Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wheeler Bowl

Wheeler Bowl

Today 16 ladies were able to compete for the Wheeler Bowl.
This is a Foursomes Medal, with drawn teams with a high and lower handicap playing together.

Several of our ladies are heading off for Spain today so couldn't make it... hopefully they will have better golf conditions than we had today - although I am grateful we played in the dry!

In fact blue sky and sunshine welcomed us at Cape but the wind was certainly fresh and not exactly warm!
The shadows of the clouds ran patterns across the course... 

Foursomes is a format that doesn't really give you a chance to get into a rhythm, which seems to have been the case for most of us. 

23 times we as a group took, 8,9 or 10 shots to complete the hole! And 27 times we took  7!
It was tough out there!

A huge thank you to Mark who came especially today to make sure the greens were in good condition - he'd been worried about rabbits damaging the greens after the heavy rain of yesterday. 
We appreciated it Mark - the course was looking fab... it was just our golf that was lacking!

In third place with a Nett 81 were Sue D and Val; 
in second with a creditable Nett 76.5 were Lyn and Jan;
in first place and winning the Wheeler Bowl Trophy, were Chris J and Sue S with a Nett 75!
Well played ladies - a deserved win!

Sue is is also holding the shiny, pink "Shot of the Day" head-cover for chipping into the hole from off the 8th green!
Well done!
Great shot Sue!

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