Monday, September 12, 2016


Friendly v Praa Sands

Thank you to Sonia, Anne, Lyn, Liz, Lindsay and Janet who played in the Friendly today.
The overcast and somewhat damp start quickly turned into a dry and very windy day! The met office said winds of 21 and gusts of 33... it felt like more than that!

We played a very Friendly Greensome stableford, adding all the scores up at the end. Our ladies came out winners with 87 points between them (31, 28 and 28); Praa Sands had 68 but we had such a good time that though Cape were technical winners, we decided that it was an honourable draw!

There was a lovely atmosphere among the ladies and the food was very enjoyable. Thank you all for taking part and to the Praa Sands ladies who entered into the spirit of the day.

Next Saturday
Considering the postponement of the Bosullow Bowl - if anyone would like to play 9 holes in the morning... then some of us are going to play. We intend to play the old front 9,(so starting at 3 and finishing with 11) We'll then adjourn to Ruth's for coffee.   
It'll be a roll up starting at 9.00 am - if the weather is awful... we hope to have coffee at Lindsay's intead at 10.30/11.00. 

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