Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coronation Foursomes Surprise!

Coronation Foursomes

The day started rainy, foggy and windy... it really wasn't looking good for golf - there were a few texts flying backwards and forwards wondering if the competition was going to be on.

At 8.15 at the club, the wall was just visible... fingers were very much crossed and we were blessed with the fog lifting. Not completely but enough to get us started.

The mist hung around tenaciously and the wind was definitely chilly but everyone soldiered on and by the back 9 the mist had definitely lifted. However at no point were we warm! Such a contrast to yesterday!

In third place with 35 points were Lyn and Sue - our Daily Mail Foursome representatives who will soon be playing their next round at Treloy. They played very well today with some amazing putting!

Now for an apology and a surprise... there was an adding error on one of the cards which became apparent this evening... so the winners were Claire and Bev with 36 points. Well played both. Lindsay and I were second with 35 points, just beating Lyn and Sue on countback.  

We remembered Marilyn today and also send loving thoughts to Jean and Geoff.

Anniversary Scramble tomorrow!

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