Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Final Tuesday

Final Tuesday Fun
It was a bit foggy and just about dark when we finished but 6 of us played the final evening of golf.

Lyn added two twists to the format - we could chose two holes to double our score and also  we would have a silent partner. The partners would be drawn randomly at the end.

Because of the foggy evening and the early sunset (not that we saw it!) Lyn decided we'd try and play 7 holes 

We managed it ... 


You can see how dark it was from the light on the trolley! 

Sometimes the fact that we couldn't see clearly seemed to be an advantage; on the first hole we three ladies all drove straight down the middle! We'd take that every time!

However sometimes we ended up in difficult places. Jayne was relieved to find her ball on the fourth. We thought it was lost, but it was very difficult to play because of all the dead bracken fronds! A swing was almost impossible!

We seemed to take it in turns though, I took four shots to get level with Jayne's drive on the 5th! Such is life!

The winners at the end were Bob (who scored an amazing 22!!!) and Jayne... well done both!

That was the final Tuesday evening of fun golf for this year. Lyn is arranging the meal for December 6th.

Clocks go back at the weekend so we will have lighter mornings - at least for a little while!

Time for lighting log fires, finding good books, filling a glass with something heartening and hibernating!


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