Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mind Games

Thursday Back 9 Challenge!

Today's Back 9 was a convoluted mind game!  

There were three aspects to it! 
Firstly we played an ordinary Stableford (which the results were calculated on);   at the same time we played Matchplay to see how the Matchplay scorecard would work in practice AND... just in case that wasn't enough... we also had a go at getting across the 14th with a short shot up to the edge of the 15th fairway before a second shot over the orchard!

It felt like we had played had played 18 holes after just 6!

The weather was cold and blustery with the threat of rain but thankfully we stayed dry.

Ten ladies were able to play today and a big thank you to everyone for giving it a go! 

The Stableford results were as follows... the "B" group winner was Jean  (on countback from Marion). The "A" group winner was Lindsay with an excellent 16 points with  Chris J in second on countback from Frieda.

We were also able to award Frieda with her "Most Improved 36 handicapper" trophy.

The general feeling about the Matchplay card was that it seemed to work ok.

And crossing the 14th?  
This was met with mixed reaction but in general it was felt that with some practice this may work as an option for those who don't have the distance to carry the orchard from the tee.

Thanks to Di and Lindsay for Card-marking and doing the draw for Saturday. It is great to see Di back mobile again.

There was a lot of bunker play today...  (Jean got out of this one beautifully) but we all said how good it is to have the bunkers raked as they are now. 

Many thanks to Mark and his team because it has made a huge difference.

Various Ladies are unable to play at the moment for a variety of reasons... please know that we miss you and are thinking about you.

ps... when I got home there was a card waiting for me.  On the outside it said...

"At Our Age You Realise Something Very Important."

And inside...

"Then POOF
It's gone and you can't remember what the hell you were just thinking about"

...sums me up perfectly!

pps.. You see? I'd forgotten this...  Sue D is organizing a lunchtime get together at Senara's at Penwith College on Friday 17th March for all who can make it... if you'd like an informal lunch together at 12.30 then please contact Sue. 

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