Saturday, February 25, 2017

For Sums!

Saturday 25th Feb


Fifteen Ladies came to play today - well done each! 

We began by presenting Ashleigh with a card and a gift voucher to wish her well for her wedding next Saturday.
Congratulations Ashleigh and best wishes for the future from us all.

Then we took on the course! 

We decided to limit the competition to 9 holes because of the conditions.

It was windy but happily we stayed dry.

The course was looking lovely. Mark and his team are having an ongoing battle with rabbits, birds and leather jackets but it was looking lovely today.

Interestingly, we all came in with very similar scores.

The winning team had a secret weapon... she kept doing this with her chips on to the green...
Great shot!

over and over she did it...  but her partner couldn't always hole them even from there!!
A missed putt!!!

However... the team came in with a winning score of 15 points... Lindsay and me! 
Great chipping Lindsay!

For sums... !The winners extra prize!
In second on countback, (from Sue S and Lyn) were Fran and Jane with 12 points... and incredibly, every other team scored 11 points!

Thanks to Fiona for playing and marking the card for Claire and Jenny, and thanks Di for doing the card-marking.

For those playing in the league match at Trevose on Thursday it was perfect practice this morning as the forecast is for very similar conditions up there.

It is the Trevelyan Scramble tomorrow with a visit from the Blood Bike Charity. They are going to give a brief talk while the cards are being marked. There is also a Cape Carvery on offer. 

Well done everyone for today - we seemed to have lots of fun!

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