Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wheeler Bowl

Wheeler Bowl 

The Wheeler Bowl is a drawn Foursomes Medal! There were six teams of ladies who played and quite honestly everyone deserved a medal for taking part.

The weather was most unpleasant when we arrived at the club... Lindsay described it as "driving drizzle" and it felt cold too! There was some discussion but it was decided to play. We needed waterproofs and hats and initially it was quite miserable. Heavy drizzle drifted in clouds across the course, but eventually brighter weather appeared and by the back nine we were beginning to dry out.

Sarah and Anne getting ready to sally forth!

Sonia and Lynne brightening our day

The bank of blue bells is just colouring up and even the mine shaft looked pretty.
Mine shaft on the fourth.

 Some of us... actually nearly all of us, found playing today very difficult! 
This didn't apply to Lyn and Lindsay however, who came in with a nett 77! 

Wheeler Bowl winners Lindsay and Lyn.

This score is amazing considering their nearest competitors scored a nett 90.5 and that was Sonia and Lynne.
For the full result click here.
Well played Lindsay and Lyn!

The latest cautionary tale of independent-minded clubs... last week a 7 iron decided to secrete itself in someone else's bag in an attempt to evade its owner... well today we had a playful putter pretending to be a flagstick - trying to blend in with its surroundings... 

Naughty putter!
Fortunately it was spotted by the next group of ladies... and returned to its owner, Lynne. 
We need to keep an eye on these mischievous clubs!

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