Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mince Pie Thursday

Front 9

Today we played the front 9 and rounded off the morning with Mince Pies and coffee.

The weather was lovely, though the wind was a bit of a surprise.

The Kestrel (still in need of a name) was on the 6th/7th today...

It was lovely to see everyone plus those who came for coffee... 

Some were hiding behind shades... you will have to ask Sue in person for her story but I think that the true story is that Santa's sleigh bumped into her...

Add your own Caption!!!

Thanks to Viv for the lovely book of photos from Fun day and the Christmas lunch. I love your captions!
  I'll bring it with me next time we play so you can all have a look. 😊

Santa's little helper... 

Thanks to Di for doing the cards... and best wishes for tomorrow... 

The results from today were as follows...  Frieda won the B Group - well played;
Jayne was third in the A group, with Fran and Ruth tied on 15 points for first and second with yours truly just pipping Fran on countback!

Happy Christmas everyone - I usually manage to escape from pictures but today Sue S insisted... 

Our next organised golf is Saturday 31st... with a Roll Up from 9.30; 

although some folk may play next Thursday....  maybe see you then.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bring and Win!

Bring and Win

Firstly, welcome back Jane!  It's lovely to have you back with us... and what a great round you and your playing partner had! More of which in a mo...

Secondly... I'm sorry to say that I forgot to take pictures!!! 

Except for our friendly Kestrel on the fourth!

Perhaps we should name him... ?

Sixteen ladies played today and Rosemary, Anne and Di came and joined us for coffee and presents.

It was lovely to see everyone and pass on greetings from Ros and Sonia too. 
We miss you!

The weather today was fabulous... perfect for golf and some great golf was played.

The winner was Fran with 39 (and two blobs!!!!). This means a handicap cut to 19... well played Fran!
Her round included two birdies (the fourth and the tenth) and four pars... one of which was the sixth!  

In second was Sue with a lovely 35 - including 5 pars; and in third was Jane who had partnered Fran on her round. Jane scored 34 including 4 pars... 
There were four more players with scores in the thirties...

Everyone collected a prize, these ranged from things to be eaten, drunk, worn, planted, washed in, lit... and some others! 

Thank you everyone for making today fun - George provided us with soup and sandwich which proved popular as usual.

Thanks to Hilary and Di for doing the cards... party tonight... Xmas Trot tomorrow... and mince pies next Thursday - hope to see you then.

If you'd like to stand for the committee next year the nominations sheet is up on noticeboard. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Birthday Trophy

The Birthday Trophy

The Birthday Trophy was first awarded in 1992...since then, ladies by the name of Sue, Sonia,Judy, Julia, Pat, Pam, Val, Anne, Jean, Lyn, Fiona, Doris, Ros, Lindsay and Ruth have won it. Some names appear more than once!

Val has won it three times.. and one even appears 4 times -  Sue D!  What a record!

The weather turned out lovely...

a cloudy start gave way to blue sky and a bit of a breeze!

No complaints!

There were eight excellent ladies who played today and despite the kind weather none found it easy.

Sue D was second and winning with 16 points, two lost balls and two blobs was yours truly!

Thanks to Di for doing the cards... and Rosemary for seeing us off!

Marker post at the back of the 14th green.

Talking to Mark today he said he is battling with the birds and rabbits... especially on the 2nd and 4th Greens.

We  had a bit of a fly past today... first an RAF jet flying south, then a Hercules flying North very low... and then, as we were leaving, a bright yellow Electricity helicopter which seemed to be lurching around all over the place... but apparently it was following the wires!

The Birthday Trophy

PS... I called in at Stone's on the way home... they had been overrun by Cape ladies fighting over the Turkish Delight! Hehehe! Or perhaps it should be Hohohohoho!

Bring and Win on Saturday... don't forget your gifts!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Xmas lunch!

Christmas Lunch

Today was our Ladies 11 Holes and Xmas Lunch... dreams of birdies and holes in one...
straight drives and putts dropping... but no...


Waking to the sound of rain... looking out and seeing thick mist swirling round in the light of the lamp posts... the dreams disappeared and it looked like a decision had to be made. 

After a bit of 'umming' and 'ahhing' the decision was a fairly easy one - the weather was unpleasant and it would not be enjoyable to play golf in any way or form.  So, after some text messages and chats for advice, we called off the golf and decided to meet for coffee about 11/11.30 instead.

There were 35 of us ready to enjoy ourselves and that is what we did. Here are a few pictures of our lovely ladies and their Christmas hats!

The Hats were fabulous!

We awarded several trophies which we will write about in a separate blog post.

Our  mixed array of prizes

We had a draw for the prizes which we would have won had we played golf...

everyone winning something!

We  also said some thank yous;  to Rosemary for steadfastly coming every  day in our golfing year and sorting out our signing in and working out the money; to Sue D for rubbing down and painting the seat which now sits near the first tee; and to Pam for her beautiful flower arrangements on our special days.

Pam's beautiful flowers

I would also like to thank Hilary, Lindsay, Lyn and Ros for helping me today with particular jobs - it made the day much easier for me.

Finally a thank you to Ashleigh and George, Ben, Summer and Gary for a lovely meal and all the behind the scenes preparation, it was much appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

Next Thursday is the Birthday Trophy... followed by Bring and Win next Saturday!

ps... Fog put paid to any golf last Thursday... 

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Tuesday Evening Golfers

Tuesday Evening was the Annual Tuesday Evening Golfers' Meal! Twenty-three of us gathered for a super meal at Cape.  

Huge thanks to Lyn for arranging our Tuesday Evenings over the summer - it is lovely to play these informal rounds and share a meal or drinks afterwards.
thank you Lyn.

Roll on March... when, as soon as the weather and light allow, we'll be back playing evening golf!

Days like this!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jack Arnold Trophy

Jack Arnold

The wind blew... gale force gusts... balance was hard to keep but everyone soldiered on!

This beautiful trophy is what was up for grabs, and nine teams competed. Sadly there were only four ladies in this mixed Texas Scramble but they did a good job!

The wind made playing very difficult - it was tough!

The skies however were absolutely gorgeous with amazing clouds!

 It really was gorgeous out there, though we felt more than a little windswept and buffeted by the time we finished.
In third place were Chris Turner, John Sellors, Norman Manley and Jon Bird with a score of 68.7
In second were Jayne, Mike Lawrence, Tim Boyle and Steven Beer with 68.1
and in first were Cyril Leiworthy, Shaun O'Loughlin,  Terry Dodd and myself! We had a score of 66.4.

Geoff welcomed everyone and thanked us all for playing, and then thanked Mark for the improvements in the course.

Well done everyone for soldiering on!

By the way... have you noticed that the marker post has been replaced on the wall at the back of the 16th green?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Energetic Eight!!

Final Medal

Today it was the final medal of the year. 

The weather was not the best but it was also not the worst... we started in a light drizzle ...but it lifted and the sun did actually break through briefly. Drizzle returned again at the end of the round but we were just about finished by then.

Thanks to Hilary for doing the cards - it's good to have you back.  

There were eight energetic ladies who competed today; Mark had promised to work on the bunkers and he had - they had all been worked on and raked. In fact the course was looking great and the greens were lovely!

The winner on countback was Fiona with a nett 76.
I was second and Hilary third with a Nett 77 and best gross score.

The results are here.

Despite the weather it was really lovely to be out, a shame more couldn't make it today.

Next Saturday we have the 11 holes and Christmas Lunch. Twenty-five ladies are playing with a shotgun start at 10am. 
Lunch is planned for 1pm and there will be about 33 of us. 

Don't forget to change for the meal... plus a Christmas hat!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December First!


December 1st Already?

Thirteen lovely ladies came and played today... the weather was gorgeous - blue sky, sunshine and very little breeze!

Chris and Sue on the 1st

There were some reprobates on the course... !

But  - what a fantastic job Mark and his team have done over the summer!

There was also a beautiful kestrel perched on a post near the 4th green... it sat and watched over our putting!

To the golf itself... in the 'B' group Frieda was second with 9 points and Liz won with 15 points! Well played!

In the 'A' team countback was involved in deciding second place... Jan was just beaten by Sue D with 14 points. In first place was Lindsay with 15!

Well done ladies.

It was lovely to see Chris J playing, Chloe walked around with Jenny's group and took pictures and we were joined by Michelle and Sue S for coffee. 
It was great to see everyone, thanks as always to Rosemary and to Lindsay for doing the card-marking. 

Most folk have now signed up for the 11 holes and Christmas lunch, but there is still time if you haven't - just give me a ring and I'll write you up.