Saturday, December 10, 2016

Xmas lunch!

Christmas Lunch

Today was our Ladies 11 Holes and Xmas Lunch... dreams of birdies and holes in one...
straight drives and putts dropping... but no...


Waking to the sound of rain... looking out and seeing thick mist swirling round in the light of the lamp posts... the dreams disappeared and it looked like a decision had to be made. 

After a bit of 'umming' and 'ahhing' the decision was a fairly easy one - the weather was unpleasant and it would not be enjoyable to play golf in any way or form.  So, after some text messages and chats for advice, we called off the golf and decided to meet for coffee about 11/11.30 instead.

There were 35 of us ready to enjoy ourselves and that is what we did. Here are a few pictures of our lovely ladies and their Christmas hats!

The Hats were fabulous!

We awarded several trophies which we will write about in a separate blog post.

Our  mixed array of prizes

We had a draw for the prizes which we would have won had we played golf...

everyone winning something!

We  also said some thank yous;  to Rosemary for steadfastly coming every  day in our golfing year and sorting out our signing in and working out the money; to Sue D for rubbing down and painting the seat which now sits near the first tee; and to Pam for her beautiful flower arrangements on our special days.

Pam's beautiful flowers

I would also like to thank Hilary, Lindsay, Lyn and Ros for helping me today with particular jobs - it made the day much easier for me.

Finally a thank you to Ashleigh and George, Ben, Summer and Gary for a lovely meal and all the behind the scenes preparation, it was much appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

Next Thursday is the Birthday Trophy... followed by Bring and Win next Saturday!

ps... Fog put paid to any golf last Thursday... 


  1. .....and many many thanks to Ruth for putting in such an effort to make it a very special day.

    1. Thanks Lindsay - I enjoyed it no-end!