Sunday, August 20, 2017

Club Championship!

Club Championship

Club Champion 2017

 Huge congratulations to Bev on her fantastic rounds in the Club                 Championship - Club Champion - well done indeed.  

                 Bev had a Gross 184 (Nett scores of 73 and 67... a total Nett score of 140!)

                 Lyn won the Best Nett with rounds of Nett 73 and 78 Total 151.

   Fiona was in third with a Nett score of 152! So very close.. well done the special                                 eight ladies who competed in the competition!

                                     For the full results click here

There was also a Stableford on Club Champs day twelve ladies entered and the winner was Sarah with 32 points - just pitting Lynne who had 31 points.

Well done everyone!
Also many thanks to Mark's team, particularly to John for preparing the greens for us early in the morning - Thank you!

Match v Polzeath

I'm sorry to report that the Match v Polzeath was a bit of a flop - I had tried to get hold of their Lady Captain to discuss contingency plans if the forecast remained so bad but sadly I was not persistent enough. (I've learnt from it)

 Not having heard back from them I worked on the basis that they were prepared to take the risk... the Polzeath team were with us early and we tried to get out on the tee early but were not very successful in accomplishing this either!

So the ladies began in awful conditions... horizontal rain and a strong wind and after about 10 holes the first out were also facing fog... the fog horn was blown and in the end we had to call the match off ... it was a real shame that we couldn't get it completed.

We'll try agin though... we've rescheduled for Sunday Sept 17th..

Huge thanks and admiration to all the ladies who played... I owe you one!

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Thursday Back 9

Today began sunny, then turned cloudy... then sunny again after we had finished!
Still, it was lovely to be out.

Mark's team were busy out on the course but having got the rough cutter going and completing some of the tasks... it then had an oil leak. 

Still the course is looking lovely despite the trials and tribulations of the Groundstaff!

Ten lovely ladies came and played the back 9 today. Our steadiest player was Sue D who won with a creditable 18 points. Following on behind were Lyn and myself, we both had good and bad but came in with 15 points apiece!

We also had a nearest the pin competition. The hole chosen by Lynne and Marion was the 17th... Sue D was on the record first, but this was won by Lindsay!
Well done!

Saturday will be busy with the Club champs and Stableford... and Sunday is the League match against Polzeath!

I have a new phone which I am trying to get the hang of with photos etc... 
...but it couldn't make these lovely ladies smile!

Lyn and Lindsay checking cards on the 18th

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Geoff's Charity Day


What a lovely day we had on Sunday! 

It was Men's Captain's Charity Day and Geoff had invited the Ladies to play too. 14 ladies were able to play and we all set off with a shotgun at 9am. Geoff had arranged for hole in one competitions on all of the par 3s and there were nearest the pin and longest drive competitions too.

There were 80 entries altogether with a good number coming from other courses.

There were some super scores in (it was a betterball competition). 
Lindsay and I came in with 42 - very happy with what we'd managed... did we stand a chance of being in the prizes?

Chris L and Sue D came in with 44... did they stand a chance?

Well, no!

In second with 47 points... (yes 47!) were Hilary and Fran - their score included 8 pars and two birdies.

The winners came in with 48 points!

Well played Claire and Fiona - what a fantastic score! They had 10 pars and two birdies! 

Claire also won the longest drive on the 2nd; and Hilary won the tricky nearest the pin in two on the fourth.

Well done everyone!

For the full Ladies Result click here

The men also had a closely contested competition, although their winning score was 44.

For their full results click here

It was a very enjoyable day, no-one got a hole in one so no car/ sets of golf clubs/holiday were won.. but we all tried hard!

Thanks Geoff for a great day and hopefully lots of money was raised for the Blood Bikes Charity.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Botrea Bowl

Botrea Bowl

Nineteen wonderful ladies competed today for the Botrea Bowl. The weather was cloudy and cool at the start... with a little bit of dampness... but the sun shone later in the day.

You may wonder why Lindsay is cuddling a hippo... well she won it at Truro yesterday in a putting competition scoring more points than had ever been scored before! Well done Lindsay!

In third place with 35 points was Sue D; in second on countback was Bev with 36 points. However Bev was just pipped by Lyn who was the winner of the Botrea Bowl.

Well played Lyn and everyone.

For the full result click here

Tomorrow is Geoff's Captain's Charity Day which should be a lot of fun.

Well played Lyn!

Some of us were talking about the actions of Jordan Spieth at Quail Hollow when he appeared to improve the lie of where he was going to drop his ball... here is what Golf Magazine says in explanation...  
On the par-5 10th hole, Spieth drove his tee shot right of the fairway and onto a cart path that cuts through the pines. Spieth knew he would receive a free drop, and the nearest point of relief would leave his ball on a patch of straw. Spieth remembered that pine needles are considered loose impediments, which under the rules can be removed before taking a drop.
"How can I make a mistake here? What can't I do?" Spieth said to an official on the scene.
"What you can't do is move anything that's growing or fixed," said the ref.

Soon, Spieth was scraping away handfuls of straw like a Labrador clearing a spot for a nap. Ultimately, when Spieth's two attempted drops rolled back onto the concrete, he was allowed to place his Titleist onto a patch of dirt he had neatly groomed.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Thursday Front 9

 Lovely to see so many today... and lovely to be back albeit in a rather tired state!

Many thanks to Sue and everyone for holding the fort while I was away. I know lots of you have been following Phil's progress - he's almost half way and doing really well. Tim has joined him today in Basel and will be staying till the end of the ride... so I'm sure there will be lots of brotherly banter going on. I'm glad he will have company on each day's ride.
I expect a lot of their conversation will revolve around football so I'm glad I'm not there to hear it all!

I had a fantastic time with them - Bridgie came for a week and then Phil's girlfriend Brandi also joined us. It was an honour to be part of this... you know how proud I am of how Phil is tackling the challenge... I keep fingers crossed for his safety every day and am so glad that he will now have company for each day of his ride.

Anyway -  to today...

...seventeen ladies came and played! A lovely turnout and the weather was super!

In the B group the winner was Liz with a fabulous 19 points!
In the A group Sue D was third with 18 points; Di was second with 19 points and our runaway winner was Sue S with a fantastic 21 points!
Well played everyone.
Sue still in charge :-)

Saturday is the Botrea Bowl which is a Stableford competition and Sunday is Geoff's Men's Captain's Charity Day. He has a super number of players entered - he's doing the draw tomorrow and I'll email everyone with their starting tees.

Gary has said there will be a Barbecue available and Pendeen Brass Band will be present too.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturday Stableford

A good turnout of eighteen players tackled the course in fairly benign conditions today. Scores were quite close with ten achieving 30 points or more.

Hilary's 36 points was the best and will earn her the County Prize.
Sue D followed up with 35 and Valerie just edged to third over Chris J with both having 32 points.