Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blowing Away Cobwebs


"Go and get a mouthful of fresh air and blow those cobwebs away"...  is the sort of thing my Mum would say on a day like today.

Blustery Cape

Well three of us did... and there are definitely no cobwebs left. 

However, when the the rain started it was time to adjourn to the clubhouse for coffee! And so glad we were... the showers were torrential!

Well done to Sue D for parring the 2nd!!! And to Lindsay and I for having a go! We only played two holes in the end but it was invigorating (or crazy)!

Thank you to Rosemary who came to sort us out as usual. Chris J called in to say hello, it was lovely to see her and we hope she'll be back among us soon.

Saturday is the Par Bisque... we can chose which holes to use our handicap on so that will be interesting!

The following week is the Golden Ball... then a medal and then we are in to the start of the Christmas festivities!
In the garden! Cheering on a stormy day!

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