holding the shiny, pink "Shot of the Day" head-cover for chipping into the hole from off the 8th green!
Well done!
Great shot Sue!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Back Nine

Fourteen fabulous females (I'm going to have to stop the Alliteration!) played the Back Nine today.
We did a straight forward Stableford ... although most of us found it anything but straightforward!

The wind was a 'strongish' south easterly which made some shots difficult to work out! (That's my excuse!)

Shot of the day belonged to Chris J, nominated by Sarah who described Chris' drive on the 12th which ended a short putt from the pin! So Chris is 'holder of the head-cover' at the moment, well played Chris!

This was definitely not shot of the day on the 18th...

Can you see my ball?
 Neither could I!

But... others did better. 

As this is Cape, countback was needed - firstly to decide third place which was between Chris J, Di and Ros who all had 16 points with Ros coming out on top.

And also to decide between first and second! Anne and Jenny both had 18 points (very impressive in today's conditions) with Anne coming out winner!
Well played.
Anne and Jenny also played at Truro this week and were in the winnings with a score of 41... just one shot behind the winning score! Well done1

Well played everyone today, 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Tuesday Evening Golf

Thirteen gorgeous golfers turned up for our fun golf... 

..this chap seemed to have crossed the channel...

J'ai perdu mes oignons!

The evening began quite chilly - even the daisies were sheltering from the cold...

                                            ...but it got warmer...

and the sun made pools of light on the sea.

We played an individual Stableford and also counted all our drives which ended up on the fairway - maximum of 7 because the par 3's weren't included.

Of course, countback had to be employed!

 In third place (on cb) was Ray with 16 points (he knew his onions!)
In second place also with 16 points was "er... it's a four for four" Bob! 
In first place with a fabulous 17 points was Lovely Liz! 

Well played everyone!

If we'd had more prizes Countback would have had a breakdown... Frieda and John both had 15 - that's ok; there was a 13 and a 12, and then 5 of us with 11!!!!!
What is it with us at Cape?!

The winner of the drives on the fairway competition was Chris J with 5 out of the 7 on the fairway; we also awarded Liz with her two's prize from Falmouth!

Those that weren't with us today we missed you...  

Sunday, May 7, 2017


League Match v Point at Polzeath 

 Today Cape Ladies played their fourth league match, this time it was against Point at Polzeath. What a beautiful day it was - it was hard to believe the fierce wind of the last two days and the rain of yesterday had been replaced by warm sunshine and almost no wind!

We received a lovely welcome and only a few shots were given or received.

 The matches themselves were very close too with Point running out winners four and a half to two and a half.

Congratulations to them and well done to our ladies too for taking so many matches to the 18th. Our team today was Hilary, Sue D, Fi, Claire, Fran, Bev and Ros - well played all.

A fabulous meal followed...
Look at that Yorkshire!

...with a lot of lovely chatter.

Many thanks to the Point ladies for their welcome and the way they looked after us - we look forward to extending the same welcome to them in August. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Falmouth and Polglase3!

Spring Bronze County Meet at Falmouth 

Thursday saw 11 ladies head to Falmouth for the Spring County Bronze meeting.
It was a super turnout from Cape which was noted and appreciated by the County.

The results were a resounding win for the Home players of Falmouth; they took First (with a Stableford score of 36); second, third and fourth places. 
The first non Falmouth player was in 5th place with 33 points, she came from Carlyon Bay and her position was decided on Countback.
6th and 7th places also went to Falmouth and then came Sarah with 31 points!  
Well played Sarah!
Second of the non-Falmouth players! 
Well done.
I believe others weren't far behind!

I also hear that Liz had a two on the second hole! Most of us would dream of this! We'll award you some balls next time we meet!

Well done everyone and thank you for representing Cape so well!

Polglase 3

Today would have been the Polglase 3 Par competition but the weather was so unpleasant it was decided to reschedule it. The Polglase Trophy is a prestigious one and deserves reasonable weather conditions if at all possible!

So, it has been rescheduled for Saturday 3rd June and the Polglase 4 will move to Saturday 24th June. Other competitions will remain as planned.
Hopefully this will be ok - we will ask for decent weather! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Depleted Thursday!

Thursday Front 9

It was lovely to have 9 of us playing today... because 11 of our ladies were away playing at Falmouth in the County Bronze Spring Meeting!

The weather was lovely although the wind was brisker than we at first thought!

Despite that kind weather, most of us found scoring a bit difficult... all that is except for Lynne who scored on every hole and came in with 17 points - our worthy winner - well done Lynne.

In second was Chris J with 15,with Jenny and myself following on behind with 14.

Hopefully the ladies at Falmouth are having a good time... 


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Well done!

SW Regional Final

Well done to Hilary who competed in the  South West Women's Regional Medal final at Tehidy today.

There were 74 entries from Clubs throughout the South west and Hilary came 29th, she was actually only 3 shots away from 10th with the scoring being so close!

Well played Hils, we were rooting for you.

 Hilary sends a big thank to Sue D for caddying and a good luck message to all those playing in the Bronze Spring Meeting at Falmouth tomorrow.

Well done Hilary and good luck Ladies.


Tuesday Evening Golf

What a beautiful evening greeted us at Cape!

Sixteen Super Golfers competed in a pairs better-ball on the front 9.

The weather was perfect... 

and some of the golf was perfect too!

Ray and Paul  started their round with three pars... scoring 4 points each time!

Tough for the pair playing alongside them... what could German and Chris do? They parred 5 and birdied one of their nine holes!
Great play!

In fact there were a lot of good scores... with 5 pairs recording over 20 points.

Of course... it's Cape... so Countback had to be employed to work out second and third.

In third, with a fabulous 25 points, were Liz and Steve A; just pipping them on countback were Chris J and German; and the winning pair... after that amazing start... were Ray and Paul with 26!

Great scoring everyone!

And a wonderful sunset to complete the day.