Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Polglase 3 Par

Today there was a wedding at the club so there are no results for the Par competition as yet. We put our cards in the box ... results when we know them.
 What a beautiful day it was today - conditions were fabulous so really there are no excuses for disappointing golf. 
That being said - there may be reasons... 
View from the 4th tee
 ...apparently Ruth tried to play on everyone else's fairway rather than her own... no reasons and no excuse! 
She wasn't alone though... below is Hilary playing the 7th from the 6th fairway and there may have been others?
Hils playing the 7th
Unfortunately Jean wasn't able to have a promised buggy and struggled through 9 holes.  Well done Jean.
Jayne and Jean on the 5th tee

Beautiful golfing weather

Sue D on the 17th
Results and any other tidbits to follow.

Results are on Masterscoreboard... click here for the link.

Huge congratulations to Chris J for an amazing score of 6 up - and to Lindsay - the only other player to beat the course being 1 up after 18.
Jenny, Jan and Sue D should also be mentioned as being all square.
Well done everyone.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back Nine

Thursday Morning Back Nine

13th Tee
 What a beautiful day! Our numbers were down a little with several folk away but 11 ladies played in the competition today. There were 10 pars and a birdie among us but also 22 blobs! It was one of those days!

Lindsay, Sue D and Ros were the most consistent players, scoring on every hole, and they reaped the reward! Lindsay was first with a fabulous 22 points, Sue was second with 18 and Ros third on Countback from Di with 17 points. There was no "B" group today.

Lindsay and Di on the 16th
It has to be said that there were some interesting happenings today.  Sonia's second shot on the wonderful 13th hit the green and decided to roll back down again... and Ruth decided to place her second shot on the 15th so close to the bunker that she had to stand in it to play the ball! You can spot the ball... not heading towards the green unfortunately - it ended up in the long rough miles below the green !

Lindsay has to take the honours for her play on the 14th. A good drive was followed by a beautiful second shot which stayed on the green... leaving a knee knocking  putt for a birdie and a score of 3 for 5 points! Well played indeed!

It was lovely to have Fiona Mc with us this morning - so good to see you!

Par round on Saturday - Anniversary Scramble on Sunday!

Past it? Definitely not!

Past Captains at Carlyon Bay

Five of our Past Lady Captains capered off to Carlyon Bay on Monday to play in the Captains Spring Meeting.
Past Captains they may be but they were most definitely present on Monday! There were over 120 competitors so huge congratulations to Sue for second place, and Hilary for 6th! Well played!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dee and Ray's Trophy

Texas Scramble

Today the Dee and Ray Trophy was competed for. This was a three ball Texas Scramble and 7 teams took part. The wind was cold but the sun shone and warmed the ladies a bit, even some layers were shed!

The Trophy was inaugurated by Dee and Ray Hawthorn who were founder members at Cape, and it was their daughter Poppy who awarded the trophy today. 

The winners!

The winners were Fran, Chris J and Michelle. Well Played!
In second were Hilary, Ros and Pam and in third were Claire, Anne J and Di. 
Well played everyone and many thanks to Poppy. 
Catching up.

The day certainly turned into a beautiful one with blue sky and sunshine - but the wind remained a chilly reminder to "ne'er cast a clout till May is out". We certainly need several layers of "clout" while this cold wind keeps blowing!  
Polglase 3 Par competition next Saturday, and don't forget Tuesday evening golf has started for those that can get away for a fun 9 holes and maybe a bite to eat (5pm start).  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Morning Stableford


Eight intrepid ladies tackled the front 9 today. It was cold and windy... nothing new at Cape you say!
Four of the five ladies in the "A" group were within two points of each other but one stood out above the rest! Di won with 18 points and Lyn was second with 12.

In the "B" group Jean won with 15 points but Liz must receive an honourable mention for 13 points which would have put her third overall... and...  possibly even more impressive was the fact that she parred the 7th! Yes, the 7th! No-one else managed it today!

There were four other pars today - two were on the 3rd (Lyn and Chris J); one was on the often tricky fourth (Di), and one on the 9th (Sue D). 

Well done everyone for braving the elements. 

  A few of our number were away today and a couple of our ladies were playing in a mixed knockout competition but it was great to see Fiona Mc out playing some holes with Jan, too.

Fingers crossed for kinder conditions on Saturday.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Evening Fun Golf

Fun Tuesday

Glorious sunshine meant a lovely turnout of 15 players - plus 1, several folk were involved in knockout matches so our numbers would have been even greater! 

Five teams of three played the back nine counting with the two best scores to count. It was sunny but the easterly wind proved tricky. 
The scores were fairly close, ranging from 33 to 39. The winners, on countback,  were Jan, Jayne and Dennis, in second were Steve R, Dave M and Ruth.

Well played team!

                                      It will be the front 9 next week - all are welcome.


A postscript... this was Fi's drive on the 12th in her knockout match today! Brilliant!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

'Medalling' Seagulls!

Saturday Medal

Today was an EWGA Medal and Stableford for some.  Seventeen Ladies came to play and the conditions were challenging to say the least!
We started in sunshine but a heavy shower soon whistled in on the strong wind. It felt bitterly cold in these showers. The sun was never far away though and the rainbow rather summed up the day.
Lyn under the Rainbow!
Everyone found conditions tough; this may be nothing to be proud of but between us, on 48 occasions we took 8 or more shots on a hole! Only Hilary took less than 100 shots to complete the course! There were two birdies though - Jayne on the 12th and Sue D on the tricky 14th. Well done!
Judy and Di on the 14th

The back 9 proved more sunny, but no less difficult! The views were gorgeous though!

Looking over the wall to the 14th Green
The clouds were eye-catching!
'Challenging'... a good word to sum up today! Wind whipping balls away... putts deviating ... and in Lyn's case, backspin on a drive! Really? Yes, on the 14th Lyn's cracking drive landed and came back about a yard or so... the pitchmark was proof!

  'Eventful'... also applies! Particularly because of meddling seagulls! 
Fi played a beautiful 7 iron on to the green on the 16th, the ball sat there happily. "Mmmmm....tasty golf ball" thought a seagull, and promptly landed on the green, snatched the ball up in its beak and flew away! The ball was never to be seen again!

Ruth was a little luckier playing the 18th. Her ball landed in the rough between the 18th and 1st fairways, a seagull... maybe the same one... picked up the ball and flew off with it. Lyn shouted at it and it dropped the ball in fear, 20 yards away!
Blurred but this is the culprit!

In Ruth's case her ball was replaced where it had been at rest, Fi had to use a new ball, but they played their next shots from where the ball had been before the seagull intervened. The seagulls were an 'outside agency' ... pain in the proverbial if you ask me!

17th Green

Di also had an eventful time... 

Her buggy broke down on the 18th... it had to be rescued... Judy seemed to enjoy the ride!

To the competition itself, Sonia was our winner with a nett 80; Jayne was second with nett 84 on countback from Jenny; and Hilary, our best gross scorer, was 4th with a nett 85.
The Stableford was won by Lynne and in second place was Jean. 
Click on this link for the medal result, and here for the Stableford result.

In case you're reading this on an ipad and can't play the video... this is what is shows!

Well done everyone who played today - we all deserved medals!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ladies Coffee Morning

 Ladies Charity Coffee Morning

Today was St Petroc's  Charity Coffee morning. 

 Eighteen ladies were able to join Sonia for her Coffee Morning and she had cleverly arranged for Sunshine!

There was a lovely raffle table...

  a Bring and Buy...

 ...and there was delicious coffee and fabulous cakes...

...oh yes and there was golf!

The ladies played a Stableford over 11 holes and some good scores were recorded. The weather was good... 

...though it did threaten otherwise at times!

After the golf the ladies enjoyed a good catch up. It was especially lovely to welcome back old friends who joined us for the after-golf refreshments!

The winning visitor was Anne with a score of 19 points.

The battle for the top among the Cape ladies was very close and came down to countback between Chris J and Ruth.
Ruth's tee shot on the 5th! There was muttering  'it could've gone in the hole!' but she did get a two!

 Chris was our winner with 20 points.

Ruth was second also with 20, and Judy third with 19 points.
Well played ladies!

Thanks go to the staff for our lovely coffee and cakes; to Rosemary for her help in organizing the Raffle and Bring and Buy, and to Pam for the absolutely wonderful flower arrangements - thank you.

And finally... £165 was raised for Sonia's Charity, St Petroc's. 
A lovely morning - thank you everyone. 

Pam's gorgeous flowers

White post disintegration!

Just a quick update on the effect of a drive... this is what happened last Thursday to the white out of bounds marker on the 5th!!! Beware ladies... this was done by one of our number!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Course Information

Winter Rules have been reinstated until further notice.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fun Tuesday

Three Cheers!

Hooray! Tuesday evening golf has started again. We try to tee off at about 5pm and play 9 holes... more if the weather and light allows. 

 This evening Lyn chose a 4BBB competition on the front 9. Some weren't able to make it because of other commitments but 8 folk came and played.

Mark and his team have begun top dressing the greens which is so welcome.

The winning team came in with a fabulous score of 22 points. Well played German and Jayne! Sue D and Sarah B were second with 19 points. 

Our winners!

Thanks Lyn for arranging everything... it's lovely to think that we are at the start of Tuesday's evening golf... roll on lots of fun, good food and sunny evenings.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Polglase 2

Polglase 2 Stableford

Saturday morning was bright, breezy and cold. Arriving at the club there was a bitter rain shower but the 22 ladies that came today were undaunted. A Stableford/ Polglase 2 and England Golf Trust competition beckoned.
Before we began!

The conditions were challenging to say the least!  Two ladies came in with 30 points - a great score for today - Jan won on countback from Lyn, well played both!

Some of us might have been distracted by the amazing clouds...

                                               ... and worrying about showers... 

or bunkers... ...but thankfully we escaped them - the showers that is!

Several ladies wondered what Ruth was doing in the gorse on the 14th...  she wouldn't tell... but she didn't score on that hole!
Ros lining up a putt on the 14th
Our other prize winners today, were Claire who was third, Sue D 4th and Di  who was 5th.

Everyone deserved an award for completing a tough round. Scores were generally low, mostly in the twenties, and with thirteen ladies within three shots of each other!

This may not be  exactly what you want to read, but between us we had over 100 'blobs'...  over 4 each!  
On the plus side, there were 21 pars between us, with Lyn having 4 and Claire and Sue scoring 3 each.

The England Golf Trust Competition aims to raise funds for youngsters to play golf. Our best silver and bronze division scores are added together and entered - so Lyn and Jan's combined score of 60 points will go into the Competition pot. 

Next Saturday is a medal! 

But before that we have our Coffee morning on Thursday with glorious golf; delicious coffee and cakes; a bring and buy and a raffle... should be fun!

And a reminder - Tuesday evening golf is starting again. This is a relaxed, fun golf time with the chance to relax socially too. We often have a golfers-special meal afterwards. Lyn organises the golf; we usually play 9 holes - more if weather and light allow, the format varies but we aim to have fun.  This is open to everyone - beginner or expert, lady or gentleman - everyone is welcome.

SW Vets

China Fleet

  At the end of March some of our ladies went to China Fleet to compete in the SW Vets 
 Now apparently being unprepared can be a good thing... 
  "Am I caddying?" asked Judy as she met up with Lyn.
 "No, it's a Betterball" was the reply. 
When they got to China Fleet it was an individual Stableford.... and Judy won the Venerable Vets Trophy! Well done, Judy!
And, Chris was third overall. 
Well played ladies.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


7th April

What a beautiful day...

Beautiful... but very windy and bitterly cold!

Sixteen lovely ladies turned up for golf this morning and despite it looking beautiful, the golf was a struggle.
 We played the Front Nine and it has to be said that only 5 ladies made double figures... and three of them only just!

In the "A" group, Judy was our wonderful winner with 15, Chris J in second with 14 and Lindsay 3rd (on countback). 

The "B" group winner was Jean, and Lynne was second - again on countback.
Well played ladies! 

One of our number clearly had a good breakfast! Her drive on the 5th connected with an out of bounds white marker post. The ball lay innocently on the fairway! The post? Disintegrated into tiny pieces! Ooops!

Di decided she would have won a 'blobs' competition had there been one... but she was not alone - between us we racked up 64 blobs! An average of four  each!!!

This was despite the fact that the rough between the fairways has been cut to a good length making the ball easy to find and play out of. Many thanks to the greenkeeping staff for this!
The New Rough

Talking of which, Mark Prisk is taking over as Head Greenkeeper. He is hoping to begin top dressing next week and to repeat the process in May. Leather jackets, the larvae of the Daddy Long legs, have damaged the 12th, 14th and 16th greens but he will treat these as soon as is possible.

'Winter Rules' are over, so back to normal play.
Sonia putting the third.