Saturday, July 8, 2017

Club Champs

Club Championship

It was grey... very grey... but ten ladies began the Club Championship with a positive approach... eight more ladies followed on (equally positive) with a Stableford.

It wasn't long however before the mist rolled in and the distant sound of the fog warning horn filtered through to us. We marked our balls (if necessary) and walked back in. 
There was just time to order coffee and to take a mouthful when the fog lifted and off we set again... this time without a break so we completed the first 18 holes.

You can see from the picture how grey it was!

Di had joined us to mark the cards. After a brief stop we set out again... but... the fog set in again! Thicker this time and yet again the fog horn sounded to bring everyone in.

We were faced with making a decision because the fog was thickening. We set a time for it to clear by, and if hadn't cleared by then we would call time on the competition and reschedule it.

So we had another cuppa and waited, then duly decided that enough was enough. At a quarter to three we gave out the results of the morning round as a self contained medal competition along with the results of the Stableford - but just the front 9 because of the competition being cut short because of the fog.

Anyway - you know what's coming... within another 15/20 minutes the fog had lifted... but it was too late for us.
We have rescheduled the Club Champs for Saturday August 19th (the day before the League match against Polzeath)
and we will move the Trevervan Mixed Trophy Competition to Saturday September 23rd. 

Thank you everyone for your patience today... as I'm sitting here writing this the sun is shining - sod's law eh? 
Never mind, we have another chance in August.

So to today's results; in the B Group in the Stableford the winner was Liz with 16 points. In the A group countback was needed of course, Val was second with 16 points but was pipped to first place by Bronwen! Well played all.

In the morning medal round there were four ladies in with scores below nett 70. The Competition Scratch went down to 69 which shows how well folk played.

For the full result click HERE

In fourth with a Nett 69 was Bev.
In third with Nett 68 was Claire;
In second was myself with a Nett 65 - I think this is the best I've ever played Cape so I was very happy indeed; 
in first place, and deserving the drum roll we gave her, was Lindsay with a fantastic Nett 63 and a handicap cut of 2.4! 
Absolutely fantastic!
Well played everyone - shame the weather cleared too late in the day for us to complete the Championship.

Thanks as always to Mark and Steve for the condition of the course - the Club Championship is the most prestigious individual competition at any club and to play the full measured length of the course was a proper challenge - thank you for the placing of the tees, Mark.

I'm away on Monday... happy golfing over the next month... I'm happy to be leaving you in Sue's capable hands!

I'm hoping that Di and Chris L will be able to update the blog while I'm away - I may add some snippets from France if I can!

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