Thursday, August 10, 2017


Thursday Front 9

 Lovely to see so many today... and lovely to be back albeit in a rather tired state!

Many thanks to Sue and everyone for holding the fort while I was away. I know lots of you have been following Phil's progress - he's almost half way and doing really well. Tim has joined him today in Basel and will be staying till the end of the ride... so I'm sure there will be lots of brotherly banter going on. I'm glad he will have company on each day's ride.
I expect a lot of their conversation will revolve around football so I'm glad I'm not there to hear it all!

I had a fantastic time with them - Bridgie came for a week and then Phil's girlfriend Brandi also joined us. It was an honour to be part of this... you know how proud I am of how Phil is tackling the challenge... I keep fingers crossed for his safety every day and am so glad that he will now have company for each day of his ride.

Anyway -  to today...

...seventeen ladies came and played! A lovely turnout and the weather was super!

In the B group the winner was Liz with a fabulous 19 points!
In the A group Sue D was third with 18 points; Di was second with 19 points and our runaway winner was Sue S with a fantastic 21 points!
Well played everyone.
Sue still in charge :-)

Saturday is the Botrea Bowl which is a Stableford competition and Sunday is Geoff's Men's Captain's Charity Day. He has a super number of players entered - he's doing the draw tomorrow and I'll email everyone with their starting tees.

Gary has said there will be a Barbecue available and Pendeen Brass Band will be present too.

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