Saturday, July 22, 2017

Powerplay Trophy

The rain it raineth.......


The forecast was worrying with talk of heavy showers and even thunder. Nevertheless it was not too bad as we set out. However it was not too long before the waterproofs and umbrellas were severely tested and even puddles started to appear on the greens. 

Thus the sight of Hilary arriving on a buggy to tell us that the competition had been reduced to nine holes was welcome, even if it meant we would not be able to take advantage of all our allocation of Powerplays.

After soggy score cards were rewritten and checked, Antoinette's 22 points proved her to be a very creditable winner. Di was runner-up with 18 and Sue D third with 17.

Many thanks to Hilary and Norman for their sponsorship, drinks and refreshments. We hope the men will enjoy better conditions for their Powerplay tomorrow.

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  1. Well done everyone and especially Antoinette! Hope you have better weather tomorrow Hilary x