Saturday, March 12, 2016


Saturday 12th March

How lucky we are to play golf at this amazing place! 

Today was overcast but dry and fairly still, Jean and Jayne C teed off before the other ladies as they were playing a knockout match. Eight other ladies turned up for a Stableford - the Captain v Secretary competition having been postponed till a later date. 

Anne and Claire playing the 6th

Despite the conditions being fairly good there were other challenges on the course - particularly on the 13th where 'rolling ball' syndrome was in evidence! For example, Marion, having played a good tee shot short of the wall played her second shot which almost reached the green. Very soon it was back at her feet - she tried again with the same result and a third attempt also ended up at her feet! She was not alone in experiencing this phenomenon!  

The 12th - Chris and Marion on the green!

As the ladies finished their Stableford they saw Jayne and Jean setting off down the first hole again! They were all square after 18!  However the match finished on that hole with Jayne winning. 

In the Stableford, Sonia came third with 26; Judy was second with a score of 27 and Ruth won with 28. Congratulations to Jayne and well played ladies. Also, thanks again to Di for doing the cards and eclectic scores. 

For those who haven't been able to make it for a while, below is a picture of what has appeared near the 17th fairway.

It has been fenced off to keep us safe. 

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