Saturday, July 23, 2016


Vice Captain's Fun Day

Saturday dawned bright and clear much to Ruth's huge relief... the thick mist of the evening before had thankfully gone.

The day began with Rosemary collecting the money; then there was the giving out of Cards and a special ball ... and possibly a few sweeties!

What a delight it was to see everyone wearing such bright gear...  some went as far a nails!


Nailed it in fact! (sorry)

There were some spectacular outfits... every one worthy of a mention if truth be told. 

It was lovely to have such a great response to the request... thank you.

The format itself was a Waltz, 123,123 and so on round the course. It is supposed to be fun... and stress free... although some found the trio score challenging!

Prize table

The prize table was heavy with bottles... well done to everyone who won... I actually think everyone deserved to win for joining in with such spirit!

First out were Lindsay Sonia and Di... 

Lindsay's earring... 

Lindsay had removed her earrings for fear of not noticing if one fell out...... 

This delightful crew followed... they look a bit happy and it's not just the Bucks Fizz!

Val, Judy and Chris followed close behind... 

being plied with refreshments by this very sober pair...

Annie thought Jayne needed topping up.... 

...there... that's better.

It was difficult to gauge how everyone was playing... not a lot of beans were spilled about how they were doing... we had to possess our souls in patience!

Another wonderfully colourful team... did they get a drink - or was it just a strawberry?

Well... these got a drink!

Words simply not needed  for the above...

At this point I was about to talk about the fabulous hats that turned out... and to post a picture of Lynne's classy little number... when  I had a dreadful realisation... 

Oh dear... what have I done??? Where are the last group? 

In her self appointed role as spotter for the drives on the twelfth... she missed  taking a photo of the final group!!! Ahhhhh!!!  

 (She almost missed Fran, Jane and Hils if truth be told!)

Sack the photographer!

I am so sorry Lynne, Marion and Frieda... how could I do that to you! 

You were stars, and you were my 'picking up all the labels and measures etc' people...  I owe you!  

Mistakes like this could drive a woman to drink!


That's all for now... I'll complete this on Monday when I'm back home.

Thanks again to Rosemary and Jean for being such great assistants... and Lindsay for doing the cards...  and Ashley for providing us with Cakes!

 It was also lovely to see Viv, I think she may have some great pictures to share.

 Thank you everyone for making it such a fun day.

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