Thursday, November 3, 2016

Front Nine and Drives

Thursday Morning Golf

Firstly, what a lovely turnout today and how good it was to have Judy back playing and to see Chris J and Fiona.  
There were 16 ladies playing in the Front Nine Stableford, with an added incentive of a reward for most drives on the Fairway.

The weather which started cloudy, still and dry turned into a rainy morning. 

Sheltering under the umbrella it sounded really heavy but it didn't feel so heavy standing out in it... but it was as wetting as it sounded!

Lucky the early starters who escaped the worst.

In the B group, second place was taken by Liz with 15 points. The winner had 24 points which included a birdie on the fourth... a 3 for 5 points!!  
Well played Frieda! 
 No-one could match you!

In the A group, Di was third with 17 points; Judy was second on Countback with 18, and the winner was yours truly.  

Drives on the Fairway ranged from 3 to a 9! 

Di, Lynne and Jean each had 6 on the fairway.
In equal second were Lindsay and Lyn with 7 drives each. 
The winner with a Fairway drive on every hole, was Anne ..9! Well done!

It was lovely to see so many folk today... it is a Medal this Saturday. 
 Dusty Bin goes waltzing is the following week - choose your own partners to make teams of three... it should be fun!

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