Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Tuesday Evening Golf

Thirteen gorgeous golfers turned up for our fun golf... 

..this chap seemed to have crossed the channel...

J'ai perdu mes oignons!

The evening began quite chilly - even the daisies were sheltering from the cold...

                                            ...but it got warmer...

and the sun made pools of light on the sea.

We played an individual Stableford and also counted all our drives which ended up on the fairway - maximum of 7 because the par 3's weren't included.

Of course, countback had to be employed!

 In third place (on cb) was Ray with 16 points (he knew his onions!)
In second place also with 16 points was "er... it's a four for four" Bob! 
In first place with a fabulous 17 points was Lovely Liz! 

Well played everyone!

If we'd had more prizes Countback would have had a breakdown... Frieda and John both had 15 - that's ok; there was a 13 and a 12, and then 5 of us with 11!!!!!
What is it with us at Cape?!

The winner of the drives on the fairway competition was Chris J with 5 out of the 7 on the fairway; we also awarded Liz with her two's prize from Falmouth!

Those that weren't with us today we missed you...  

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