Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trethorne Monday


Monday morning broke blue skied and frosty! 

Some ladies managed to get some beauty sleep overnight....

Sunny Hils

Today's competition was an individual stableford - playing for 'The Cup'. We went out in groups of four - playing with our room mates and another pair. 
Once again the 2nd hole proved a godsend early on, with 17 ladies getting pars today and 3 getting birdies. The remainder of the round wasn't always so straightforward.

Sonia playing to the third green from the fourth fairway - she was not alone doing this today!
The tricky fourth had three groundsmen working just behind the green. Always awkward having people around. 
Groundsmen working on the 4th Green

Perfect for a little 8 iron on to the green thought Michelle. She connected with the ball beautifully and sent the ball high in the air. It dropped onto the green just in front of one of the men, it took a huge bounce and almost connected with his head! He ducked... and when he'd recovered he offered to take Michelle into the bushes to find her ball!
 And she went!

The 8th from the far side.

The 8th must need dredging! At least 7 balls disappeared into it's deep waters today! However one of our ladies had a very positive attitude - she described the lake simply as a 'water feature'. 

Here she is teeing off on the 8th...

Her ball landed on the green and she gained a par! Well played Michelle... no groundsmen on this hole!
There is another lady who deserves a mention here. Someone getting a 2 on this hole!
Well done, Judy!

The 'Water Feature'

Claire, Jayne and Antoinette

Lindsay's chip on to the 12th!
Sonia chose the 13th for a Nearest the Pin competition. This was won by Bev - well done!

Other than the  three birdies on the 2nd hole, there were three other birdies today. Judy's as mentioned above on the 8th; Chris L who birdied the par four 7th, and Sonia who birdied the 16th with a long putt.  Well done each.

The winner of  The Cup was All-Conquering Chris J with 38 points (and 3 blobs!)

Mighty Michelle was second with 37 points (2 blobs and a greenkeeper!)
Vivacious Val G was third on countback with 36 (and 2 blobs!)
Lissome Lindsay was fourth with 36 (and also 2 blobs). 

We were certainly blessed with fabulous weather today... all down to Sonia I think.

In the early evening we collected all together in Sonia and Lindsay's room. Lindsay, Hils and Sue D had to leave after this because of work commitments.  

Some pictures of our evening before we waved farewell to them.

Evening wear!

Consigned to the cupboard?

Ask Judy!

Judy rewarded for her 2 on the 8th!

Sue unsure about her 2 on the 2nd!

Lyn enjoying her 2 with a chip in on the 16th!

Bev celebrating her Nearest the Pin on the 13th!

Lindsay winning Best Front Nine today.

Claire winning today's Back 9.

Jean, winner of the B Group!

Vivacious Val celebrating third today.

Mighty Michelle winning 2nd Place

All Conquering Chris winning the Cup!

Many thanks to Sonia for arranging this trip :-)
Ruth won the ball sweep with a guess of 65
68 Balls were lost in total.
We said farewell to Sue D, Hils and Lindsay and then went for our evening meal... some assorted pics follow
Add a caption of your own!

Is this my best side?
Or this?

Ahhh... it's THIS!

And finally.... the sun set on a lovely day.

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