Sunday, January 29, 2017


New Captain's Trophy

Sunday morning 9 am. Almost  50 Cape players mustered to play in the New Captain's Trophy.

Geoff had arranged a 3 ball Scramble, a couple of players  had cried off for different reasons but the majority took on the drizzle. 

It was not too bad at first, but after a momentary less wet respite, the wind got stronger and was soon whipping rain across the course in great swathes.

We became soaked to the skin - literally. Despite layers of so called waterproof clothing, everyone was wet through and the call in after 9 holes was very welcome.

Geoff had provided some very welcome savoury nibbles and I added in some chocolate cheerfulness!

Huge thanks to all who were able to take part and support the Captain. The conditions were grim and respect to everyone for soldiering on through 9 holes.

Our New Captain's Trophy Winners 2017

...and the Bliss? 
That was warming up after a hot shower, putting on dry clothes and cosying up in front of the fire!

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