Saturday, November 18, 2017

A CCAA Thank you

A thank you from the CCAA

I am not a Facebook user but I was sent this thank you from the CCAA which they have posted on their Facebook Page.

It is a thank you to us all 😊

Dusty Bin

Dusty Bin

Dusty Bin is like a waltz but the other way round! On our course it is really challenging to play this format on the front 9! To count 3 scores on the first hole is a real challenge, but two teams managed it! Well done!

It was a cloudy day with a light breeze - just about perfect conditions really.
We moved the tees forward on 12 and 14 and on the 12th we held the Nearest the Pin in two competition which was left over from Captain's Day.

This was won by Frieda who couldn't have got closer to the hole! She scored a 2 for 6 points! She had chipped in!
When I find the pink head-cover it is heading Frieda's way for shot of the day!
Well played!

There were 5 teams who played today and we had prizes for first and second.

In third place (on countback from Sarah, Frieda and Jayne) with 64 points were Pam Antoinette and Chris J.

Jean and Lindsay
In second place with 68 points were Sue S, Lyn and Sue D;

and in first place with an impressive 71 points were Fran, Jenny and Val!
Winners with their duster-bins!

Well played you three - especially on the 4th and the 13th where each of you had three pointers! Fabulous!

The full result is here

It has to be said that the pin positions on the back 9 were very interesting! Especially on 15 and 17!  The 17th was running fast and it was impossible to keep the ball up near the hole... !   Thanks Mark!

Actually - the course was looking great and we appreciate all that the greenkeeper's team do!

On a personal note this is the first round I've played for a while, when I felt stress free and it was lovely to be out there - many thanks to my playing partners, and to all of you for your support over the last little while. I have really appreciated it.

It's Golden Ball next Saturday followed by the Jack Arnold on the Sunday;
on Thursday 30th November it is the Ladies v Seniors! (This is an 18 hole competition - the sign up sheet is on the board.)

Thursday B 9

Thursday Back 9

16th November saw 15 ladies come to play the back 9. The weather was absolutely lovely... 

The winner of the B group was Angie with 12 points - well played!

The winner of the A group was Jane L with a fabulous 20 points. Jane just pipped Lyn who was second with 19 points and Sue D was third with 16.

Well played everyone - lovely to have such a good turnout.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cornwall v Rest of the World

Cornwall v Rest of the World

Sunday saw a good turn out for the Cornwall v Rest of the World contest organised by the Men's section.
The weather was a huge challenge - winds stronger than yesterday which moved the balls on the green and knocked us off our stance.

We battled through but I must say hats off to the ladies who played both yesterday and today - I don't know how you did it!

The sun shone from time to time but the clouds were whipping through and it felt cold - at no time did it feel comfortable...
However... I, as a Cornish Maid, am pleased to report that Cornwall won the contest!

Thanks to Geoff and Rob for organising today!

There are a couple of mixed competitions coming up - the Jack Arnold Mixed Scramble is on Sunday 26th November (two weeks time); and then two weeks after that it is the Turkey Trot (10th December). Geoff has arranged for there to be prizes to be won for the ladies who enter the Turkey Trot - (you need to enter in pairs).

I'm hoping we will give good support to both these competitions.

Well done all who played today - real commitment to the cause!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lady Captain's Day

Lady Captain's Day

What can I say?

Never underestimate our Ladies  - what a brilliant turnout!

What amazing stars Cape has!

Because the weather was forecast to be very windy and a little damp I decided on Friday to make this a contest over 11 holes and to start half an hour later.

The Met office forecast turned out to be spot on - it was blowing a near gale and the occasional dampness whistled through - but they were right and I am so grateful that we didn't have proper rain.

Many thanks for playing - it took some degree of fortitude to get out there and in a perverse way there seemed to be a degree of enjoyment too! 
Signing in!

We played an Individual Stableford teeing off different tees on the front nine... we could call it a Tee Waltz! It went Red Yellow White; Red Yellow White etc!

This meant that the third hole was teed from the White Tees and we had a nearest the pin in two competition for each of the three handicap groups that we had today.
Fi was the winner of the Orange Group;
 Sarah was the winner of the Green Group; 
and the Blue group didn't have a winner so we will play for this prize on another day! (Maybe next Saturday!)

We had Nearest the Line on the 10th hole... 

Pam's drive!

Pam was closest for a long time but she was pipped to the prize by Bronwen who was only 1 foot away from the line!
Well played Bron and hard luck Pam!

The longest Drive competition was won by Bev who had a beautiful drive down the middle of the 11th. Well played!

Playing the 5th
 Conditions were 100% tricky but everyone kept going!
As the ladies finished the 5th they were offered something to warm them... port...drambuie or Rochester's ginger... or a combination thereof!

What a sight!
Everyone soldiered through to the end!

In the blue group (handicaps 29 and above) third place was won by Frieda with 12 points. 
In second place with 14 points was Jayne
and winning this group was Val with 15 points! 
A fantastic score today!
Well played!

Teeing off the whites on 6

In the Green Group (handicaps 21 to 28) Chris J was third with 11 points. We had to use countback to decide 2nd and 3rd, with Di just pipping Chris to that position.
In first place was Lindsay with 13 points!
Well played!

In the Orange group (handicaps 20 and below) Fran was third with 12 points;
Hilary was second with 13 points 
and the winner was Fi with 15 points.
Well played!

Conditions were so tough.. only 5 players scored in the teens - so well done everyone for soldiering on! 

We stopped at the club for a cup of coffee (or similar!) and then headed to Sue D's for wonderful food!
Huge thanks to Sue for opening her house to us and for providing us with a fabulous spread!

Sue's new kitchen was absolutely perfect for hosting us!

Some final thank yous...  to Sue for all her work (she was making eclairs at 6am this morning!);
 to Mark for helping me yesterday set out the line on the 10th, and for coming early this morning to prepare the course for us; 

and to all of you for being such wonderful adventurous spirits...taking on the elements and winning!

Thank you! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Front 9

Thursday 9th November

Eleven lovely ladies came to enjoy the warm autumn sunshine,  cloudy and rather windy day.

Most of us found it hard work...all but one that is!

10,11 or 12 seemed to be the favourite numbers for stableford points, and of course countback was necessary!
Di just pipped Pam and Lindsay to third place with 12 points;
Sue D was second with 13,
but our outstanding player this morning was Jane with 17! (And that included a blob!)
Well played Jane - an impressive score!

The wind was strong, sometimes helping, sometimes not!
Pride before a fall! (or Pride before a wall!)
The growing pride in hitting a long drive on the 8th was soon deflated... the next shot was lost in the mound! Ball not found and no score made...such is life.

All in all though it was good to be out, to have some fresh air and enjoy good company.

Thanks to Sue D for doing the cards and to Di for her report about Charity Day in today's Cornishman.

Lady Caps Day on Saturday is looking pretty windy with a damp start. I will shorten the competition if necessary (15 or 11 holes would be easy enough) but hopefully we can get something played! Come prepared!

For those joining us at Sue's we'll be there about 1.30/1.45pm!

See you Saturday!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November Medal

November Medal

November Medal time! It was windy, sunny (mostly) and we needed jackets, hats and gloves! It wasn't really cold... but definitely bracing!

The wonderful thing about weather like this at this time of year is the colours around us - magnificent.
How fortunate we are to live in a place like this!

The golf itself was challenging to say the least and the results were very close.

In fourth place with 78 was Jane, well played especially when you had a sore ankle.
In third was myself with 77 - (on countback of course)  
Fran was second with 77 and our winner today with a nett 76 was Di!
Well played Di!

The course was great, the greens much faster than Thursday, it was lovely that 14  fabulous ladies turned up to play. 
I had great company in Pam, she putted beautifully from anywhere on the green... or even off it! Her shot of the day was a putt up on to the green from in front of the slope on the 8th...the ball jumped over the top of the hole - it was such a good putt! 

Next Saturday is Lady Captain's Day - an Individual Stableford - with food afterwards at Sue D's!
I will email everyone with the start times - I'm hoping for similar weather to today!

See you then if not before.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Back 9 and a rule reminder

Thursday Back 9

Eleven lovely ladies came to play the back 9 today.
Mark let us know that the fairway mower was broken so things weren't quite as he would like... and also that the rabbits were back to scraping the greens, especially the 13th!
His ongoing battle continues!

The weather was fine, quite still and overcast but it was dry!

As always several of us came in with the same scores! 
In third place on countback with 13 points was Sue D.
In second place was Sue S also with 13, but we had a runaway winner!
Chris J had 17 points!
Well played Chris!

Saturday is a Medal/Satbleford, and then the following Saturday is Lady Captain's Day.

This will be an individual Stableford with a twist (you know me!)

Afterwards we are meeting at Sue D's for food, drink and prizes!

(If you need her address then just ask!)

A Rule enquiry.

We were talking this morning about a couple of things and I promised to look them up in the book...

Spot the ball?

The bridges over the orchard are an integral part of the course and should be treated as such.
If your ball ends up on the bridge you may play it without penalty.
If you cannot play it (or do not want to) you can declare it unplayable.

This gives you three options under penalty of one stroke.

1) Go back and play again from the spot the last stroke was played (stroke and distance)
2) Go back in line - drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and you, with no limit to how far back you can go.
3) Drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball lay, not nearer the hole.

 The orchard on the 15th  is out of bounds and if you see your ball go into it, then under penalty of one stroke, you have to go back to where you played that shot and play again (stroke and distance). 

If however you ball goes into the front of the wall and stays there, and you find can declare it unplayable and you have the three options mentioned above.

If you cannot find your ball in the ivy or grass...then you have to return to the place the original shot was played and play from there (stroke and distance), you cannot go back in line or take two club lengths.

Not sure if that is any help. I will have forgotten it myself by Saturday but hopefully we will remember between us!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

CCAA Charity Day

CCAA Charity Day!

Thank you to everyone who made to day such fun!

First some pictures!

 Raffle table

 Many thanks to Brian who was brilliant at selling Raffle tickets.

Everyone signed in and collected a Percy Penguin ball and a CCAA pen.
Signing in table

Prize Table

Nearest the pin in two on the 12th
 The ladies set off in threes to play a Waltz. 

There was a Nearest the Pin in Two competition on the 12th for both Bronze and Silver players.

Thanks to Chris L for the Onesie!
 Everyone did a fantastic job of wearing the Percy Hats... what a wonderful group of ladies Cape has to get behind my madness with such great enthusiasm.

Who's who?

The Nearest the Pin in two competition was on the 12th and was won by Jenny in the Bronze division, and by Antoinette in the Silver division! They both won Percy Penquin Warmies! Well done!

Everyone also counted the number of drives on the fairway... and there was some really consistent play. 
Sue D, Fran and Jane all got 11 (out of a possible 17); Val, Sue S and Antoinette made 13 fairways; Chris J 14 and the winner was Liz with 15! Brilliant play Liz!

The Best Back Nine was won by Hilary, Jayne and Chris J with 30 points.

The Best Front Nine was won by Claire, Fi and Ann with 31 points.

In Second Place with a score of 65 points were Sue D, Fran and Jane.

And winning the Charity Cup with a brilliant score of 75 were Fabulous Frieda, Luscious Liz and Beautiful Bronwen!
Well played Ladies!

There are some special thank yous that I would like to give; to Mark and his team for the course, particularly Chris Williams for coming before the crack of dawn to cut the greens; 
to Cyril for the absolutely beautiful wooden bowl that he donated to be auctioned for the CCAA;
 to Jane for persuading Carlyon Bay to donate a fourball to be auctioned too; to Ashleigh for donating a pedicure for the raffle and the management for two bottles of wine.

Thank you also to everyone who generously donated prizes for the raffle - there was a wonderful array - thank you!

Thank you Jean for coming and helping me do the cards; thanks Di for standing in at the last minute and it was lovely to see Rosemary too. 
Thanks too to Chris Lewis for patiently taking pictures of us at the end and last but definitely not least to Chris L for the Penguin onesie! It was great!

We raised £280!


Thank you!

Percy's Pick winners were Anne, Angie and Viv!

Some more pictures of our lovely ladies...

I have thoroughly enjoyed today - thank you all for making it special!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Front 9

Thursday 26th

Eight lovely ladies came and played today. Overcast skies awaited us but it was good to be out in the fresh air. 

We were playing a stableford on the front 9 and we chose two holes on which we would double our scores. 

I haven't played for ages so I was delighted with 15 points which put me second. Our winner was Sue D with 16.
Thanks to Di for coming and doing the cards. 

The course is looking lush... tricky getting out of some of the rough - but thanks as always to Mark and his team.

Well done those who played today. 

Sue has drawn up the calendar for next year so watch out for further info.

I'm looking forward to Saturday... I think it will be fresher than of late so we may need those penguin hats to keep us warm!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Phil and Tim!

Welcome Home!

Thank you to all the lovely folk who met up at Cape on Saturday to welcome back Phil! Not forgetting Tim too of course!

It was lovely to see so many there - I know they both appreciated it.

If you include gift aid and the donations Phil has received off-line, then he has surpassed his target of £20,000. 

Half of that will go to the CCAA and I know that £10,000 will make a huge difference to them. We have raised almost another thousand for the CCAA among the ladies and we will be sending to them separately at the end of the golfing year.

A huge thank you to everyone who has generously supported Phil on his ride as well as supporting the CCAA via the Cape Ladies Charity. It has been a wonderful experience to be part of.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Thursday Back 9

Strong winds and a forecast of heavy rain meant that we were all fighting to get out on the course today to enjoy such superb golfing conditions!

7 of us came and 6 or of us played...Chris was tending her twisted ankle which is slowly improving. It turned out that we only played a few holes.

 I had left my golf glasses behind and couldn't see the ball to hit it... result... disastrous golf!
Sue and Lyn and Lindsay all fared much better and managed 4 holes...more sensibly Marion and Jenny stopped after two and got in before the heaviest of the rains! 

Still, we enjoyed a mug (new ones!) of coffee and a nice natter.

The forecast for Saturday is blustery showers... but the bluster will be gale force, so I have postponed our Charity Waltz until next weekend. 

However, Phil and Tim should be here so we are meeting up for coffee at 10.00.

See you then!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

League Play Offs

League Play Offs

Sunday morning saw Cape Ladies setting off at the crack of dawn for Merlin - it was the League Finals Day.

This is the first year this competition has been played and it was a learning curve for everyone.

We arrived early enough to have coffee before the matches began; Sue Roworth the County Captain started everyone off and emphasized a couple of the local rules for us and the fact that each match had to be played to a finish... and then the Ladies were off.

Cape were playing China Fleet and what a great match it turned out to be. 

If this had been an ordinary league match the result would have been a win for China Fleet 4 to 3.

Well played China Fleet - it was a contest played in the best of spirits.

Two matches were all square at the 18th, one of which proceeded to the first to get a result!
Three other matches were decided on the 18th!

This was a hard fought contest in tricky conditions... the wind was getting stronger by the minute and we didn't envy the teams who were going out to contest the final (Falmouth v China Fleet).

Our Fab team!

Well played the Cape Ladies for playing today - Di, Lindsay, Fran, Claire, Lyn, Fi and Sue D, we almost did it!

Many thanks also to the supporters who came - Viv, Chris L and Judy and Jayne plus Brian, William and Ellie who were there from the start! 

Extra thanks to Jayne for being willing to play in the afternoon if needed, at very short notice! 

Well done everyone. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

More no go!

No Go Saturday

Rain, wind and fog rather put paid to the planned golf today. It was not inviting out there!

So we have made a few plans - next Saturday will be a roll up (like we do on Thursdays) and you can play either 9 or 18 holes as you wish. This leaves those playing or supporting on the Sunday an easier option should they prefer it. 

On the Sunday (15th) we have the excitement of the League Finals Day! 

We should know who we are playing against soon.

If you want to come and support us we are playing at Merlin - tee times to be confirmed but the first semi final will be starting at 9.30am; the second semi final will follow.

If you need to know further details then Sue D will have the answers after tomorrow!

CCAA Charity Day is on Saturday 21st October - we'll go for a Waltz... please sign up on the board... and have a raffle. 

If the return journey goes as planned Phil and Tim will be with me that day... so I'm looking forward to some fun.
Please remember to wear a Penguin hat ...or face a fine of a fiver!

So far we have raised over £900 for the CCAA which is brilliant - every penny we give them goes to the work that they do because they are all volunteers.
Thanks for all your support so far.

 Don't forget it is World Arthritis Day  on Thursday 12th October - the day Phil finishes his ride! His total raised is about £18,000 so he's done brilliantly! Again - a big thank you to all of you who have supported him individually.
See you Saturday!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

No go!


Fog and rain made the prospect of golf unappetizing and understandably there were only three of us who turned up - none of us wanted to play - in fact the fog at first would have made it questionable anyway!

There is a medal scheduled for Saturday but the weather forecast is heavy rain and strong wind so you may want to check before you set out.

Phil finishes his bike ride next week - he has raised about £18,000 which is fantastic! 

He'll be back here soon and should be around for my Charity Day on the 21st October so hopefully you can chat with him and Tim then. Tim joined Phil at Basel and has been taking it in turns with Keith to either drive the van or ride with Phil! 

They all deserve medals!