Sunday, July 30, 2017

Godolphin Goblet and Admiration Cup

Despite the dire forecast and bright satellite images of rain showers, a good turn out took on today's stableford competitions. Amazingly we only encountered a few drops of rain, for which we were very grateful.

Frieda won the Admiration Cup with Pam coming second. 
(apologies for the blurred image) 

Di won the Godolphin Goblet, Hilary was second and Claire third.

The shot of the day was not witnessed by many but, as shown below, it had serious consequences for Lynne. Being left handed, she could not borrow a driver for the rest of her round and some shopping will be needed before she next plays!!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Powerplay Trophy

The rain it raineth.......


The forecast was worrying with talk of heavy showers and even thunder. Nevertheless it was not too bad as we set out. However it was not too long before the waterproofs and umbrellas were severely tested and even puddles started to appear on the greens. 

Thus the sight of Hilary arriving on a buggy to tell us that the competition had been reduced to nine holes was welcome, even if it meant we would not be able to take advantage of all our allocation of Powerplays.

After soggy score cards were rewritten and checked, Antoinette's 22 points proved her to be a very creditable winner. Di was runner-up with 18 and Sue D third with 17.

Many thanks to Hilary and Norman for their sponsorship, drinks and refreshments. We hope the men will enjoy better conditions for their Powerplay tomorrow.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sidney Grose Trophy

Sixteen ladies ventured forth to compete in the stableford competition for the trophy, which is now open to all handicaps.Benign conditions faced us and resulted in some good scores. 

Lindsay retained the trophy with 40 points, thus proving that her recent drop in handicap was more than valid as she has now dropped another stroke. Jenny followed on with 37 points and was closely followed by the usual countback on 36, Hilary came third on countback with Fiona next and Sue D just missed the prizes.

Next Thursday we are holding the Ping 4BBB competition. If you want to play later in the day please put your names on the sheet on the board and leave cards in the box.

We are looking forward to enjoying some fun with Hilary and Norman's Powerplay competition next Saturday.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Club Champs

Club Championship

It was grey... very grey... but ten ladies began the Club Championship with a positive approach... eight more ladies followed on (equally positive) with a Stableford.

It wasn't long however before the mist rolled in and the distant sound of the fog warning horn filtered through to us. We marked our balls (if necessary) and walked back in. 
There was just time to order coffee and to take a mouthful when the fog lifted and off we set again... this time without a break so we completed the first 18 holes.

You can see from the picture how grey it was!

Di had joined us to mark the cards. After a brief stop we set out again... but... the fog set in again! Thicker this time and yet again the fog horn sounded to bring everyone in.

We were faced with making a decision because the fog was thickening. We set a time for it to clear by, and if hadn't cleared by then we would call time on the competition and reschedule it.

So we had another cuppa and waited, then duly decided that enough was enough. At a quarter to three we gave out the results of the morning round as a self contained medal competition along with the results of the Stableford - but just the front 9 because of the competition being cut short because of the fog.

Anyway - you know what's coming... within another 15/20 minutes the fog had lifted... but it was too late for us.
We have rescheduled the Club Champs for Saturday August 19th (the day before the League match against Polzeath)
and we will move the Trevervan Mixed Trophy Competition to Saturday September 23rd. 

Thank you everyone for your patience today... as I'm sitting here writing this the sun is shining - sod's law eh? 
Never mind, we have another chance in August.

So to today's results; in the B Group in the Stableford the winner was Liz with 16 points. In the A group countback was needed of course, Val was second with 16 points but was pipped to first place by Bronwen! Well played all.

In the morning medal round there were four ladies in with scores below nett 70. The Competition Scratch went down to 69 which shows how well folk played.

For the full result click HERE

In fourth with a Nett 69 was Bev.
In third with Nett 68 was Claire;
In second was myself with a Nett 65 - I think this is the best I've ever played Cape so I was very happy indeed; 
in first place, and deserving the drum roll we gave her, was Lindsay with a fantastic Nett 63 and a handicap cut of 2.4! 
Absolutely fantastic!
Well played everyone - shame the weather cleared too late in the day for us to complete the Championship.

Thanks as always to Mark and Steve for the condition of the course - the Club Championship is the most prestigious individual competition at any club and to play the full measured length of the course was a proper challenge - thank you for the placing of the tees, Mark.

I'm away on Monday... happy golfing over the next month... I'm happy to be leaving you in Sue's capable hands!

I'm hoping that Di and Chris L will be able to update the blog while I'm away - I may add some snippets from France if I can!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Foggy sunshine!

Thursday Back 9

When I woke this morning the sun was shining but there was a thin line of fog away in the distance towards St Ives...

Where am I?

Needless to say it didn't remain in the distance and by the time we were at the club the mist was swirling and we couldn't see the wall on the first.

We opted for a coffee and a chat but with the Club Champs looming on Saturday most of us ventured forth regardless.

It certainly wasn't ideal at the start but the mist was inconsistent, thicker in some places - less in others and the old back 9 really wasn't too bad when we got to the tees so we played and by the time we finished it was glorious sunshine.

The course is looking fab thanks Mark.

It was lovely to see so many of us this morning - especially when the weather was so off putting...but most managed 9 holes;  two lovely ladies even went the extra mile and did eleven (sorry Sue and Lyn - my fault!)  
The scores were pretty good, with Lindsay in third place with 18 points, Frieda in second with 20 and Sue D in first with 22.
Well done everyone.

We also had some good news to share because Sue D has agreed to be Vice Captain -
thank you Sue - it is much appreciated!

Saturday is the Club Champs and a Stableford. See you then!

Glorious by the end!

Vets Devon versus Cornwall friendly

On Wednesday, 28th June, with steady rain for most of the day, Sue Dicker and I (Chris Leiworthy) played for Cornwall at Tehidy Golf Club. For those who know the course, you can imagine that there was a lot of standing water....hit a ball....splash.....drop out of small lake!!!!!
We played a 4 BBB, with a silver and a bronze player in each match. Sue's team and mine both won our matches and Cornwall won overall. We played with lovely ladies and had a very nice day....if you could ignore the rain.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

England Golf Club Team Competttion

June 11th

I'm sorry this is late in coming but well done to the Cape Cornwall Team who came 5th in the Regional Stage of the England Golf Club Team Competition which was held at The Point at Polzeath.

Cape's fine team were Brian, Chris, Fran and Jane.  The team scored 80 points in this two scores to count Stableford format (off 90%hcap). Well played!

Eighteen Clubs entered the competition. In 4th place were Carlyon Bay with 84, 3rd were the home club with 86 and with the same score in second were Trevose... the winning team were from Bowood with an amazing 91 points! So Bowood go forward and represent the South West in the finals.

Congratulations to them and well played to the Cape Team.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Polglase 4

Polglase 4 Medal

After the cold and wet of the last few days it was a great relief to have sunshine and a gentle breeze today for the final round of the Polglase Competition. 

The competition was very close... just about any of the following had a chance... Sue D was standing in the lead with 20 points, Hilary had 18, Lyn and Jane L had 16 apiece, I had 15, Fi had 14, Jayne 13 and Fran 12. 

The medal round was completed fairly quickly which was great as there was a wedding on at the club and we could get the everything done before the wedding took place.

It was fun to see some ladies had 'chosen' to wear similar colours to their playing partner... but the same golf bags?

 All the ladies bar one came in with a final nett score within 10 shots of each other... but the winner had a score 7 shots better than second place! 
A truly fabulous score!

Well played Hils for you Nett 67 and a handicap cut of 1.5! 
Hilary will now be playing off 12! 
In second place in the medal was Jayne with a Nett 74,
 and in third place was Fi with a Nett 75 and Val fourth also with 75.

For the full results click HERE.

Well played everyone.

Lyn computed these results and added them into the Polglase scores. It was VERY close!

Three ladies had 22 points; Lyn, Fiona and Jayne;
Sue D had 24 points

and the winner of the Polglase Trophy with 28 points, was Hilary!

Fran announced the results and Brian presented the trophy to our very worthy winner - well played Hils!

It was lovely to see Viv, Marion and Lynne who also came this morning.

Many thanks to Mark and his team for the course - the rain of the last few days will have been a blessing but no doubt brought it's challenges too! It was lovely out there today.

Tuesday Evening golf on Tuesday at 5pm if you can make it... Club Champs and Stableford next weekend and Thursday morning role up as usual.

Congratulations again to Hilary on a fabulous win today.