Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trethorne final Morning

Trethorne - final morning

This is how to start the day!
Annie set the standard with her final morning breakfast! What was that with her healthy cereal? Whatever it was, it gave her enough energy to play the 9 hole farewell. 
In fact 12 ladies played today - a great turnout!
The fiery foursome of Liz, Angela, Chris and Judy set off first. 

They look so innocent!

Others felt the need to practise!

The second four was Claire, Jayne, Ruth and Michelle. Followed by Lyn, Ros and Sue S and finally Jenny and Anne. 

Ros, Lyn and Sue on the fifth

Nice one Annie!

Playing through on the 6th

The 2nd group of four decided to keep a stableford score and also count their putts on the green. This made for some interesting play - celebrating when the ball just missed the green seemed rather odd! 
Was Claire avoiding the bunker or the putting surface of the 9th hole?
Claire became adept at keeping the ball on the fringe of the green although it was taking it to extremes on the 9th hole - see the picture above!
Michelle won the Stableford score and Claire the putting - they were both awarded virtual prizes - no money changed hands!

A final coffee together in the bar ... and then it was time to say farewell to Trethorne and each other.
We had a wonderful time; great weather; excellent food and amazing company.

Thank you Sonia.
Bye-bye Trethorne

Trethorne 2016

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