Thursday, July 21, 2016


A moment

A little while back, the 30th of June in fact, we witnessed this...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ...  it was Jean getting a two on the 5th from a long way out... 

You can look back at the blog for details in case you missed it... but Jean was amazed and asked had she won a car for such a feat.

Well, Cape ladies like to spare no expense ... so today Jean was awarded her prize...

Jean's performance car.

Performance car eh?

Back 9 Stableford

The day had begun with fairly constant rain - a godsend for the greens and actually alright for us too as we were able to delay the start until the rain stopped. As it turned out we were on the tee at 9.15.

Some ladies found the course tricky today... others... cruised!

Sue's unlucky 13th

Sue S did not have a lot of luck on the 13th... her second shot hit the the right hand wall up near the path and bounced a little way across the grass to be stopped by a rabbit! After a moments hesitation the rabbit wobbled away and the ball wobbled too... then rolled gently, gradually picking up speed till it ended up further back 
than when she started!

Ruth had rather more luck on the 14th, her drive tripped off the fairway on to the steep slope... and her second shot ended within two inches of the pin! Lucky or what!

Sometimes golfers are very helpful with watching the ball and helping you find it... 

"It's in the red stuff" however was not the most helpful when Ruth pulled her drive into the wall on the 16th!
It's in the red stuff!

However, others on the course were more accurate with their golf and ball spotters weren't so necessary. 
The winner of the "B" group was Frieda with a fantastic round and a score of 20 (and that included two blobs)!


The "A" group saw Countback in operation to decide the better 18 pointer, with Lindsay just pipping Lyn to second place.

The winner however was on a different course to the rest of us! 

Judy scored 25 points! 

Absolutely fabulous!

There were 11 of us playing today and Jean joined us for coffee - lovely to see you 'Mary' :-)

Added Extras : Lyn and Sue D joined us this morning after representing Cape at the Australian Spoons Regional Final in Gloucestershire.   They came sixth in a field of 88! The course was good and running fast - they were only 3 points away from the winning score - so close - well played!

Sonia and Anne represented us at the Isle of Purbeck Course in Dorset in the Coronation Foursomes. They were in 10th with a score of 25 (among 80 teams); the winners had 32 points. 

Well played again Cape Ladies you have done us proud.

In this week's Cornishman is the lovely picture of the Cape Ladies with the Bronze Shield.

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