Monday, February 27, 2017

Be aware!


Just a heads up... adders are beginning to show themselves... the one below was on the 6th.

Thanks Mark for the warning.

Trevelyan Scramble

Trevelyan Scramble

Forty-two players competed in the Trevelyan Scramble. Eleven teams (most of them included a lady) had a shotgun start at 9am. 

The weather was overcast and blustery but dry. The conditions were certainly challenging and it was a par score that won.

Couldn't have done that if we'd tried!
In third place were Bill A, John S and Jayne with 64.0; in second place were John P, Jon H and Sue S with 63.7; and in first place...

...were Martin, George and Stephen A with 60.5.

After the monthly men's presentations by Geoff and a reminiscence from Mike L about the beginnings of the club and this particular competition, the trophy  (and a bottle of whisky each) were presented to the winning team by Tina. 

Well played everyone. For the full result click here

The talk by the Blood Bike Charity is going to happen on Race Night.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

For Sums!

Saturday 25th Feb


Fifteen Ladies came to play today - well done each! 

We began by presenting Ashleigh with a card and a gift voucher to wish her well for her wedding next Saturday.
Congratulations Ashleigh and best wishes for the future from us all.

Then we took on the course! 

We decided to limit the competition to 9 holes because of the conditions.

It was windy but happily we stayed dry.

The course was looking lovely. Mark and his team are having an ongoing battle with rabbits, birds and leather jackets but it was looking lovely today.

Interestingly, we all came in with very similar scores.

The winning team had a secret weapon... she kept doing this with her chips on to the green...
Great shot!

over and over she did it...  but her partner couldn't always hole them even from there!!
A missed putt!!!

However... the team came in with a winning score of 15 points... Lindsay and me! 
Great chipping Lindsay!

For sums... !The winners extra prize!
In second on countback, (from Sue S and Lyn) were Fran and Jane with 12 points... and incredibly, every other team scored 11 points!

Thanks to Fiona for playing and marking the card for Claire and Jenny, and thanks Di for doing the card-marking.

For those playing in the league match at Trevose on Thursday it was perfect practice this morning as the forecast is for very similar conditions up there.

It is the Trevelyan Scramble tomorrow with a visit from the Blood Bike Charity. They are going to give a brief talk while the cards are being marked. There is also a Cape Carvery on offer. 

Well done everyone for today - we seemed to have lots of fun!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Doris's Day!

Doris at 50!

I'm sure you know what I'm going to say... 
Doris put paid to our golf today! 
50 mile an hour winds are not good for play
So... coffee we had
.. then we were off on our way.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Stableford

A Special Birthday!

Today we celebrated Rosemary's 80th Birthday. The special day itself was Tuesday but we have celebrated all week!

It was lovely to see so many ladies come and enjoy the day. 

We also played a Stableford and despite the conditions being fairly benign none of us played well and the competition was reductions only (and there were none of those!)

Our winner was Jenny with 29 points; this included a birdie on the 12th!

In second with 28 points was Sue D; and in third on countback (from Fran and Fiona) was Jayne with 26 points.

Full results are here.

Everyone seemed to find it hard... it was just one of those days!

We had started in overcast weather (cooler than we expected) but we ended up in warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies!

However it didn't improve our golf and we were glad to be done and get in!  

Many thanks to Di and Fran for doing the cards and the eclectics; and to Jane for organizing Rosemary's cake - it was beautiful... and delicious.

We have such a lovely group of ladies at Cape - what a joy to be a part of. 
Thank you!

Many Happy Returns, Rosemary!

Friday, February 17, 2017


The Cornishman

Great to see the picture taken at Lyn's cheque presentation to the Hospice and a great write up for the men's Wills Salver match.

Article in the Cornishman this week.
Di submits our ladies results/info/pictures each week - thanks Di!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Front Nine Loveliness


Sunshine and cloud greeted the 10 ladies who played today. There was a very heavy dew so we got wet trousers (me) and  all of us left our tracks behind us!

Rosemary very kindly treated us to coffee after we played... and Chris J brought a box of chocolates for us to share. Both to mark birthdays - Rosemary's on Tuesday gone and Chris's today.

Thank you both!

Following the green-keepers tracks!
Lynne won the "B" group with a great 13 points; Sue D won the "A" group with 14 points... in second place was Jenny with 11 (on countback from Chris L and me).
It was lovely to have Val back playing.
Thanks as always to Di for doing the cards. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Wills Semi-final
The men played their semi-final of the Wills competition at Perranporth today against Treloy.
It was bitterly cold and windy, but that didn't stop the Cape Men from achieving a fantastic win!
Well played!
They now face West Cornwall in the final - bring it on!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Waltz.


Well done everyone who took on the Waltz today! It was bitterly cold... the wind whipping through our layers and when the rain/sleet started we decided to call it a day.

I apologise for not calling us off sooner...  I know some of you were freezing...I hope you're all warm and cosy now! But we did all manage 9 holes and the results were based on them.  Thanks to Fran and Jean for doing the cards...

In second place were Lindsay, Pam and myself with 26 points (I think); and in first place were Fran, Lynne and Jayne with 28! This included a 4 for 4 on the 9th by Lynne! Well played!
Pam facing the 14th!

ps..Thank you for all your birthday wishes, cards, flowers and cake!  Perfect!

pps   Don't miss out on the below...  you can buy your O..F.E.C! card for £5. It lasts a year and means you won't need to pay the 50p fine each time for going in the orchard!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mind Games

Thursday Back 9 Challenge!

Today's Back 9 was a convoluted mind game!  

There were three aspects to it! 
Firstly we played an ordinary Stableford (which the results were calculated on);   at the same time we played Matchplay to see how the Matchplay scorecard would work in practice AND... just in case that wasn't enough... we also had a go at getting across the 14th with a short shot up to the edge of the 15th fairway before a second shot over the orchard!

It felt like we had played had played 18 holes after just 6!

The weather was cold and blustery with the threat of rain but thankfully we stayed dry.

Ten ladies were able to play today and a big thank you to everyone for giving it a go! 

The Stableford results were as follows... the "B" group winner was Jean  (on countback from Marion). The "A" group winner was Lindsay with an excellent 16 points with  Chris J in second on countback from Frieda.

We were also able to award Frieda with her "Most Improved 36 handicapper" trophy.

The general feeling about the Matchplay card was that it seemed to work ok.

And crossing the 14th?  
This was met with mixed reaction but in general it was felt that with some practice this may work as an option for those who don't have the distance to carry the orchard from the tee.

Thanks to Di and Lindsay for Card-marking and doing the draw for Saturday. It is great to see Di back mobile again.

There was a lot of bunker play today...  (Jean got out of this one beautifully) but we all said how good it is to have the bunkers raked as they are now. 

Many thanks to Mark and his team because it has made a huge difference.

Various Ladies are unable to play at the moment for a variety of reasons... please know that we miss you and are thinking about you.

ps... when I got home there was a card waiting for me.  On the outside it said...

"At Our Age You Realise Something Very Important."

And inside...

"Then POOF
It's gone and you can't remember what the hell you were just thinking about"

...sums me up perfectly!

pps.. You see? I'd forgotten this...  Sue D is organizing a lunchtime get together at Senara's at Penwith College on Friday 17th March for all who can make it... if you'd like an informal lunch together at 12.30 then please contact Sue. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Worth it

We are so fortunate to play our course - but one of the extra delights is summed up in this picture. 

Pam and Lindsay stopped on the path and were looking... wasn't clear at first what they were looking at... 

but eventually spotted it.

A kestrel was hovering just above the wall, close to them. 

It's not really visible in the picture but it made me think how good it is that we have the chance to appreciate such things. 

It is good sometimes to stop and look and wonder.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Medal

February Medal

Today was the monthly medal - only ten of us were able to play  - well done to each for taking part.

It was cold and fairly still at the start, but the westerly wind picked up and shifted more southerly as we played. 

Mark had been unable to cut the greens yesterday because of the horrendous weather... and he wasn't sure how it would be for us today but the course was surprisingly dry after that downpour!

We had one brief shower... but we all hurried on and everyone except the final pairing got back in before the forecast rain came. When it did arrive was heavy and cold.

It was lovely to have so many come for the charity cheque presentation afterwards.

Some had lunch... delicious - thanks Ashleigh; others were working on the card - marking and eclectics - thank you.

The results of the Medal were as follows - they were very close!

Sue D was third (on countback) with a Nett 79; Ruth just pipped her to second on that countback. 
In first with a great Nett 75 was Jane. Well played Jane!

For the full results click here.

Presentation of Sue S's cheque,

After the medal results we then had the Charity cheque presentation. 

Firstly, Lyn presented Mary with a cheque from Sue S. Sue had raised money for the Children's Hospice South West when they celebrated her Mum's 100th Birthday at the end of last year!

Mary is the Community Fundraiser  for the Charity. 

Then Lyn presented the cheque from her Captain's year.  This was for over fifteen hundred pounds - a fabulous total!

Cape Ladies' Charity cheque for Children's Hospice South West.

Mary then gave us a thought provoking talk describing the background to the hospice and the work that it does every day. Many thanks everyone for making today a good one. 

Next Saturday is a Waltz... a fun competition played in threes. Those of you that couldn't make it today we hope you are better soon and can join us again before long.

Next Sunday (12th) is the Men's Wills semi final at Perranporth and several of us are planning to go and support them.

The Knockout competitions sign up sheet is on the board as are the sheets for the Friendly and League matches. 


Thursday, February 2, 2017