Saturday, July 1, 2017

Polglase 4

Polglase 4 Medal

After the cold and wet of the last few days it was a great relief to have sunshine and a gentle breeze today for the final round of the Polglase Competition. 

The competition was very close... just about any of the following had a chance... Sue D was standing in the lead with 20 points, Hilary had 18, Lyn and Jane L had 16 apiece, I had 15, Fi had 14, Jayne 13 and Fran 12. 

The medal round was completed fairly quickly which was great as there was a wedding on at the club and we could get the everything done before the wedding took place.

It was fun to see some ladies had 'chosen' to wear similar colours to their playing partner... but the same golf bags?

 All the ladies bar one came in with a final nett score within 10 shots of each other... but the winner had a score 7 shots better than second place! 
A truly fabulous score!

Well played Hils for you Nett 67 and a handicap cut of 1.5! 
Hilary will now be playing off 12! 
In second place in the medal was Jayne with a Nett 74,
 and in third place was Fi with a Nett 75 and Val fourth also with 75.

For the full results click HERE.

Well played everyone.

Lyn computed these results and added them into the Polglase scores. It was VERY close!

Three ladies had 22 points; Lyn, Fiona and Jayne;
Sue D had 24 points

and the winner of the Polglase Trophy with 28 points, was Hilary!

Fran announced the results and Brian presented the trophy to our very worthy winner - well played Hils!

It was lovely to see Viv, Marion and Lynne who also came this morning.

Many thanks to Mark and his team for the course - the rain of the last few days will have been a blessing but no doubt brought it's challenges too! It was lovely out there today.

Tuesday Evening golf on Tuesday at 5pm if you can make it... Club Champs and Stableford next weekend and Thursday morning role up as usual.

Congratulations again to Hilary on a fabulous win today.

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