Saturday, November 5, 2016


November Medal

The picture above shows the best part of Saturday. We began in rain and strong wind... we then had lovely sunshine but still with the strong wind...and then more stinging rain and strong wind!

There were some spectacular rainbows...

Mother Nature seemed to throw everything at us... then relented for a while and the sun peeped through... then she threw more at us just to see what we were made of.
And it was cold - at times bitterly cold!

But we are made of stern stuff... what amazing ladies to keep on keeping on!

In first place, winning the November Medal was Hilary with a Nett 78. 
Second was Sue D with a Nett 80.
Third on countback (from Jayne), was Lindsay with a Nett 84.
Well done.

I think everyone who took part today deserved a medal!

I'd like to tell you about the 16th.

 All is quiet concentration...Hilary is holding the flag on the green, waiting for me to take a long downhill putt.  

Without a word, she suddenly threw down the flag and started running!

I followed her line of sight and saw she was looking back along the fairway towards the gap in the wall where we had parked our trolleys. 
What did I see? 
Only one! 

Hilary's trolley had taken off - all on it's own and was haring across the course! 

It sped down the fairway, through the rough by the old bunker, gathering more and more speed and eventually falling over in the long grass just short of the brambles!

We gave chase... trying to head it off as we had visions of it going into or over the wall! Hilary caught up with it and righted it and we plodded, rather astounded, back to the green. 

Others also had an eventful time... many lost balls... Chris L had an epic battle with her umbrella... inside out... right way round... and ultimately bent! It seems all of us were exhausted when we finished.

Hats off to everyone who braved the conditions today... it was a bit of a battle but we soldiered on! The results are here

Next week is Dusty Bin goes Waltzing...please sign up in teams of three -  hopefully will be fun! 

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