Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cornwall v Rest of the World


Today was the Cornwall v Rest of the World Competition. Forty-eight players patriotic to the core, fought for their team - there were ladies on both sides!

Grey mizzle - appropriate perhaps?

We paid our dues and enjoyed a coffee before heading out on the course for a shotgun start at 9am.

Signing in

Geoff had prepared the course for us with Cornish flags on the poles.

We played a betterball and went out in fours, two Cornish v two Rest of the World.

At the end, each team score would be added up... an accumulator - then the winner declared.

Every pair was given two sleeves of balls. If you won your match, the losing pair would pass over their balls to you; or vice versa!

So there was an added incentive to play well  - not that it was needed!

Getting ready for play.
The scores being accumulated!

 Cornish Maid
The Results!

The scores were as follows... 

Cornwall 457 points; Rest of the World 474!

Well done Rest of the World!

Roy,representing the Rest of the World,  being presented with the trophy.

When we were finished... German raised the Cuban Flag alongside the Cornish one... perfect!

What a good day we had.

Thanks to Geoff and Roy for organising today and to Geoff for the nibbles in the bar afterwards.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bob Lynne Trophy

Lynne with her wonderful prize table
Bob Lynne Trophy

Today was the playing of the Bob Lynne Trophy - delayed from early September.

16 ladies were able to play and the weather turned out to be glorious. We started out in cloudy, still conditions; sometimes we felt chilly... then warm, and by the time we finished we were enjoying glorious sunshine!

Some good golf was played and there was also a bit of frustration! How could we not make better use of the still conditions?

In third place on countback with 34, were Jean and Fiona. (Fiona was a late substitute - thank you Fi!) 

In second place with 36 were Di and yours truly. It was great to have Di playing again - and again thank you for standing in!

In first place with 38 points were Hilary and Sue S. Hilary also had a two on the 13th with a chip in!  Well played!

Thank you Lynne for the wonderful prizes!

Many of us had a lovely soup and sandwich to complete the day. Both were delicious - thank you to the 'Kitchen' for this perfect bite to eat.

Thanks to Di for doing the cards and for everyone who swapped places, made or received phone calls or who came to complete our numbers.

Thank you.

We send our best wishes to Val and Jan who had to withdraw from today's competition.

Anne spotted these beautiful webs on the mound near the 6th green.

 Now,  Anne - you know she got a hole in one last week... well today she received her reward -  a gold plated car and a bottle of bubbly!

Next week is a medal and the following week Dusty Bin goes waltzing - this is played in teams of three - you choose your own playing partners this time, please sign up on the board. 

Sonia has joined the Radcliffe Golf Club - click here to have a look at their website. She says there are no walls, no orchard and there is no water! She loves it... but it is tree lined to catch the wayward shot!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Thursday morning

Deputy blogger reporting....

Thursday saw ten ladies venturing out in the dry, still but chilly air. Unusually the B group outnumbered the rest - maybe some were enjoying the coffee morning at Carlyon Bay?

The B goup was won by Liz Nicholls with 14 points with Lynne McArthur following on with 11. Lindsay Sawdon continued her good form with 18 points with Anne Jones runner up on 11.

As we did not take any photos to mark the day, perhaps this overview of the back nine will suffice!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lies, Lies and Preferred Lies!

                            Local Rule - Preferred Lies

We are now in the realms of  Preferred Lies commonly known as Winter Rules.

Here's a reminder of the Rule...

A ball lying on a closely mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. 

Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. 

Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within 6 inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard and not on a putting green. 

A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play when it has been placed (Rule 20-4).

If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it or moves the ball in any other manner, such as rolling it with a club, he incurs a penalty of one stroke.` 

 (It also says..If the ball fails to come to rest on the spot on which it is placed, Rule 20-3d applies. If the ball when placed comes to rest on the spot on which it is placed and it subsequently moves, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies, unless the provisions of any other Rule apply.

Note: ’Closely Mown Area” means any area of the course, including paths through the rough, cut to fairway height or less

It does not mean in the rough.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule: Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes If a player incurs the general penalty for a breach of this Local Rule, no additional penalty under the Local Rule is applied

Final Tuesday

Final Tuesday Fun
It was a bit foggy and just about dark when we finished but 6 of us played the final evening of golf.

Lyn added two twists to the format - we could chose two holes to double our score and also  we would have a silent partner. The partners would be drawn randomly at the end.

Because of the foggy evening and the early sunset (not that we saw it!) Lyn decided we'd try and play 7 holes 

We managed it ... 


You can see how dark it was from the light on the trolley! 

Sometimes the fact that we couldn't see clearly seemed to be an advantage; on the first hole we three ladies all drove straight down the middle! We'd take that every time!

However sometimes we ended up in difficult places. Jayne was relieved to find her ball on the fourth. We thought it was lost, but it was very difficult to play because of all the dead bracken fronds! A swing was almost impossible!

We seemed to take it in turns though, I took four shots to get level with Jayne's drive on the 5th! Such is life!

The winners at the end were Bob (who scored an amazing 22!!!) and Jayne... well done both!

That was the final Tuesday evening of fun golf for this year. Lyn is arranging the meal for December 6th.

Clocks go back at the weekend so we will have lighter mornings - at least for a little while!

Time for lighting log fires, finding good books, filling a glass with something heartening and hibernating!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bosullow Bowl

The Bosullow Bowl

This trophy was first awarded in 1990 when the Club first opened. It was donated by Anne. The format is mixed Greensomes playing off half combined handicaps.
This meant that some earned only a few shots, like Hilary and Paul who had 12, while others had hundreds many more! 28 was the highest handicap allowance!

You can see from the picture that it was a very grey day - and quite cold... the glorious weather of the last few days seems to have ended but we stayed dry and for that I am grateful.

We used 5 different tees to start from;1,3,8,10 and also 12; and we had 16 pairs enter.
Many thanks to Rosemary for coming early and overseeing the entry money and prize allocation.

The conditions being fairly chilly and quite blowy meant that the scores were not as high as last year. 



On the 12th... and guess who it was? 

Annie Jones!

She hit her drive "not very well" and looked for it by the wall, thinking that it had not carried and was probably lost. They didn't find it.

On reaching the green, her playing partner lifted out the flagstick to find Annies ball lying in the hole!

 A one for 6 points!

The celebrations reverberated around the course and cheered us all for the rest of the round!

What a delight!

Pam had made a beautiful display of flowers for us and on hearing of Anne's achievement she happily agreed that the flowers should be awarded to Annie. 

Well done Annie - most appropriate on your Trophy day, and thank you to Pam!

To the results... in fourth place (on countback from Anne and John T), were Sue and Steve D with a score of 41 points. 

Pam and Tim B were in 3rd with 42 points (which included 3 four pointers!) and in second were yours truly and Ray B with 43 points.

In first place with a lovely 45 points were Fran and Brian, the Bosullow Bowl winners for 2016.
Brian and Fran receiving the trophy form Anne
What a lovely day - thank you to everyone who entered;  thank you to the card markers - Hilary and Fran and thanks again to Pam for the beautiful flowers. 

Next Saturday is the Bob Lynne trophy, a betterball stableford with drawn partners - Lindsay is doing the draw on Thursday after golf.

Thanks everyone for making today such fun... Annie's dance in the bar after she had rung the bell to celebrate her hole in one, was lovely to behold!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Fun

Thursday Fun

Our gorgeous course!

What a beautiful day!

The plane trails in the sky were special!

It was the turn of the front nine to host us today and we played the usual Stableford but added a twist! 

The twist was that before we went out, we each chose two holes that we wanted to double our scores on... they were marked on the card before setting off. (This is a familiar format for some of the Tuesday evening golfers).

It is surprising how we wrestled with which holes to chose...the one with the shots, or the easier hole?

One person chose the first; three chose the second and four chose the third. All those choosing the third scored well with Jenny and Lynne scoring 6 points each!

Two folk chose the 4th, one the 7th and four ladies chose the 9th with Lynne and Lyn both getting 6 pointers!

The person who chose their holes most wisely was Lynne with 12 points, with Jenny and Pam close behind with 10!

In overall third place, with a total of 20 points, was Pam; in second with 21 points was Jenny (what a score this could have been as it included two blobs!) and in first was yours truly... with an outrageous 23 points (including one blob!)

We were so lucky with the gorgeous weather!

Thanks to Di who did the Card marking and for bringing the second/extra photo book  (which was made for Sonia)... there's a story to be told!

There is a lovely card from Sonia on the ladies board. 
Some of you have asked what we gave her, there were two £35 M&S vouchers from the Ladies and Men's committees, plus a voucher for £100 from the collection the ladies made.


The Bosullow Bowl is on Saturday - look out for an email with your starting time and place.

The following Saturday is the Bob/Lynne Trophy - a drawn high/low betterball competition - the list is up on the Ladies board.

A reminder - it is now Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) which means that on the fairway you may mark your ball, clean and place it to your satisfaction within 6 inches.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Friendly v Mullion

Our final Friendly of the year against Mullion saw eight lovely ladies playing for Cape on a fairly cold and windy day - but we were spared any rain!  

We played a friendly format of Betterball Stableford adding each team's scores together at the end, playing off 90% handicap.

Conditions were fairly good despite the chilly weather and some very good golf was played.

The scores were 146 points to Cape and 135 to Mullion.

Well done Cape!

There were some cold hands after the match but we soon warmed up. Our match was completed with a lovely meal... many thanks to the 'kitchen', it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Super -delicious cake!

Many thanks to Hilary and Jenny; Sue and Fran; Annie and Bev and my playing partner Jan. 
Thanks also to Mark and his team for the ever-improving condition of the course.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Twilight Fun

Twilight Fun

We started at 5pm and played till the sun had gone! We played 1 and 2 and then 12 through to 18.

The sunset was lovely!  We played a stableford - but like last week, before we began we chose two holes where we wanted to double our score. It is interesting to see which holes we chose... two people chose the first,  six of us chose the 2nd; two of us chose 12, no-one fancied 13, only one wanted 14, and surprisingly one chose 15.
16 was chosen by one and 18 by one.
The result was German in second place with 20 points and Bob in first with 21!

Good fun was had by all - if the weather is good we may try 7 holes next Tuesday... do join us for a bit of fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brownie Points

October Medal

Everyone who played today deserved Brownie Points! Especially the final group! 
Well done everyone for keeping going when the heavens opened - the first group were safely tucked away in the dry, jammy things, but hats off to those that got caught in the downpour, that's dedication!

Because the forecast was for heavy showers we got off and running early, starting at about quarter to 9.

As you can see from the pictures there was a beautiful sky with amazing colours...

Yours truly had hoped we would get 6 holes done before the rain... but we managed to get to 12 before the first drops appeared. 

Threatening clouds on the 9th!

There were nine ladies playing , three groups of two and then the three... and it was the last group that suffered the most from the conditions.

The early showers were not too heavy and some good golf was played. 
Looking at the results there are only 5 points between the first five players!

In third place with a nett 76 was Jenny who played very steadily and had a good back 9. In second place with a nett 75 was Jayne who also played particularly nicely on the back 9.

Our Medal winner was Sue D with a nett 74 - this included 6 pars.. Well played Sue. 

For the full results click here.

              Well done everyone - and a particular well played to Sue. 

Wednesday sees a Friendly match v Mullion; next Saturday is the Bosullow Bowl... find a man and sign up for this special Trophy.

Ruth getting carried away by her trolley!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ladies v Seniors

Ladies v Seniors

The annual Ladies v Seniors match  took place on Thursday morning, teeing off at 9am were 14 ladies and 14 Gentlemen Seniors.

View from the yellow tees on the 7th
We played an Accumulator - each playing our own ball and keeping a Stableford score. To even up the macth the men played off 90% handicap on the yellow tees. At the end all the scores were added together and a winner declared. 

John Payne, the Seniors Captain, had kindly prepared all the cards and each group of four was sent to start on either the 1st, 3rd or 10th.

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine but a fairly smart breeze.

The course was looking fabulous (thanks Mark and team!) and there was some great scoring out there.

Well done to everyone who played on the ladies team - we won by a very close margin!

The Senior Men's total was 332

and the Ladies scored 336!

A four point win! What a team!

It was a great day and good fun. 

Thank you to everyone who took part - Seniors and Ladies.

...some of the ladies team with the trophy!

 Our match concluded with sandwiches and delicious cake! 
Ray on the 11th

A final thanks to Di who came to mark the cards for us and to Lindsay. 

Next year it will be the Seniors turn to host the competition... can't wait!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tuesday Twilight!

Tuesday Evening

A few happy golfers turned up to play our Tuesday evening Fun golf... we played an individual Stableford on the front nine but added a twist. Before we started we each chose two holes where we would double our scores! 
Between us we chose 1 (Andy),2 (Ruth), 3 (Jayne and Izzy),5 (Izzy, Paul and Andy), 8!!! (Jayne) 9 (Ruth); and eight of those holes did produce double scores... although not always what we'd hoped for!

The air was chilly and it was getting darker by the minute but we completed the 9 holes and it was great fun!

A welcome drink followed and prizes awarded; Paul was in second place with a score of 19 - getting 6 points on the 5th!; and Ruth was first with 21 having a shocking run of pars on 3,4 and 5 but not doubling the scores!

Well done all!

Not many Tuesday's left that will be light enough to play but if the weather is clear we may get a couple more short ones in!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trevervan Trophy

Trevervan Trophy

Today we had 33 players taking part in the Trevervan Trophy. It was a shotgun start so  the eleven teams started at various points around the course. 

We played a California Scramble,  each player teeing off then deciding which drive to take. Whoever's drive was chosen stood aside while the other team members took the shot. This was repeated till the ball was holed out. Each player had to have a minimum of four drives each. 

We were blessed with dry conditions, some sunshine and very little wind. Perfect, particularly because today we were saying farewell to Sonia who leaves for Nottingham on Monday. 

Nearly all the scores came in at par or under which is a reflection of the good conditions.

Countback had to be used to separate 3rd and 2nd! 

Bev, Robin E and Andy L were in 3rd with a score of 66.5. 
They were just pipped to second place by demon putter Val, Popeye Ruth (who drove the orchard on 15) and Super steady Paul K 

Our winners, with a fabulous score of 65.375 were Anne, Lynn E and William - well played!

Trevervan Trophy winners. 

After the trophy was awarded there was a handover of the Captaincy to Ruth; the welcoming of Hilary as Vice Captain, and presentations made to Sonia. There was a wonderful book of photos from Di, and M&S vouchers from the Ladies, the Ladies Committee and from the Men's committee. 

Sonia, we will miss you!

(So glad you'll be coming to China Fleet!)

 PS It was lovely to welcome Bronwyn today, a new member to the club, and also Lynn and Robin Exley who are country members. Please join us again as soon as you can!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Final Thursday

Today was the front nine's turn to host the ladies and the weather was bright and breezy but also much fresher than it has been. Jackets were needed by several although there was some stripping off in the more sheltered parts.

It was lovely to have the sunshine and such a good turnout of 14 ladies to play Sonia's final Thursday. 
Sonia on the 5th
Despite the strength of the wind there were some good scores returned. Lindsay was fourth (on countback... grrrrrr!) with 14 points; Liz was third with a steady 15, parring the 9th;Jenny was second with a lovely 16 points - this included three 3-pointers, and in first place with a very good 17 points was Sue D, this included pars on the 2 and 5th, and a birdie on the 9th!

Well done everyone - we felt quite weary after battling the wind but it was lovely to see everyone!

Saturday will be Sonia's farewell for the moment. There are 33 players taking part in the Trevervan Trophy which is great, I know some of you who aren't free to play, are planning to come up in the afternoon to see Sonia. We are having a Shotgun start at 9am so we should all get in at roughly the same time. The forecast is for gentler winds so lets keep our fingers crossed for a good day.

Preferred lies are now in place for the winter.

Continuing work on the course.

 The next time you play you may notice that there are several signs on the course which say "Course redesign - ground GUR".  

These are generally in bunkers. These bunkers are being removed from the course and will be filled and grassed over. 

These areas are now GUR and relief must be taken. 

Monday, October 3, 2016


Friendly v Budock Vean

Monday saw Cape playing a home friendly match against Budock Vean. This had been scheduled for May 8th - but it has been played at last! 

We both fielded teams of 6 and although we had planned a Greensome we switched to a betterball as two of our visitors had never played our course before and were keen to play it all!

Cape in the sun.
So we paired up and played in beautiful sunshine. The wind was fairly strong though which made some parts of the course particularly tricky.

Hilary and Liz lead the way, followed by Fiona and Jan. Fran and I were the final pairing out - but that was after I had dashed back home to get my spare trolley because my usual one wouldn't go!

The round was a slow one, and the final result was 84 Stableford points to Budock Vean and 97 to Cape Ladies. 

Well played ladies and thank you.

Thanks as always to the Greenstaff for their work on the course and to the kitchen staff for the meal (especially as we were much later than anticipated!); the food and coffee was enjoyed by all.

If you fancy playing in a Friendly - we have our final one coming up on Wednesday 19th October... please let me know if you would like to take part.

Budock Vean ladies and Fran on surveying the 14th Green.
PS ... there was nothing wrong with my trolley! I had taken off the wheels to fit it in the boot of the car on my travels... and then put them on the wrong way round! 
Oh silly me!