Monday, July 25, 2016


Fun Day continued...

Starting with Spot Prizes

On the second hole we had two longest drive competitions. One for Silver handicaps (up to 26 today) and one for Bronze (27-36)

The Silver winner was Lyn who out-drove Sonia... no other silvers could match Lyn.

However, the Bronze winner out-drove Lyn by at least 20 yds - this was Liz - what a drive Liz, fantastic!

On the 5th hole we had a Nearest the Pin competition...

'Mrs Norman Manley' magically appeared on the sheet... even before any of the ladies were on the course!
Magic Hils! 
 It added much entertainment and Fun - thank you Norman!

Sarah was our winner...  fantastic to get on the green with your drive - well done!

On the 12th hole we had two Nearest the Pin in two competitions - (one for silver and one for bronze)
The Silver competition was won by Lyn, 31 inches from the hole!
The Bronze competition was won by Ros who was 16 inches from the hole! 

The last of the golf spot prizes was Nearest the Pin in two on the 17th - as before, two prizes on offer; the Silver division was won by Jane L  28 inches away! 
The Bronze was won by Lindsay who was 82 inches away!

We also had a Most Drives on the Fairway competition; each team had a "ticker" - a person who ticked off each player's drives which were on the correct fairway. 
There were 17 fairways up for grabs (we had discounted Hole 13) and the results are interesting!
There was considerable frustration when those that usually are as straight as a die found their ball rolling off into the rough! 
But there was a definite winner - Lindsay hit 14 fairways only missing 3,4 and 8. That is some going!
Lyn was second with 13, and Sue S, Jayne and Fi all hit 12! 
 Di and Sue D were close behind with 11.

It turned out in fact that their was a best driver within in each group... Lindsay, Lyn, Jayne and Fi you already know about; in the remaining teams, Jan, Lynne, Fran and Judy were the most consistent drivers!

We also had rewards for the most colourful players - this was won by Liz who was simply outstanding! Ros was second for her coordination even to her laces!

It must be said that I wanted to give loads more prizes for this... I relied on Jean to help me out as I could justify giving prizes to everyone!

I loved the hats... Hil's one, Lynne's elegant little number which should be used every week really! I loved Sue's nails, Lindsay's earrings... etc etc. Some had bought something specially bright for the occasion, or dug out something that had been in the back of the wardrobe for a while! 

Thank you everyone - it was such fun to see such a bright and cheery bunch - and so many happy faces!

The results of the actual Golf Competition - the Waltz.

1st with 83 points, Lyn, Sue S and Sue D
2nd with 78 points Hilary, Fran and Jane
3rd with 77 points Sarah, Jayne and Annie

And finally... today we said a farewell to Jane who has moved house and is moving golf clubs. We will miss you, Jane, hope that you will settle happily in your new home  and hope you will come and visit us often!

Thank you everyone for joining in so heartily with the spirit of the day - and to Ashley and George for our surprise cakes - much appreciated!

Thank you!

These boots are made for walking... 

ps    I have just been looking at the cards and have to mention some individuals... 

Liz parred 2,6,9 and 10 all for four points each;
Chris L parred  both 14 and 16 for four points apiece;
other four point pars were 
Sue S on the 3rd
Jayne on the 4th
Sonia on the 14th 
Chris J on the 18th

...there were other pars; 52 altogether - Bev, Chris J and Fi scoring 12 of them but the ones above were the four pointers!

There were also 7 birdies... 

Fran and Sue D on the 9th 
Hils, Lyn and Ros on the 12th


Di birdied the 6th and 9th!!

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