Thursday, December 1, 2016

December First!


December 1st Already?

Thirteen lovely ladies came and played today... the weather was gorgeous - blue sky, sunshine and very little breeze!

Chris and Sue on the 1st

There were some reprobates on the course... !

But  - what a fantastic job Mark and his team have done over the summer!

There was also a beautiful kestrel perched on a post near the 4th green... it sat and watched over our putting!

To the golf itself... in the 'B' group Frieda was second with 9 points and Liz won with 15 points! Well played!

In the 'A' team countback was involved in deciding second place... Jan was just beaten by Sue D with 14 points. In first place was Lindsay with 15!

Well done ladies.

It was lovely to see Chris J playing, Chloe walked around with Jenny's group and took pictures and we were joined by Michelle and Sue S for coffee. 
It was great to see everyone, thanks as always to Rosemary and to Lindsay for doing the card-marking. 

Most folk have now signed up for the 11 holes and Christmas lunch, but there is still time if you haven't - just give me a ring and I'll write you up.

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