Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Polglase 3 Par

Today there was a wedding at the club so there are no results for the Par competition as yet. We put our cards in the box ... results when we know them.
 What a beautiful day it was today - conditions were fabulous so really there are no excuses for disappointing golf. 
That being said - there may be reasons... 
View from the 4th tee
 ...apparently Ruth tried to play on everyone else's fairway rather than her own... no reasons and no excuse! 
She wasn't alone though... below is Hilary playing the 7th from the 6th fairway and there may have been others?
Hils playing the 7th
Unfortunately Jean wasn't able to have a promised buggy and struggled through 9 holes.  Well done Jean.
Jayne and Jean on the 5th tee

Beautiful golfing weather

Sue D on the 17th
Results and any other tidbits to follow.

Results are on Masterscoreboard... click here for the link.

Huge congratulations to Chris J for an amazing score of 6 up - and to Lindsay - the only other player to beat the course being 1 up after 18.
Jenny, Jan and Sue D should also be mentioned as being all square.
Well done everyone.

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