Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday morning and what the cat was doing

While the cat's away.........


With six ladies representing the club at the Baron Bowl and others sampling courses further afield, not too many were left for this morning's outing. Six of us did enjoy the superb conditions, in terms of both the weather and the course, as we ventured around the front nine with just the wild life to accompany us.

Di, with 19 points, and Pam, with 16, were both pleased to make a rare entry into the prizes.

And what was the 'cat' doing?

Lyn and Fran; Hilary and Fi and Lindsay and I headed up to Perranporth for the Baron Rosebowl!

This was a surprise for Lindsay! 

Quietly enjoying the radio at 7am she was jerked into frantic activity by my phonecall asking her to come and play at Perran.  

Lindsay was our reserve and she was needed because Bev had woken up with badly swollen eyes from an allergic reaction.  She had wondered if she would be able to play but decided it was not wise, and that turned out to be the right decision as her eyes got worse during the day - they are improving now with antihistamines.

To the competition itself, there were 18 clubs represented  with 6 members in each team. It is a foursome medal!  Conditions were challenging although for Perranporth it was quite benign! There was a fresh breeze and beautiful sunshine.

Looking down the first fairway
Perran is a links course which means some advantages and some disadvantages! An advantage is the short fairway grass which means you can often putt from some distance off the green - but a disadvantage is the tufty marram grass which, if you manage to find your ball in the dunes, wraps itself around your club as you try to play. 
It is certainly a challenge.

Anyway we all gave it our best but were some distance off the winning score. The team trophy went, unsurprisingly to Perranporth; and the individual foursome prize of the Baron Rosebowl itself was won by two young players from Truro.

Lyn and Fran played alongside a lovely young lady from St Mellion who played off scratch! It was wonderful to see her play.

Thank you team for playing - especially Lindsay for stepping in at the last minute - we all deserve a prize for completing two rounds of medal golf on that course!

And finally...

I want to share this. It is something I have never seen before.

As we looked out beyond this green there is a wonderful view... but there was a wide grey 'line' in the sea reflecting the vapour trail of the jet!

As the plane flew further away the line moved down the coast. 
It was amazing!

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