Thursday, December 15, 2016

Birthday Trophy

The Birthday Trophy

The Birthday Trophy was first awarded in 1992...since then, ladies by the name of Sue, Sonia,Judy, Julia, Pat, Pam, Val, Anne, Jean, Lyn, Fiona, Doris, Ros, Lindsay and Ruth have won it. Some names appear more than once!

Val has won it three times.. and one even appears 4 times -  Sue D!  What a record!

The weather turned out lovely...

a cloudy start gave way to blue sky and a bit of a breeze!

No complaints!

There were eight excellent ladies who played today and despite the kind weather none found it easy.

Sue D was second and winning with 16 points, two lost balls and two blobs was yours truly!

Thanks to Di for doing the cards... and Rosemary for seeing us off!

Marker post at the back of the 14th green.

Talking to Mark today he said he is battling with the birds and rabbits... especially on the 2nd and 4th Greens.

We  had a bit of a fly past today... first an RAF jet flying south, then a Hercules flying North very low... and then, as we were leaving, a bright yellow Electricity helicopter which seemed to be lurching around all over the place... but apparently it was following the wires!

The Birthday Trophy

PS... I called in at Stone's on the way home... they had been overrun by Cape ladies fighting over the Turkish Delight! Hehehe! Or perhaps it should be Hohohohoho!

Bring and Win on Saturday... don't forget your gifts!

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