Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mince Pie Thursday

Front 9

Today we played the front 9 and rounded off the morning with Mince Pies and coffee.

The weather was lovely, though the wind was a bit of a surprise.

The Kestrel (still in need of a name) was on the 6th/7th today...

It was lovely to see everyone plus those who came for coffee... 

Some were hiding behind shades... you will have to ask Sue in person for her story but I think that the true story is that Santa's sleigh bumped into her...

Add your own Caption!!!

Thanks to Viv for the lovely book of photos from Fun day and the Christmas lunch. I love your captions!
  I'll bring it with me next time we play so you can all have a look. 😊

Santa's little helper... 

Thanks to Di for doing the cards... and best wishes for tomorrow... 

The results from today were as follows...  Frieda won the B Group - well played;
Jayne was third in the A group, with Fran and Ruth tied on 15 points for first and second with yours truly just pipping Fran on countback!

Happy Christmas everyone - I usually manage to escape from pictures but today Sue S insisted... 

Our next organised golf is Saturday 31st... with a Roll Up from 9.30; 

although some folk may play next Thursday....  maybe see you then.


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