Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back Nine

Thursday Morning Back Nine

13th Tee
 What a beautiful day! Our numbers were down a little with several folk away but 11 ladies played in the competition today. There were 10 pars and a birdie among us but also 22 blobs! It was one of those days!

Lindsay, Sue D and Ros were the most consistent players, scoring on every hole, and they reaped the reward! Lindsay was first with a fabulous 22 points, Sue was second with 18 and Ros third on Countback from Di with 17 points. There was no "B" group today.

Lindsay and Di on the 16th
It has to be said that there were some interesting happenings today.  Sonia's second shot on the wonderful 13th hit the green and decided to roll back down again... and Ruth decided to place her second shot on the 15th so close to the bunker that she had to stand in it to play the ball! You can spot the ball... not heading towards the green unfortunately - it ended up in the long rough miles below the green !

Lindsay has to take the honours for her play on the 14th. A good drive was followed by a beautiful second shot which stayed on the green... leaving a knee knocking  putt for a birdie and a score of 3 for 5 points! Well played indeed!

It was lovely to have Fiona Mc with us this morning - so good to see you!

Par round on Saturday - Anniversary Scramble on Sunday!

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