Saturday, November 26, 2016

Golden Ball


Overcast; 6C feeling like 3C; that is what the forecast said... and that is exactly what we got. 
There was a little bit of wind but it was deceptive as quite often we thought there was none... but it was there!

Twelve lovely ladies were able to play today, four teams of three. Each team was given a Golden Ball which doubled its own score. The format was the Golden Ball score plus one other. 

Fran Fi and Annie on the 8th

It was certainly a very entertaining round - for our team at least! 

For example, Jan chipped in on the second for a par, sadly not with the golden ball but very cheering!
Jan's 2nd shot on the 7th!
On the seventh tee the Curse of the Golden Ball struck, and Jan's tee shot went about 5 yards sideways... the picture is  of her taking her second shot.

 But this didn't faze her... on the 14th hole
Jan's drive ran off the fairway and slithered halfway down the slope in the rough. Her second shot almost got back up on the fairway but didn't and ran back down near the bottom of the steps... a third shot took her along the slope but no nearer the fairway! Despairing of ever getting the ball off the slope she struck her fourth shot with abandon... it flew up high in the air, landed just short of the green and disappeared from view.  
On reaching the green there was no sign of the ball! 
It was in the hole! 

Just in case we didn't see it again we took a picture of the golden Ball on the 12th... but magically it stayed with us... the only group to return with their ball.

To the results...
In first place were Annie, Fran and Fi with a score of 85!
Well played... 
In second, a long way behind with 74, were Jan, Lindsay and myself...  we think the coffee laced with drambuie might have helped!

Hunting for the ball

The orchard was the resting ground for three of the golden balls...

Many thanks to Di and Fran for doing the cards.  

Many of us enjoyed a lovely lunch of soup and sandwich... 

Tasty lunch!
Well done everyone for playing today - it was cold but Mother Nature was kind!

Next Week is a Medal (Stableford for the 36's) and the following week the Christmas 11 Holes and Lunch.   

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