Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meadery Masters

On Sunday, the Meadery Masters was played in good weather, with the course in excellent condition.
50 people played, 10 of which were ladies. Ray Blackburn won the seniors cup with 42 points and received gift vouchers and mead, Neil  Jilbert won the men's with 40 points and we were delighted when Di Hillage won the ladies cup complete with vouchers and mead with 41 points, wow! Well done Di and enjoy your meal at Newlyn Meadery!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bye bye Shield

Bronze Shield

Today, four of our ladies represented Cape at Truro in the Bronze Shield.
Many thanks to Bev, Chris L, Jayne and Sarah for playing and also to Fi, Lindsay and Sue S for caddying.

The weather was cloudy but it was fairly warm although we needed jumpers on from time to time. All the players enjoyed the company of their fellow players who were from Looe and St Enodoc this year.

The winning team today was from Perranporth with a score of 202.
In second place were West Cornwall with 206 and in third were the lovely ladies of Looe with a score of 208; Killiow followed on with 209.

Cape's score was 223  which put us in about 15th out of the 22 teams - there were 6 clubs scoring in the 220s.

I'm very proud of our ladies - well played and thank you for representing Cape so well. 

The Results

We had a really lovely meal afterwards - we were very well cared for by the staff at Truro, the food was very good and all their service was prompt.
Below was our excellent pudding!
Thank you Truro!

It's a funny game....

Thursday morning at Cape


 Some days the ball won't go near the hole no matter how hard you try, but other days just make you want to keep playing. 

There were just six of us again this week, while others were at Truro for the Bronze Shield, and we enjoyed good conditions without the heat of recent days. 

Liz came in feeling pleased with her 20 points on the back nine. Everything just went well for me and I compiled 26 -probably never to be repeated- points. At least I did do an eclectic!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Phil's Trip

The beginning

Tomorrow Phil is setting off for Bath in the Camper with Keith. 

The Camper is sporting the BATH TO ROME  info and has already created conversations!

Phil has also received some bright and colourful tee shirts which have also sparked interesting chats!

I am travelling up on Friday for the big day on Saturday!

Thank you everyone for your help and support in getting this all sorted!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Geoff's Captain's day

Men's Captain's day

Geoff held his Captain's Day today and ladies were invited to play too. It was another glorious day - hotter than yesterday and really wonderful out there.

Scoring wasn't easy however - but it is interesting to see how close together most of us were.  Nine ladies played and 7 of them were within 2 points of each other 28-30! Very close!

However the other two ladies did better... Claire was second with 35 points, and Lyn was the winner with 36! 
Well played Lyn - especially as you've played so many rounds this week!
Full results are HERE

The longest drive for the ladies was Claire, and nearest the pin in two was yours truly.

In the men's competition the winner was Dean G, the full results are HERE

Geoff had an auction which raised about £400 for the blood bikes, and then we were treated to a lovely carvery. 

Thank you Geoff for all your hard work we had a super day.

Don't forget Polglase final round on Saturday next followed by Meadery Masters on Sunday!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cape Ladies Invitation Day

Invitation Day


What a glorious day we were given to welcome our guests to Cape!

The sun shone in a cloudless blue sky - it was beautiful.

Mark had kindly cut the greens for us first thing and set out the 'straightest drive' or 'nearest the line' rope.
The course was looking absolutely lovely.
Thank you Mark!

Twelve ladies had invited guests to play with them, many ladies were from West Cornwall but Radnor, Mullion and Falmouth were also represented.It was lovely to see everyone and renew old friendships.

We had a raffle with a wonderful array of prizes - thank you everyone for your generosity, and to everyone for buying the raffle tickets.

We made £95 pounds for the CCAA!

It was lovely to see the course full of ladies!

The first spot prize was on the 2nd with a longest drive competition. This was won by Claire who drove past the water pump! Brilliant drive Claire!

We had nearest the pin in two on the 9th which was won by Antoinette and Lis - well played.

The 10th had a straightest drive competition - Lyn lead the way for some time but was ousted by Lindsay who drove the ball to within half an inch of the blue line!

There was one two today - Antoinette and Lis who had a two on the 12th! Well done!
Gaining strength before the 12th!

The next spot prize was on the 17th which was another nearest the pin in two - and this was won by Lyn and Debbie who were within 5 inches!

The Best Back 9 was won by Di and Christine who scored 24 - what a fantastic score!
The Best Front 9 was won by Lindsay and Alison  who scored 22.
The Prize table

In third place with a fabulous 40 points were Hilary and Margaret! Well played!

Cape ALWAYS has countback - it was necessary this time to determine first and second!
In second with 43 points were Claire and Shirley (they had 19 on the back nine).

Winning our Invitation day were Chris J and Anne with 43 points (22 on the back 9).
Well played ladies!

We had a very enjoyable meal - thank you to the kitchen staff who looked after us very well.
Some pictures from the day... there may be more to come as Brian was clicking away on the 12th!
Eyeing up the putt!

Another putt!

And another!
Anne and Pam collecting the labels!

I would like to add a few more thank yous.

Many thanks to Jean for coming and doing the raffle for us - it was lovely to have you with us. 

Thanks also to Anne for collecting in the money and dishing out the cards at the start; to Pam for the beautiful flower arrangements and to Lindsay and Ros for arriving early and helping with decision making and organization and staying late to help tidy up. It was a real laugh rolling the rope back up!

Thank you everyone for your help and support...

Mother Nature .... Thank you!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday morning and what the cat was doing

While the cat's away.........


With six ladies representing the club at the Baron Bowl and others sampling courses further afield, not too many were left for this morning's outing. Six of us did enjoy the superb conditions, in terms of both the weather and the course, as we ventured around the front nine with just the wild life to accompany us.

Di, with 19 points, and Pam, with 16, were both pleased to make a rare entry into the prizes.

And what was the 'cat' doing?

Lyn and Fran; Hilary and Fi and Lindsay and I headed up to Perranporth for the Baron Rosebowl!

This was a surprise for Lindsay! 

Quietly enjoying the radio at 7am she was jerked into frantic activity by my phonecall asking her to come and play at Perran.  

Lindsay was our reserve and she was needed because Bev had woken up with badly swollen eyes from an allergic reaction.  She had wondered if she would be able to play but decided it was not wise, and that turned out to be the right decision as her eyes got worse during the day - they are improving now with antihistamines.

To the competition itself, there were 18 clubs represented  with 6 members in each team. It is a foursome medal!  Conditions were challenging although for Perranporth it was quite benign! There was a fresh breeze and beautiful sunshine.

Looking down the first fairway
Perran is a links course which means some advantages and some disadvantages! An advantage is the short fairway grass which means you can often putt from some distance off the green - but a disadvantage is the tufty marram grass which, if you manage to find your ball in the dunes, wraps itself around your club as you try to play. 
It is certainly a challenge.

Anyway we all gave it our best but were some distance off the winning score. The team trophy went, unsurprisingly to Perranporth; and the individual foursome prize of the Baron Rosebowl itself was won by two young players from Truro.

Lyn and Fran played alongside a lovely young lady from St Mellion who played off scratch! It was wonderful to see her play.

Thank you team for playing - especially Lindsay for stepping in at the last minute - we all deserve a prize for completing two rounds of medal golf on that course!

And finally...

I want to share this. It is something I have never seen before.

As we looked out beyond this green there is a wonderful view... but there was a wide grey 'line' in the sea reflecting the vapour trail of the jet!

As the plane flew further away the line moved down the coast. 
It was amazing!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Tuesday Evening Golf

What an absolutely beautiful evening - still, blue, and beautiful.

Fourteen wonderful wanderers turned up to play golf this evening. There were a lot of knockout matches going at the same time on so we did really well to have 14 of us tonight!

Conditions were absolutely perfect and the course was looking glorious.

We played an individual Stableford but drew 'silent partners' when we finished.

Countback was needed... (What? Countback at Cape I hear you cry!)

Yes... in fact Countback on the last three holes!

In second were Mike and Ray with 12 points on those final three holes; and in first place were Robin and Liz with 13 points!

Well played everyone and well done to those of you who won your knockouts today.

This afternoon BBC Radio Cornwall interviewed Phil about his cycle challenge... we think it may be on tomorrow morning sometime between 6 and 9... fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Land's End Open

Land's End Open

It was a very windy day but there were some great scores recorded.
Six of the 43 players were our ladies and the Ladies' winner was Hilary with a fabulous round scoring 40 stableford points with 1 birdie, 7 pars and 9 bogeys! Super Golf!

Second among the ladies was Sue D with 36 points and the third of the ladies was Claire with 32 points.

Well done everyone who played today.

For the full results click HERE

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Ping 4BBB

Today's Ping 4BBB wasn't played.. we decided the conditions were not conducive to golf...


... they were good for coffee and a chat!

It was lovely to see so many folk  -  including Rosemary - Frank is in hospital at the moment.

There was no golf on Thursday either because of the weather - thanks to Lindsay for overseeing that!

The Ping 4BBB will be played on Saturday July 1st on the Fun day. We will try to incorporate the two together... so watch this space. Jane and Fran have kindly offered to organise the day so they will let us know details.

We had a committee meeting too which was very positive - will let you know plans as they are confirmed. Thank you everyone.

Next Thursday it is the Baron Rosebowl, the team is Hilary and Fiona; Fran and Lyn and myself and Bev. The forecast is certainly better than today!

Next Saturday is Invitation Day, I'm really looking forward to welcoming everyone to our wonderful course... though it was difficult to even see it today!  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A new flag!

Cape Cornwall

Cape have a new flag! It was presented to the Club President Mike Lawrence on Monday evening. 
The flag has been organised by Geoff and paid for by the men's committee.
Very smart it is too.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Well done Mr President!

The President's Cups

What a day!
Heavy rain at 8.15!
Sunshine at 9.15!

Well done Mr President for arranging such a fantastic day!

Thirteen Lovely Ladies; Eleven Super Seniors and Nineteen Merry Men turned out for the President's Cup. 

After the threatening lowering skies at 8 o'clock it was hard to believe that we would be playing in glorious sunshine for most of the round!

The ladies began on the back 9, beginning on the 14-18th holes - not the easiest to begin with but we all had to start somewhere. 

Like yesterday there was some great scoring. 
Lindsay had 5 pars; there were two birdies apiece for Lyn (10 and 12) and Bronwen (12 and 14)  and Hilary birdied the 4th!
Well played ladies - don't forget to write the birdies in the book.

In third place today with a score of 34 points was Jayne; 
in second was Lyn with a score of 35, and our winner today with a fantastic 37 points was Lindsay - well played and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For the full results click HERE

Photographer messed up today - sorry!

Among the Men, Ed Leah was third with 39 points; Brian P was second with 40 points and the winner was Dean Goddard with 42 points

For full results click HERE
Last but not least the Super Seniors... in third place was Kenny with 36 points; Graham Jones was second with 37 and the winner, with a fabulous 40, was Robin S.
For the full results click HERE

Well played everyone - thanks to Mike for arranging the day, John for doing all the cards and as always to Mark and his team for the fantastic condition of the course. 
Thank you.

An update:  Well played to Lyn and Sue who represented Cape in the Daily Mail Foursomes at Treloy last week. They put up a great fight but were beaten on the 17th. Hard luck ladies and thank you for representing us so well.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Polglase 3

Polglase 3 Par Competition

20 ladies played our gorgeous course today including Antoinette who it is lovely to have with us. 
Three ladies played a 9 hole competition and the remainder played the Polglase 3 Par Competition.

This is when we take on the course in Matchplay! 

Many thanks to Mark for preparing the greens bright and early - the course was looking absolutely fantastic.

In the 9 hole competition Claire ran out winner with 14 points.

In the Polglase Par competition there was some fantastic scoring!

In fourth place, 2 up was Fran;
 in third, 3 up was Fiona who had 7 pars!
In second place, also 3 up, was Hilary with a fantastic 10 pars!
But in first place with a fantastic score of 5 up was Lyn with 6 pars and 10 bogeys! That is fabulous play!
Well done you four... and deserved cuts to Fi, Hilary and Lyn!
Well played.

Well done everyone - for the full results click HERE

By the time we finished the conditions were beautiful with blue skies and a gentle breeze.  Thanks to Di and Anne for doing the cards - not the easiest of tasks today.

Phil called in to say hello to us - he starts his ride three weeks today!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Oh Deer?

Take a look at this!

Mark was on the 18th Tee when these visitors appeared!!
Absolutely amazing!

Thanks for sharing them Mark.

Anniversary Scramble

Anniversary Scramble

Sunday's weather was overcast but conditions were pretty good for the Anniversary Scramble.

Conditions must have been because 14 times there were twos! 

They were...  one on the 3rd and 5th; two on the 9th and the 14th; three on the 13th and five on the 12th! 
Well done guys!

In third place with a score of 57.3 were Roy McD, Chris Perks, Chris Williams and Mike L.

In second place with a score of 56.9 were Pete Fraser, Dean G, Lyn and Tim B.

Winning the Anniversary Scramble with a fantastic 56.5 were Alan Cragg, Martin U, Hilary and Jon Hocking.

Well played Team!

For the full result click HERE