Saturday, April 16, 2016

'Medalling' Seagulls!

Saturday Medal

Today was an EWGA Medal and Stableford for some.  Seventeen Ladies came to play and the conditions were challenging to say the least!
We started in sunshine but a heavy shower soon whistled in on the strong wind. It felt bitterly cold in these showers. The sun was never far away though and the rainbow rather summed up the day.
Lyn under the Rainbow!
Everyone found conditions tough; this may be nothing to be proud of but between us, on 48 occasions we took 8 or more shots on a hole! Only Hilary took less than 100 shots to complete the course! There were two birdies though - Jayne on the 12th and Sue D on the tricky 14th. Well done!
Judy and Di on the 14th

The back 9 proved more sunny, but no less difficult! The views were gorgeous though!

Looking over the wall to the 14th Green
The clouds were eye-catching!
'Challenging'... a good word to sum up today! Wind whipping balls away... putts deviating ... and in Lyn's case, backspin on a drive! Really? Yes, on the 14th Lyn's cracking drive landed and came back about a yard or so... the pitchmark was proof!

  'Eventful'... also applies! Particularly because of meddling seagulls! 
Fi played a beautiful 7 iron on to the green on the 16th, the ball sat there happily. "Mmmmm....tasty golf ball" thought a seagull, and promptly landed on the green, snatched the ball up in its beak and flew away! The ball was never to be seen again!

Ruth was a little luckier playing the 18th. Her ball landed in the rough between the 18th and 1st fairways, a seagull... maybe the same one... picked up the ball and flew off with it. Lyn shouted at it and it dropped the ball in fear, 20 yards away!
Blurred but this is the culprit!

In Ruth's case her ball was replaced where it had been at rest, Fi had to use a new ball, but they played their next shots from where the ball had been before the seagull intervened. The seagulls were an 'outside agency' ... pain in the proverbial if you ask me!

17th Green

Di also had an eventful time... 

Her buggy broke down on the 18th... it had to be rescued... Judy seemed to enjoy the ride!

To the competition itself, Sonia was our winner with a nett 80; Jayne was second with nett 84 on countback from Jenny; and Hilary, our best gross scorer, was 4th with a nett 85.
The Stableford was won by Lynne and in second place was Jean. 
Click on this link for the medal result, and here for the Stableford result.

In case you're reading this on an ipad and can't play the video... this is what is shows!

Well done everyone who played today - we all deserved medals!

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