Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brave Back Nine

Thursday Stableford

Viv on the 12th
Today 9 brave ladies tackled the Back Nine at Cape. It was very windy but we had the blessing of it staying dry. 

We certainly needed to be dressed for the weather  as the wind whipped straight in our faces, particularly on 12, 14 and to an angled degree on 16.

Our winner, Jenny, parred the 16th! Epic golf in that wind!

Well played!

In second place was Lyn; the winner of the B group was Frieda.

Well done everyone for coming and playing. We were loathe to set out but were glad of the fresh air in the end.


It took a lot of shots to get on the green but we got there in the end!

Saturday is Dusty Bin goes Waltzing - we have 6 teams entered - 

Lyn, Sue D and Sue S  
Jan, Judy and Jenny
Sarah, Anne and Jayne
Fran, Ruth Claire
Jean,Marion Lynne
Viv, Lindsay Pam

see you on Saturday, 9am start. 

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