Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jack Arnold Trophy

Jack Arnold

The wind blew... gale force gusts... balance was hard to keep but everyone soldiered on!

This beautiful trophy is what was up for grabs, and nine teams competed. Sadly there were only four ladies in this mixed Texas Scramble but they did a good job!

The wind made playing very difficult - it was tough!

The skies however were absolutely gorgeous with amazing clouds!

 It really was gorgeous out there, though we felt more than a little windswept and buffeted by the time we finished.
In third place were Chris Turner, John Sellors, Norman Manley and Jon Bird with a score of 68.7
In second were Jayne, Mike Lawrence, Tim Boyle and Steven Beer with 68.1
and in first were Cyril Leiworthy, Shaun O'Loughlin,  Terry Dodd and myself! We had a score of 66.4.

Geoff welcomed everyone and thanked us all for playing, and then thanked Mark for the improvements in the course.

Well done everyone for soldiering on!

By the way... have you noticed that the marker post has been replaced on the wall at the back of the 16th green?

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