Saturday, May 6, 2017

Falmouth and Polglase3!

Spring Bronze County Meet at Falmouth 

Thursday saw 11 ladies head to Falmouth for the Spring County Bronze meeting.
It was a super turnout from Cape which was noted and appreciated by the County.

The results were a resounding win for the Home players of Falmouth; they took First (with a Stableford score of 36); second, third and fourth places. 
The first non Falmouth player was in 5th place with 33 points, she came from Carlyon Bay and her position was decided on Countback.
6th and 7th places also went to Falmouth and then came Sarah with 31 points!  
Well played Sarah!
Second of the non-Falmouth players! 
Well done.
I believe others weren't far behind!

I also hear that Liz had a two on the second hole! Most of us would dream of this! We'll award you some balls next time we meet!

Well done everyone and thank you for representing Cape so well!

Polglase 3

Today would have been the Polglase 3 Par competition but the weather was so unpleasant it was decided to reschedule it. The Polglase Trophy is a prestigious one and deserves reasonable weather conditions if at all possible!

So, it has been rescheduled for Saturday 3rd June and the Polglase 4 will move to Saturday 24th June. Other competitions will remain as planned.
Hopefully this will be ok - we will ask for decent weather! 

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