Saturday, May 28, 2016

Coronation Foursomes

Coronation Foursomes

Today there were 20 ladies who competed in the Coronation Foursomes... well, some competed, others simply played! Yours truly was one of these, losing 4 balls in the process and needing a lie down to recover this afternoon!

It was sort of sunny, but cloudy with distant mist, occasionally very warm, occasionally chilly!  Good conditions for golf as there was just a gentle breeze.

View across the practice area from the 18th fairway.

In third place were Lyn and Sue S with a creditable score of 33 Stableford points. This was on countback from Val G and Chris J. This was Val's first 18 hole competition for some time - it is lovely to have you back Val!

In second place, with a very impressive 39 points, were Chris L and Sue D. Well played!

However, they were pipped to first place by Anne J and Sonia who came in with a fabulous score of 40 points! 

Winning smiles.

This was a great score - well played both, (Anne continuing her winning trend!). The full results can be seen if you click here.

It was lovely to see everyone - thanks as always to the card markers... this time Hils and Judy...

Sonia reminded us of the upcoming Ladies Open on June 18th; the President's Cup on Sunday 5th June and an Australian Spoons competition - (foursomes) which is scheduled for Thursday 9th June. This is an 18 hole competition, details are on the noticeboard.

Catching up.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Thursday 26th May 

Today it was a Stableford on the Back 9. There were only 6 ladies that played, several are away, some were at West Cornwall and some may have been filming?

Liz and Lynne on the 14th

Ashleigh told us yesterday that there was a film crew at Porth Leddon - the big house - and that they were looking for some extras! 
We think it was a German film company for a Rosamund Pilcher book... hopefully we will find out more anon!

Mark has been busy on the course and it is really taking shape. He was working on the old tee box on the 13th - the ladies will be moving to there when it is finished. 

Our lovely 13th!
Work on the 'new' 13th tee
The weather was absolutely gorgeous and by the end most were in tee shirts. 

There were just two ladies in the "A" group, Lyn with 16 points beating Lindsay by just two points.  Both ladies had a birdie, Lindsay on the 10th and Lyn on the 12th. 

In the "B" group Frieda was our winner with 14 points, followed by Liz with 13! Well played everyone.
Frieda on the 16th 

Marion on the 18th
Spring Flowers on the course.

Spot the Ball!

And finally... 

Who was the little pixie sitting waiting near the 18th green? 

Val! She had played the front 9! Welcome back!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wheeler Bowl

Wheeler Bowl 

The Wheeler Bowl is a drawn Foursomes Medal! There were six teams of ladies who played and quite honestly everyone deserved a medal for taking part.

The weather was most unpleasant when we arrived at the club... Lindsay described it as "driving drizzle" and it felt cold too! There was some discussion but it was decided to play. We needed waterproofs and hats and initially it was quite miserable. Heavy drizzle drifted in clouds across the course, but eventually brighter weather appeared and by the back nine we were beginning to dry out.

Sarah and Anne getting ready to sally forth!

Sonia and Lynne brightening our day

The bank of blue bells is just colouring up and even the mine shaft looked pretty.
Mine shaft on the fourth.

 Some of us... actually nearly all of us, found playing today very difficult! 
This didn't apply to Lyn and Lindsay however, who came in with a nett 77! 

Wheeler Bowl winners Lindsay and Lyn.

This score is amazing considering their nearest competitors scored a nett 90.5 and that was Sonia and Lynne.
For the full result click here.
Well played Lindsay and Lyn!

The latest cautionary tale of independent-minded clubs... last week a 7 iron decided to secrete itself in someone else's bag in an attempt to evade its owner... well today we had a playful putter pretending to be a flagstick - trying to blend in with its surroundings... 

Naughty putter!
Fortunately it was spotted by the next group of ladies... and returned to its owner, Lynne. 
We need to keep an eye on these mischievous clubs!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ye Olde Front Nine!

Ye Olde Front Nine!

Today we played a medal!
 We were going  to play the Front Nine but Mark is busy working on the first green and was in the process of creating a temporary one for use whilst work on the green itself continues, so we started at No 3 and played through to the 11th!

The weather was overcast and windy and it got colder as we played! However 10 ladies came to play including Liz F, Lyn's friend from Merlin. Welcome Liz!

The Badger had been very busy again but it was good to see the fairways being cut, and the rough in good order.
Badger sett by the fourth.
Our winner in the"B" group, with a score of 41, was Liz ... this is becoming a bit of a habit! Four in a row now - well played Liz! In second was Lynne  with a score of 42.
 In the "A" group our winner was Lyn with a score of 35 (which included four pars), and Ruth was in second with 36. In fact there were only 4 shots difference between 7 ladies in the "A" group!! A very close contest.

Most of you will know that Jean "lost" her 7 iron on Saturday and we checked our bags for it. Jean even took a buggy back out on the course to try and find it... well, it has turned up... in her playing partners bag!!!  

Those of you that weren't here today - we missed you! 
Thank you again to Rosemary for always sorting out the money and such - we do appreciate it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday 14th May

Saturday Stableford

Seventeen ladies turned out to play today's Stableford - perhaps hoping for the gorgeous weather of yesterday? But alas, it was cloudy, windy and chilly at the start. Fortunately the weather did settle a little and turned warmer and less windy as the round progressed.
Conditions were in fact fairly benign for Cape, but Cape wasn't playing ball. None of the scores reached the thirties - it was harder than it appeared. 

Some were playing steadily, below is Anne's second shot onto the 10th.
10th Green
 Great shot! 

Lindsay and Hilary in the distance!

Some were more fortunate than others... below is Sue S teeing off on the 14th. Her ball flew from her driver, bounced on the bridge and scurried onto the fairway!
 "More jam than Hartleys," floated across the course!
Sue teeing off on the 14th

Others were less fortunate... spot the ball... and guess how many strokes it took to get on to the green!
Rough by the wall next to the 13th green!
It took 5! 

However there was some steady play; our winner in the "B" group was Liz with Jean in second. That's three wins in a row for Liz... she parred the 17th - the only one to do so! Well played and keep it up!

Liz and Sonia

To everyone's delight our winner in the "A" group was Anne, with Sue D just pipping Sonia to second on Countback.


Well played Anne!

For the full result click here.

Firstly:  Congratulations to Chris L for second place at Porthpean on Thursday in the Spring Bronze Meeting!  This is what the CLCGA reported. 

On a fair day 32 players from 8 clubs took part in the Bronze Spring Meeting (hcps 21- 36) at Porthpean Golf Club. Home member Brenda Morton had a fine round and stamped her authority over the rest of the field winning by 5 shots from runner-up Christine Leiworthy (Cape Cornwall). The conditions were good but players found the fairways and greens difficult to master. 
 Well played Chris! 

Secondly: Two ladies  were playing with digit injuries! Sue D sliced her index finger with an axe chopping kindling, and Ruth scissored her thumb trying to cut up a credit card! Be warned... as things so often go in threes!
Poorly fingers!

Thirdly: The Australian Spoons competition will played at a later date.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Thurdsay Morning Stableford

Today there were 10 ladies away at Porthpean playing in the Bronze Shield - hopefully details later!

For the remainder it was cloudy and initially a bit foggy, but the mist lifted and we had lovely conditions for golf. 

Across the 16th Fairway

There were 5 ladies in each group today, and the winner of the "B" group was Liz! (Again!!! Twice in a row!!!) 
Her win was on Countback from Lynne who just pipped Fiona Mc who also had the same score! 
A close run thing indeed.

In the "A" group, Fran won with 18 points which included two birdies and a blob!
Second was Sue D who beat Lyn on Countback.
Sue on the 14th
Well played everyone. 

There are lots of competitions being entered at the moment. One was at Tehidy this week when Sue D was playing her Millenium Trophy match.  Congratulations to her for her win on the 17th hole - well played Sue. Onwards to the next round. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cape Catch-up

Cape Catch-up

Three things...

Firstly, congratulations to Bev and Jayne for coming fourth in the Malvery Trophies at Tehidy on May 4th. This was a 27 hole Four Ball Better Ball competition with 26 pairs entered - well played ladies!

Secondly, Hilary and Ruth were beaten by  Perranporth in the Daily Mail Foursomes competition on Sunday.  It was a real battle but despite Hils and Ruth being given 10 shots, the Perran ladies Jan and Nikki were too strong and won on the 17th.  Congratulations to them and best of luck in the fourth round. 

Thirdly, the Friendly against Budock Vean was called off on Monday Morning after a phone conversation with the Budock Vean team organizer. The forecast heavy rain and thunderstorms were the decider.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Medal WRVS

Saturday 7th April

While a lot of England had this.... 

Image result for sunshine symbol

We had.....


Despite this, there was some good scoring in today's WRVS Medal. There were 6 birdies and 24 pars today.  Here is the link  to today's full result. 

Our winner was Hilary with a nett 74, just pipping Sonia by one point! 
Hilary, winner of the WRVS Medal

Chris J was third playing to her new handicap - well done.  

Well played everyone - I know there were some difficult moments out there today... Jan's trolley taking off from the 12th tee without her and Anne giving chase...balls being perverse and disappearing or jumping out of bounds,  but the good news was that the rain eventually stopped!

Good luck to Hilary and Ruth for their Daily Mail Foursome match tomorrow at Home to Perranporth. 

Monday will be the first of our Friendly matches, against Budock Vean.



From Sonia... What a gorgeous day! There were no excuses for this mornings front 9 and the scores reflected this.  Jan came in with 21 points and Lindsay with 19. 
 Liz  won the B group with 18 and Jean was 2nd with 14.  

Well done everyone!

New date... Invitation Day is 24th September!

Cyprus Classic


"Cyprus is far more than a lazy beach-time resort;" so says "Lonely Planet's proof!

 As you will know several of our lovely ladies and their partners slipped off to sunny Cyprus for some scintillating golf.

 Here is a report from Chris... 

Well Cape Cornwall did really well in the 18th Cyprus Classic!

Tracey and team won Texas scramble.
Cyril and team came 2nd in Texas scramble; also winning score of the day, nearest pin and 2nd in an over 70s sweep. 

Sue won nearest the pin.

Lyn won Lady Champion and 3rd in better ball.

Chris won 3rd overall and 1st in over 70s sweep!

The other boys you ask? Here they are!  
Naughty corner?
Thanks for this Chris! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Fun

Unknown Partners

This evening 14 lovely golfers turned up to play the back 9. The conditions were perfect - so welcome after the fog and rain of Sunday!

View back along the17th

We played a single stableford with unknown partners - drawn blind when all the cards were in at the end.

Many scored in the mid-teens, but Sarah B and Jayne were the highest scorers with 18 points apiece and they had three blobs between them! Closest to them were Alun with 17 and German with 16. There were several birdies today but hats off to Sarah for a 2 on the 12th! 
The view from the 17th

When all the cards were in and had been checked, they were well shuffled and pairs drawn at random. 
Bill on the 17th, Andy and German on the 18th.

There were two pairs who had combined scores of 32 - not being able to do Countback in the usual way it was decided to award two second places! These were Hils and Jayne, and Liz and German. 
In first place with 33 points were Sarah and Bill!

Sarah and Bill

Well played! 

Finally, a particular mention for Liz and her fabulous 16 points - which included a par on the 12th! Brilliant!  Tuesdays are the perfect time to experiment and try something new and share ideas... thanks to Hils for her help today.

   Well done and lets hold onto this lovely weather and not let it go!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Anniversary Scramble

Sunday saw the Anniversary Scramble - 'saw' is the operative word... look at the conditions...

Looking back towards the 6th Tee
It is strange how different the course seems, mounds and walls suddenly loom large and it is disorientating.  Perhaps not seeing the hazards though could be an advantage?
7th Fairway

The weather forecast had suggested that the rain/drizzle would shuffle through by about 10am. It didn't! By the end, everyone was wet through, shoes, socks, trousers, shirts, jumpers... you name it was wet.
 It may be that the foggy conditions were there just to hide Ruth's purple hair... the conditions certainly suited the team she was in. Norman M, John C, Ray and Ruth won with a score of 58!  Lindsay and her team were second and in third was Bev and her team. Full results here.